Critique - Judge - Bitches Mrs Lynne Murray Hogsflesh

My thanks to the Committee for extending the invitation to judge; I have attended as an exhibitor many times over the years and always found it to be a most hospitable show with a great atmosphere. My thanks go also to my two stewards.

Thanks must go also to the exhibitors for allowing me to assess their lovely girls; the vast majority of which were beautifully presented, clearly a lot of work had gone into their preparation.

Two things stood out for me; where have all the forechests gone, so many lacked that lovely pronounced sternum, and I also missed those tight cat-like feet, too many had flat feet and long toes. However I was delighted with my winners.

Minor Puppy Bitch (14,1)

What a quality class this was, so many promising babies which can only augur well for the breed. Some beautiful, typy pups still have to develop the knack of getting all 4 limbs headed in the same direction but their potential is already evident.


1 Muir’s Romarne April Showers

What a little poppet this girl is, another of lovely type from this small but well-known kennel. Her first show and she took it all in her stride, beautiful head with elegant raised brows, well made all through with a strong topline, she is lovely to look at standing but it was on the move that she excelled, so steady she could have taught some of her elders a thing or two. Best puppy bitch and in full agreement with my co-judge best puppy in show.

2 Danks-Kemish’s Alofrana Hot Inspiration

Another promising puppy, lovely lean head, low set ears, good depth and breadth to chest and nice spring of rib, correct rear angulation, well let down hock joint, strong topline and good tailset, moved out steadily.

3 Bott, Allen & Morgan’s Quensha Tumble and Twirl

Puppy Bitch (11, 4)

1 Muir’s R. April Showers

2 Bott, Allen & Morgan’s Quensha Tumble and Twirl

Another lovely baby, such chiselling in her head, she possesses a beautiful forechest with pronounced sternum, good bone, lovely spring of rib and strong loin, well-muscled and true on the move.

3 Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Carmina

Veteran Bitch (7,2)

1 Naylor & Morrison’s Sh Ch Bardonhill Singing Skies Over Anlory JW

What a beautiful girl this is, everything about her screams femininity and elegance. She possesses the most beautiful of heads, long lovely planes. Lovely arch to her neck which is set into well angulated shoulders, good rib and loin and correct rear angulation. Despite her age at 10 years old this lady still drives out on the move with a lovely flowing action; I seriously considered her for the reserve ticket, just loved her. Best veteran in show in agreement with my co-judge.

2 Gisby’s Suteresett Black Magic

What a sound bitch this is, every bit of her flows smoothly into the next, so well put together, she is not showing her age at all and still commands the eye when she strides round the ring.

3 Stevenson’s Lochlorien Prime Suspect for Andley JW Sh CM

Junior Bitch   (4,2)

1 Watt’s Shenanigan Sweet Sixteen

This youngster is very aptly named as she is indeed a sweetie, pretty head and super length of neck, excellent forequarters with well laidback shoulders, good ribbing and strong loin, nothing exaggerated here just all put together as she should be, a happy mover. I gave her 3 classes today so suffice to say I liked her.

2 Drinkwater’s Brabrook Sassy Pants

Different type to winner but lots to like here, a more compact girl, well-made head, flowing topline, good bone, not quite so enthusiastic on the move.

Yearling Bitch (5,2)

1 Stevenson’s Lochlorien True Detective Is Andley

This young lady has great body properties, super head with lovely square finish to her muzzle, good stop and expressive eyes, good front angulation and correct depth and breadth of chest, I liked the length of her, another with a great topline and well set on tail, beautifully presented and sound on the move.

2 Milby & Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff We’ll Remember U JW

Sweet head and good body properties, maturing at just the right rate for her age, good angulation fore and aft, well presented and steady on the move.

3 Carter’s Bardonhill Uptown Girl

Maiden Bitch (4,2)

1 Watt’s S. Sweet Sixteen

2 Bott, Allen & Morgan’s Q. Tumble and Twirl

Novice Bitch (6,3)

1 Watt’s S. Sweet Sixteen

2 Drinkwater’s B. Sassy Pants

3 Carter’s B. Uptown Girl

Undergraduate Bitch (3, 0)

1 Stevenson’s L. True Detective Is Andley

2 Richards & Lindsey French’s Balintyne Just You Just Me

Balanced bitch with no exaggerations, feminine head, good pigment, angulation OK fore and aft, not in her best coat but time is on her side, beautifully tight rear feet.

3 Morgan’s Hazelbeck Blue Pheonix Rises from Deaconara

Graduate Bitch (11,3)

1 Waterton’s Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW

This is a striking bitch, good head with marked occipital protuberance and beautifully arched neck; great front assembly with ample depth of chest and well sprung rib, strong loin and well-made, muscled hindquarters, well let-down hocks but would have preferred them to have been less trimmed. Moved well, sympathetically handled.

2 Blackshaw’s Lanstara Spring Star JW

Another girl who stood out, she has a lovely lean feminine head, super length of neck and a clean topline, angulation is correct front and rear, and she has lovely short hocks which many didn’t, good musculature which she used to advantage on the move.

3 Wilson’s Copper’s Snow Queen

Post Graduate Bitch   (8,2)

1 Brady’s Amberlight Guinevere

Lots to like about this girl, I liked her substance, great strength all through but no coarseness whatsoever, feminine head, strong neck, great depth and breadth of chest, well off for bone, slightly longer cast than many bitches here today, I loved the length of her, very well-muscled which showed in her strong, driving movement.

2 Watt’s Shenanigan Scrumptious

Good depth of muzzle and square finish to foreface, nice neck and shoulders, deep chest, balanced girl with sound topline, not in her best bib and tucker on the day, moved soundly

3 Carter’s Gwendariff Specially Maid

Mid Limit Bitch   (6,0)

1 Bott’s Gwendarifff Such a Carry On at Bardonhill JW

What a striking girl, she is a true amalgam of her breeding possessing great substance with femininity. Not a small one but she is balanced all through from her super head through good shoulders to well angled hindquarters, sound topline no lumps or bumps here, great muscle bulk, sound as a pound on the move.

2 Stevenson’s Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley

Another well presented girl from this kennel, most Irish of heads with melting expression, lovely ear set and arched neck, set into good shoulders, well ribbed up and strong loin, lovely coat pigmentation and rich coat, good mover.

3 Box’s Bardonhill Afternoon D’Lite at Fernstart

Limit Bitch   (7,1)

1 Armitage’s Gwendarifff Coconut Cream

On my initial look over she just screamed out for attention. Her breeding is apparent in her type, her father was a very well put together boy and she has inherited many of his qualities; the most feminine of heads with inquisitive raised brows, lovely arched neck set cleanly into good shoulders, and here we had a sternum! Well ribbed up, short strong loin, gently sloping topline, strong quarters which propelled her round the ring. Presented in gleaming coat, pleased to award her the reserve CC.

2 Gardner’s Thendara Jocasta

Different type to winner but this lady is a true setter all through, another who combines substance without coarseness, great front assembly with the desired depth, breadth and spring of rib, super rear angulation also, with great muscle definition, strong topline and well animated on the move.

3 Kavanagh’s Withersdale Lady of Letters

Open Bitch (4,1)

1 Bott, Allen & Morgan’s Bardonhill Please Don’t Tease Quensha JW

Where to start to describe this beautiful lady; at first glance she does not stand out as she is not exaggerated in any way, however the more one looks and feels, the more her qualities become apparent. Lovely head with great work in it, dark expressive eyes and lovely low set ears, great layback of shoulder and deep, well sprung ribs, correctly angulated rear, pleasing topline which she held on the move as she flowed round the ring. Delighted to award her the CC and Reserve Best in Show in agreement with my co-judge.

2 Naylor & Morrison’s Sh Ch Anlory Carinena JW

Yet another typy bitch from this kennel, so well put together and built on beautiful lines, the eye just flows over her from her pleasing head to her well set on tail, she is another who moves with great extension fore and aft.

3 Bott’s Bardonhill Guilty Pleasure

Lynne Murray Hogsflesh

North East of England Irish Setter Club
22 October 2016

Judges: Dogs: Mrs Willy Duynkerke Bitches Mrs Lynne Murray Hogsflesh
Entry 129 Dogs
A fantastic day for Nolan, not only winning the Dog Challenge Certificate
and Best in Show for his owners,
but his  3rd CC  and Show Champion Title too.
Congratulations to Sandra, Nicola and Jenna Sturrock.
Sh.Ch. Forfarian I'm Sexy An I Know It JW
Winning the bitch Challenge Certificate, her 12th and Res. Best in Show
Congratulations to Paige, owned by Richard Bott, Anthony Allen and Angela Morgan
Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Please Don't Tease Quensha JW

BIS RBIS BP and Best Vet NEEEISC Oct 2016 Champ show
Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show was awarded to
Lyn Muir with Romarne April Showers (above R)
Best Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran in Show was awarded to
Nigel Naylor and Jane Morrison with Sky
Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Singing Skies Over Anlory JW (above L)
Dog CC and Res Doc CC Oct 2016 Champ show

Dog CC: Sh.Ch. Forfarian I'm Sexy An I Know It JW (above L)
Res.Doc CC: Sh.Ch. Clonageera Kinross Love Barolo (above R)
with judge of Dogs Mrs Willy Duynkerke
Bitch CC and Res Bitch CC Oct 2016 Champ Show

Bitch CC: Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Please Don't Tease Quensha JW (above L)
Res. Bitch CC: Gwendariff Coconut Cream (above R)
With Judge of Bitches Mrs Lynne Murray Hogsflesh
 Photos kindly supplied by NEEISC Committee

Catalogue pages kindly supplied by Viv Blackshaw

Congratulations to All The Winners

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