Critique - Judges: Dogs: Alister Watt (Shenanagin)

I was very honoured to be invited to judge dogs at the ISAE some 23 years after doing the bitches at this, the senior breed club in the UK. The hospitality and courtesy extended to me by the Office Bearers and Committee was first class, which made my whole experience very enjoyable. Many thanks.

Throughout the day I was ably assisted by my efficient ring stewards, Rowan Proctor, Michelle Webster and Richard Bott who kept everything running smoothly and again, many thanks.

My thanks also to everyone who gave me the opportunity to assess their dogs and for accepting my decisions with good grace. Some exhibits really thrilled, some surprised me and a few disappointed.

Now some general comments: Presentation and handling on the whole was good with all dogs well-groomed and clean. In years gone by, I would have had to clean my hands after every class, but fortunately this is no longer the case. Temperaments were steady. I came across no weepy eyes, although some were a bit loose and could be tighter. Most had correct scissor bites although a few had some teeth out of alignment and I came across one wry mouth.

On the down side, far too many had thick ankles, lacked correct pasterns and had big feet. True sound movement when going, coming back and when viewed in profile is a far too rare combination in many dogs. Some hind legs criss-crossed when moving away and some toplines were lost on the move. I forgave some dogs whose tails were slightly up when moving, but penalised others whose tails were close to vertical. Most worrying of all, is the lack of forward reach, with too many dogs showing a hackneyed, choppy gait or a pitter patter type of overall movement devoid of drive and reach.

Several otherwise nice dogs paid the price of being overweight, spoiling their topline and resulting in a lack of drive when moving.

Much as I like to see a mature Irish with full gleaming coat and furnishings which is a magnificent sight, this should never be viewed as more important that sound conformation.

Here are my honest “on the day” comments on my winners:

Minor Puppy (9, 1 absent)

This was a really encouraging class of youngsters of different types and at different stages of their development.

1. Davis’s PAWSWORD PRARIE WIND, what a smashing prospect this 7 month youngster is, I think at this stage he has most of the essentials which will enable him to go far, loved his overall shape and balance, beautiful head and expression, clean over neck and shoulders, true front, deep chest, well-shaped back end and good tailset. Add to this he is a stylish and happy mover. In full agreement with my co judge, he was Best Puppy in Show.

2. Kniveton & Allen’s QUESNSHA STARMAN ABOARD ORSTONE, another lovely baby who really impressed me. I liked his headpiece and dark eye, low set ears, straight front, ample spring of rib, well-proportioned body and wide, nicely angulated hindquarters. I am confident he, like the winner, should have an exciting career.

3. Chorley-Newton & Chorley’s, PAWSWORD PRICELESS TO KERRYFAIR.

Puppy (8, 1)


2. Bailey & Condron’s COVARNEY LIL’ RASCAL, well balanced throughout and shown in excellent coat and condition, eye-catching topline, particularly pleasing in neck, shoulder layback, depth of chest, hind angulation and overall style.

3. Chorley-Newton & Chorley’s, PAWSWORD PRICELESS TO KERRYFAIR.

Junior (11, 1)

1. Bott’s GWENDARIFF D’YA KNOW MY NAME BY BARDONHILL, a closely contested class with this boy just pipping no 2 on his darker and fuller coat. I like his medium size and correct proportions, enough neck slightly arched, straight front, correct at the pastern, pleasant headpiece and kind eye, wide well developed hindquarters and presented in great form.

2. Lorrimer’s KERRIMERE CHARISMATIC, not quite so mature as the winner, I think he has a super masculine well shaped head showing stop and raised brows, low set ears, true front, well-shaped hindquarters, attractive outline moved soundly.

3. Milligan-Bott & Bott’s THENDARA TICK TOCK

Yearling (11, 1)

Very nice class

1. Lucas’s BARDONHILL ETERNAL FLAME AMONG AMBERLIGHT JW, a striking medium sized boy of real quality, developing on the right lines, gorgeous head with lots of work, kind eye, racy, built on clean cut lines with all angles at front and back ends just as they should be, true front, good pasterns and feet, deep chest, well set tail, rich dark coat, a class act.



Special Breginners (4, 1)

1. Jones’s HUNNICOTE HANDYMAN, very nice well balanced boy devoid of any exaggeration, pleasing type, pleasant head with low set ears, good front, correctly angulated hindquarters with short hocks, gently sloping topline, moved well, I liked him.

2. Corless’s SWIFTLARK FIRST NIGHT, rangier type all through, dark coated and moving freely, good bone and depth, needs to carry more weight, preferred winner in head and expression.


Maiden (4, 2)

1. Russell’s STRATHMEAD HUCKLEBERRY, nice overall type and shape, pleasant head, decent bone, shapely hindquarters, in good coat, moved freely.

2. Pallister’s PENWYN MISSISSIPI MOON, still a baby and immature stood next to the winner. On the plus side I do like his overall shape with a good head, clean neck and shoulders, well angulated stifles and hock and well set on tail. Handlers knees did not allow this nice youngster to get in to his stride and move with any oomph.

Novice (8, 5)

1. Milligan-Bott & Bott’s THENDARA TICK TOCK, very handsome and glamorous boy of lovely type, in glorious coat and condition, looking quite mature despite his tender age, super overall shape starting with his head, reachy neck setting cleanly in to well laid shoulders, deep through body to wide powerful hindquarters with short hocks and well set on tail.



Undergraduate (7, 1 withdrawn)


2. Wheeldon’s BARDONHILL JEALOUS GUY FOR COLEMIST, nice type of boy with most of the essentials, including his good head with oval skull and low set ears, kind eye and nice expression, deep chest and shape to his hindquarters, good bone, moved OK . His sparse / chewed feathering below his willy detracted from his overall image and balance.


Graduate (5,0)

1. Kniveton’s HOT SENSATION’S ORSTONE COWBOY (IMP SWE) JW, this is a quality young man who is developing along correct lines, overall shape is balanced and shows clean cut lines, good headpiece, muscular neck, sloping shoulders , proportionate through body and rear quarters, firm topline and well set on tail and clearly happy in his work.

2. Torpy’s BARDONHILL JIVE TALKIN, a different type of boy who won his place on his beautiful masculine head with lovely dark eye and low set ears and his sound, free flowing movement. He is deep at the brisket and has good bone and overall pleases, but not presented in the same coat and condition as the winner.


Post Graduate (13, 3) Nice class

1. Heron’s CASKEYS MAESTRO, This is an excellent unexaggerated dog now approaching maturity. He is not flashy but is sound and of pleasing breed type. He owns a super head, all male with a beautiful expression, good finish to foreface, enough bone, sufficient spring of rib, strong through the body and correctly angulated back end. His condition and weight were spot on. Being hypercritical I would prefer him to be slightly larger all through.

2. Rowbottom’s LANSTARA SPRING MOON, here is a different type to the winner, this boy is flashy, is rangier all through and was shown in full coat and feather. He presents an impressive overall picture and owns a pleasant but masculine head, arched neck setting cleanly in to his shoulders, deep at the brisket, well off for bone, good turn to stifles and short hocks. Preferred the front angulation of the winner.


Minor Limit (10, 1)

1. Wilkins’s MARGRETWOODS GOBSTOPPER, JW Sh CM, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this handsome boy who is now approaching his best. He owns a

He is deep chested, is well ribbed back and has correctly angulated hindquarters, moved feely and was presented in lovely coat and condition.

2. Tupper & Rosie’s STARATLANTA ELLIOT, Sh CM, close up, this is another excellent specimen who was turned out in super full coat and good condition. His head pleases and is typically Irish in outlook, with a dark but kind eye. He has a muscular slightly arched neck, true front, deep chest and strong body, well set and carried tail, moved well with drive.


Mid Limit (5, 0) Small in number but a good class.

1. Lucas’s SHANDWICK MAGIC MOMENTS VIA AMBERLIGHT, overall this is a pleasing male Irish Setter, typy without any exaggerations. He has been slow to mature and I think he is not quite there yet. His conformation is excellent and he owns a rich, dark coat. He will never be dripping in feathering, but his body properties are there for all to see – ample reach of neck, true front, strength through body and wide well developed hindquarters, went well.

2. Lorrimer’s DANAWAY DISTINGUISHED, pushed the winner all the way, another pleasing boy of genuine quality, loved his head with well-defined stop, lots of chiselling and kind eye, correct upper arm and shoulder layback, deep chest and well ribbed back, lovely sweep to stifles and short hocks, clean flowing and firm topline, went well and presentation faultless. I think there is more to come from this boy.

3. Milligan-Bott & Bott’s THENDARA COMMITMENT, JW

Limit (10, 1) A cracking class

1. Sturrock’s FORFARIAN I’M SEXY AN I KNOW IT, JW, the star of the show (and the accompanying Open show as well). I have watched this outstanding dog develop from a young puppy into the fabulous, mature dog he now is. He exudes quality all through, is totally balanced without any hint of exaggeration and he flows from nose to tail with all parts fitting together so well. He is racy and stylish with a natural, gently sloping topline. Overall construction is excellent, head properties super and he owns a rich, dark and lustrous coat. On the move he is stylish, carries his head and topline well and pleases going away, coming back and in profile, showing true drive and reach in front, covering lots of ground. I was pleased to award him the CC, his second and with my co-judge’s agreement, Best In Show, heading off a top quality bitch in the process. I am confident that he will gain his 3rd CC and go on from there. Very well deserved!

2. Mugford’s LYNWOOD LARK IN THE DARK, this is another top notch mature male with many virtues who impressed a lot and was in consideration for the Res. CC. He is of medium size and is well proportioned throughout. I loved his classy head with beautiful dark eyes, raised brows, lots of chiselling and square finish to muzzle, good reach of neck and clean over sloping shoulders, strength through the body and well developed back end with correctly set on tail. He is totally balanced and moved very well, was in superb condition and was handled expertly.

3. Mitchell’s AMBLIN’S SWEET WILLIAM, another quality dog who cannot be overlooked.

Open (7, 1) Another cracking class

1. Milligan-Bott & Bott’s SH. CH. THENDARA POT NOODLE, a top notch dog who in my opinion has really improved with maturity. He is now at his peak and pleases in most departments. He owns a lovely well worked head with low set ears, clean over neck and shoulders, proportionate body and wide, well angulated hindquarters, is true in front and presents a super overall picture of quality and balance. He moved with panache and, as always, was turned out in first class condition with a gleaming coat.

I was pleased to award him the Res. CC.

2. Cohen’s CAISPERN LORENZO WITH SHUSHANA, JW, this is a dog I like a lot, who on some occasions does not fully co-operate with his handler, but when he does is a dog to be reckoned with. Today he put on a good show and was close up, I like his overall size and balance and he owns a superb, masculine head with clean skull, dark appealing eyes with raised brows, low set ears, slightly arched neck, correct front angles with nice bone and tight feet, deep brisket, well sprung ribs carried well back, firm topline and correctly set on and carried tail, moved with style.

3. O’Connor’s CAISPERN POLONIUS, another top quality dog.

Veteran (6, 1)

1. Edwards’s SH CH GWENDARIFF ROCKIN ROBIN, lovely 9 year old boy who was in top form and clearly enjoying his show. He is a most worthy Show Champion of medium size and as always, really moved so soundly and with gusto, holding his topline. His expression is kind and his overall construction and balance are excellent and he had very good muscle tone. He pulled out all the stops to hold of no 2.

2. Pullen & Atkin’s SH CH HARVANCOURT HARLEM AT JACINGAIL, 7 years old and really still in his prime. This is another top quality boy of good type who is also so deserving of his title. He is well proportioned throughout and has correct forearm and shoulder angulation, lovely head and outlook, strong and deep body , well turned stifles and hocks, he presents a classy overall picture with a gently sloping topline and was shown in super coat and condition.


Alister Watt (Judge)

Irish Setter Association, England
Championship Show
1 October 2016

Judges: Dogs: Alister Watt (Shenanagin)   Bitches Teresa Gisby (Suteresett)
Entry: 90 Dogs making 117 Entries    &      86 Bitches making 110 Entries
Winning his 2nd Challenge Certificate and Best in Show
Congratulations to Nolan
owned by Sandra Jenna and Nicola Sturrock
forarian imsexy gladwish isae 2016
Forfarian I'm Sexy An I know It JW
Photo: Barbara Gladwish
Nolan was also Best in Show at the ISAE Open Show held on the same day. Congratulations
Winning the Bitch Challenge Certificate, her 10th,
and Reserve Best in Show,  Congratulations to Paige
Owned by Richard Bott, Anthony Allen and Angela Morgan
Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Please Don't Tease Quensha JW
The Res.Dog CC was awarded to Noodle
Sh.Ch. Thendara Pot Noodle JW
Owned by Dee Milligan-Bott & Jeremy Bott
The Res.Bitch CC was awarded to Royale
Sh.Ch./Int.Ch. Fairhaven Louise Mounbatten at Braidmount
Owned by Mona Hunter and Will Brown
Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show
was awarded to Finnegan
owned by Mr P  & Mrs F Davis
Pawsword Prairie Wind
Best Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran in Show
was awarded to Sky
owned by Nigel Naylor and Jane Morrison
Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Singing Skies over Anlory
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Congratulations to All the Winners


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