Critique - Judge: Mr G Stevenson (Andley)

I was very privileged to be invited to judge this show, tempered by the sadness of losing Christine Heron a much loved, admired and missed part of the Irish Setter Community. Prior to judging a minute silence was held in her memory.

I thank both my stewards whose support was greatly appreciated, even volunteering to miss their lunch.

BEST OF BREED : 207 HUNTER, Ms M & BROWN Mr W Sh Ch Int Ch Fairhaven Louise Mountbatten At Braidmount
Dog CC : 189 CROCKER, Mr B A & SIDDLE Miss A C Sh Ch Copper's War Of Roses
Res Dog CC : 224 RICHARDSON Mr J, Mrs L & Miss L H Sh Ch Brabrook Flash Harry at Montgreenan Sh.CM
Bitch CC : 207 HUNTER, Ms M & BROWN Mr W Sh Ch Int Ch Fairhaven Louise Mountbatten At Braidmount
Res Bitch CC : 181 ARMITAGE Mrs D M Gwendariff Coco Nut Cream
Best Puppy : 194 GREENAN Miss J Anlory Aidan


PUPPY DOG: (2:0)

1. Greenan’s ANLORY AIDEN, I have watched this puppy since day one and I believe he is destined for top honours, He is so sound in all quarters, lovely head and expression, nice dark eye, ear set just right. He has a proper sloping topline to a sound and well angulated rear. He moved with his head held high and drove round the ring. I was pleased to award him Best Puppy in Breed and not surprised when his quality was recognised with Group 4 placing.

2. Wall’s HAZELBECK GHILLIE, Unfortunate to meet 1 today and sadly was very nervous which did not help his cause. However, there is much to admire in this puppy and I am sure his nervous reaction was a one off due to the strange sounds in the hall. On the move he was sound, he has a lovely expression and his confirmation is sound. I look forward to seeing him when more settled.


1. Lorrimer’s KERRIMERE CHARISMATIC, Well named this is a handsome young Irish Setter. Soft expression giving a lovely head well chiselled, nice length of neck, lovely flowing gently topline, proper tailset, good tight feet, moved with style and drive, much to admire in this well presented and handled Irish.

2. Stockton’s GWENDARIFF D’ya THINK I’M FAB FOR KESPAS. Very close call these two very worthy examples of the breed. Lost on movement, another promising Setter whose front construction is sound, nice reach of neck and lovely expression, dark eye and well set ears, well laid shoulders and flowing topline. Will go far I am sure.



1. Longbottom & Ritchie’s GWENDARRIFF UNKNOWN SOLDIER JW, A very flashy dog presented in superb condition and handled to best advantage. Although a yearling would have fared well in a higher class, he is mature with little to criticise. His construction and profile are to be admired, sound front, correct reach of neck, good expression, well seat ears, lovely dark eye, well laid shoulders to a gently topline. In good coat and sound at rear, a worthy winner in this class.



1. Hyslop’s GWENDARRIFF JUSTIN THYNE JW, Stamped his authority on this class Striking outline as a result of being sound in all quarters, another presented in tip top condition, in good coat and moved with drive and flair.

2. Ogilvie’s LOGANRISH POTTER’S WHEEL, This handsome young Irish came close to 1, he has much to admire and moved well. His head is his fortune with much support from the rest of his construction. Sound front, tight feet well up on his pasterns, not the case in others today. Moved with drive and style.


1. Rowbottom’s LANSTARA SPRING MOON, This young Irish came close to top honours today, I have no doubt he will reward his owners dedication with many red cards. Presented in beautiful condition stood proud over his ground and presented a picture of a very handsome well made young setter. His front is straight and well boned, he is proportionate in all departments but his head and expression demands that you give this lad every attention. He has a dark eye, well chiselled head, good reach of neck and well laid shoulders, lovely flowing topline taking you to a well angulated rear. The movement was full of drive and pride with a beautiful coat complementing the picture on the move.

2. Willis’S GWENDARIFF THYME BOMB AT JACWILINS JW. My notes start Big Handsome Boy, and he is, most unfortunate to meet 1st on this day. Much to be proud of with this Irish Setter, Little to criticise, well constructed in good condition and moved well. On another day he will attract the high award.



1. Sturrock’s I’M SEXY AN I KNOW IT JW Made his presence known, lovely dog in

profile and a closer examination doesn’t disappoint. Straight front, lovely head good ear set, good reach of neck and gently flowing topline. Well angulated at the rear supporting his movement which was excellent. Handled as always sympathetically and professionally.

2. Mclarnon’s GWENDARIFF NUTS ABOUT GLENAVNA This Setter scored highly on head and movement and was unfortunate to meet 1st on top form. A quality Irish who will attract high honours. Nice front sound in rear presented in tip top order.



1. Crocker & Siddle’s SH CH COPPER’S WAR OF ROSES Interesting that both my ticket winners were bred outside the UK. Their introduction to the UK Setter family can only be a good thing, not something I would report always. Presented in top condition and handled to express all that is good in this Setter, he is a lovely example of the breed and worthy of all the investment in time and effort.

With a lovely profile racy and proportionate on approach you are met with a straight front a wistful soft expression, handsome well made head, with low set ears and well laid shoulders he has already scored highly, a pleasing sloping topline to a well angulated and muscular rear, the tail set just right. On the move he is a dream driving round the ring with panache. My pleasure to award him The Dog Challenge Certificate.


Was second to the best so no shame there, unfortunately Flash Harry decided that he would try and win the fastest Irish Setter of the day. Lots to admire in this Irish in confirmation there is little to criticise. He is proportionate in all departments and was pleased to award the Dog reserve Challenge Certificate.



1. Charlish’s QUENSHA LET’SDANCE This 6 month old Irish stole the hearts of many round the ring, particularly on the move with her head held high, she looked as if she was enjoying every moment. On examination she stood rock still and was a pleasure to go over. Everything as it should be a really lovely minor puppy.

2. McAvoy’s PORCHET SCHEHERAZADE, Only six months old on the day of the show. Again a lovely promising minor puppy, pushed her older competition to the limit and also moved well for one so young. I shall watch both these puppies progress with interest.


1. Nicolson’s GWENDARIFF RAINBOW GODESS AT LOCHINDORB a very energetic puppy who showed herself off and clearly enjoyed the experience. Good straight front, beautiful soft expression and dark eye, low set ears, in lovely coat presented well and moved with style.

2. Watt’s SHENANAGIN SWEET SIXTEEN. Another lovely puppy and at 10 months still has a lot of development before her. To her credit all the assets are there she just needs to mature. Lovely soft wistful expression, nice dark eye, low set ears, well laid shoulder and gentle topline. Movement was sound and acceptable for one so young.



1. Hunter & Brown’s BRAIDMOUNT LADY IN WAITING Lady by name and Lady by nature. A lovely young Irish all the attributes to establish herself in the top of the breed, she just needs a little time. Typical soft appealing bitch expression complimented by dark eyes and low set ears, her front components are sound, she is in good coat but can still get better, in profile with her topline going gently to a well angulated rear she looked a picture. Moved well both fore and aft.

2. Armmitage’s GWENDARIFF D’YA WANNA KISS. Her movement was her greatest asset but a lovely picture when stacked up. All the assets to make her mark in the breed, she is still young and I look forward to her future development.



1. Hinslea’s NORTHAMBER SHABBY CHIC. Nothing Shabby about this young lady,    

Presented in good order with quality in abundance from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail. Her movement was sound, Her construction was well defined and detail on examination showed lots of promise, will watch her progress with interest.

2. Milby & Stuart Ritchie’s GWENDARIFF WE’LL REMEMBERU JW. Another quality bitch who pressed 1st all the way. As always presented and handled to exploit all her qualities and she has plenty of them. Her front is straight and raised to a lovely reach of neck, beautiful expression well chiselled head and dark eye, good lay of shoulders with a gentle sloping top line. Sound at the rear which dictated good movement.



1. Henderson’s SAMETSUZMAK’N HONEY JW, A risky thing to say but my notes declare ‘Master class in Movement’ and on the day she moved beautifully, not surprising when, at close quarters’ you have the opportunity to examine her. Straight front, nice tight feet, lovely wistful, typical Irish expression, her head has plenty of work with dark eyes, ear set just right, nice lay of shoulder and a proper topline gently sloping to the sound rear with good angulation which led to a lovely flowing movement.

2. Wilson’s COPPER’S SNOWQUEEN (imp) Deserving of 2nd in this strong class. Sound in confirmation with a creditable movement.



1. Powis’s AMBERWAVE FEATHER, Stood out in the initial line up and maintained that position throughout the class. She presents a lovely picture and on closer examination commands admiration. Her front and rear confirmation with the correct topline start the credits mounting, she has an expression that would melt a heart. Presented in lovely condition and handled just right.

2. Watt’s SHENANAGIN SCRUPTIOUS, Unfortunate to meet 1st on a good day, lots to admire in this Irish not least her feminine well defined head and expression. Moved with style and drive from a front and rear that provided the structure for the first class movement.



1. Armitage’s GWENDARIFF COCO NUT CREAM A credit to the owner and breeder of this Irish presented, as you would expect from this kennel, in tip top condition. So much to like about this young lady from the straight and sound front to the beautiful kind expression. Lovely dark eye and well worked head. Good lay of shoulder and nice topline. Well angulated rear which was the engine house for excellent movement. Her quality is such that I was pleased to award her Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate.

2. Walters DREAMERLIS REGAL JODIE FROM DENEIL a quality Irish who has been knocking on the door for some time and I am sure she will get her reward. Sadly competed with 1st who on the day was in great form. Her quality is evident in every department and is a sound mover. In profile she has a lot to admire and closer examination reveals a sound confirmation this is emphasised with a lovely head showing a lovely feminine expression a nice dark eye, Her movement not so strong as 1 but never the less oozes quality.



1. Hunter & Brown’S SH CH, INTL CH FAIRHAVEN LOUISE MOUNTBATTEN AT BRAIDMOUNT, My notes record WOW, and, in my opinion, this Irish is the epitome of the breed and demanded attention from the line up to the completion of her movement. On the day she did her job to a standard that awarded her the Bitch Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed. Her quality was further recognised by being honoured with Group 2, all richly deserved. Her 20th CC I am advised and I am not surprised. I find it difficult to find anything ‘Not to like’ but much to be admired. In profile she is outstanding, with hands on you see the quality in depth. In front she is sound and straight, her head and expression are beautiful complimented with a lovely dark eye and ears correctly set. Her lay of shoulders and topline flow to a sound and well angulated rear, all this produces a movement with drive and panache. This Irish, I am sure, has a lot more winning to do.

2. Howatson’s RIVERMAN ROYAL ROSA ATVANDERS JW. I have watched and greatly admired this Irish since she was in puppy and was most unfortunate to come up against 1st when on top form. However in her own right she has quality in abundance. In profile she portrays all the attributes of a sound Irish Setter who is ‘fit for purpose’ Excellent in front straight and sound, lovely neck and well laid shoulders. Her expression is all that you would hope for in an Irish Setter bitch. She has a proper sloping topline and a rear end which drives her forward on the move. I give her credit for her condition and presentation.


Mr G Stevenson

Scottish Kennel Club
27 August 2016

Judge: Mr G Stevenson
Entry: 70 Dogs making 77 Entries

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Winning the Bitch Challenge Certificate, Best of Breed and Gundog Group 2
Congratulations to Royale
Owned by Mona Hunter and Will Brown
Sh Ch Int Ch Fairhaven Louise Mountbatten At Braidmount
Winning the Dog Challenge Certificate
Congratulations to Arthur
Owned by Blake Crocker and Amelia Siddle
Sh Ch Copper's War Of Roses
The Res.Dog CC was awarded to Jim, Leigh and Linzie Richardson with Harry
 Sh Ch Brabrook Flash Harry at Montgreenan Sh.CM
The Res.Bitch CC was awarded to
Gwendariff Coco Nut Cream
Owned by Mrs D Armitage

Best Puppy Dog. Best Puppy in Breed and Gundog Puppy Group 4 
was awarded to Julie Greenan with Aiden
Anlory Aidan
Congratulations to All the Winners
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