Critique - Judge Mrs Joan Kniveton (Orstone)

Many thanks to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge I had a great day.

A huge thank you to the exhibitors for the wonderful entry, very much appreciated and thank you to my three stewards.


Veteran 4

Always enjoy judging the Veteran class, they always seem to enjoy themselves.

1st Edwards Sh Ch Gwendariff Rocking Robin JW, 9 years old, moved well showing his socks off, a handsome head with delightful expression enhanced with his slightly greying face, muscular neck ,into well laid shoulders , super rib and depth of chest, sound quarters, well set on tail, in wonderful coat and condition. Best Veteran

2nd Pullen & Atkin Sh Ch Harvancourt Harlem at Jacingail 7 years old, well proportioned body, correct shaped head with dark eye and soft expression, good bone and neat feet, ample rib, plenty depth of chest, moved soundly, not quite in his best coat.

3rd Woods Redins Falcon

Minor Puppy 16 (2) Good to see so many promising puppies

1st Davis Pawsword Prairie Wind what a very nice puppy showing lots of promise, well constructed, with a good head shape, dark eye and soft expression, super bone and neat well padded feet, lovely coat colour and condition, moved well at a correct pace. Best Puppy dog and Best Puppy in Breed.

2nd Danks-Kemish Alolfrana Hotter Than U Know , pleasing baby, moved really well covering the ground effortlessly and with style for a youngster, balanced head with raised brows and dark eye, giving desired expression, correct length of neck, super front assembly, good bone and neat feet

3rd Ciechonska, Riverbrue Altissimo at Aoibheanne

Puppy 9 (1) 1st Davis Pawsword Prairie Wind

2nd Danks-Kemish Alolfrana Hotter Than U Know

3rd Ciechonska Riverbrue Altissimo at Aoibheanne

Junior 11 (1) 1st Lorrimers Kerrimere Charasmatic super young dog built on flowing lines showing gently sloping topline, pleasing balanced head with low set ears, well sprung ribs, firm loin and short hocks, which enabled him to move soundly and freely, in super coat and condition.

2nd Stocktons Gwendariff D’Ya Think I’m Fab for Kespas, bigger rangier boy, not quite the head or movement of the winner but liked his overall shape, straight front with sufficient bone, ample rib and depth, moderate length of neck into well angulated shoulders, just needs little more angulation behind, moved steadily

3rd Sharman Kerrimere Indiscreet

Yearling 10 (2)

1st Lorrimers Kerrimere Charasmatic

2nd Lucas Bardonhill Eternal Flame liked this boy and was close up to 1. Well constructed front and rear angulation, plenty of rib and depth to chest, firm topline, good croup and well set on tail. Lovely coat and condition, would just like a touch more weight over the loin.

3rd Northend Aoibheannes Single Malt

Novice 7 (1)

1st Ansell Penwerris Northern Dream well grown boy, balanced in outline, masculine head with pleasing expression, low set ears, well muscled quarters, neat feet, moved soundly

2nd Russell Strathmead Huckleberry, finer in head than 1 but of correct shape and pleasing expression, plenty of depth to chest , firm loin, moved okay.

3rd Andrews Millcroft Moon Riot

Graduate 13 (1)

1st, Hoskin, Sandstream Just A Breeze appealing, young dog coming along nicely ,coat of lovely colour and in good condition, just needs more feathering to complete the picture. Well proportioned body, good bone and feet, muscular slightly arched neck, well laid shoulders, ample ribs, good quarters , croup and tail set, dark eye, raised brow giving lovely expression.

2nd Roberts& Cormack Sangarah Shared Romance with Polmennor(Imp Hun) correct shaped head with pleasing expression but would just like a little more chiselling, long low set ears. Good length of neck, and well proportioned body, strong quarters, good croup and tail set, moved steadily.

3rd Edwards Gwendariff PS I love You

Post Graduate 10 (1)

1st Willis Gwendariff Thyme Bomb At Jacwillins JW a really eye catching dog, shown in the most fabulous coat and condition, so well constructed throughout , pleasant, balanced head, strong topline which he held on the move, deep chest and ample rib, strong well angulated quarters, moved with drive and purpose.

2nd Muir Romarne Tattinger JW different in type to 1, appealed for his gently sloping topline, good croup and well set on tail, correct reach of neck, which leads into fine well laid shouders, well ribbed and deep chest, sound quarters, well padded feet, moved steadily and soundly, needs more furnishings to finish the picture

3rd Tupper & Rosie Staratlanta Elliott

Mid Limit 12 (3)

1st Griffin Corriebran Diagem so sound in his construction, good fore chest, neck and shoulder placement, sound quarters , good width to second thigh .lovely croup and well set on tail, attractive head of correct shape with soft expression, moved soundly

2nd Cuddy Aoibheannes Quite the Rebel By Balbriggan JW appealing medium sized dog, with gently sloping topline ,super balanced head showing correct stop, raised brow and the kindest of expression, deep chest, strong loin and good turn of stifle, moved well, just needs some more furnishings to complete the picture.

3rd Tupper& Rosie Staratlanta Elliott

Limit 11 (2)

1st Mitchell Amblin Sweet William really like this boy, he has come on such a lot in the last 12months, clean in outline, balanced throughout, correct length of, neck well laid shoulders, good ribs and depth to chest, excellent bone and well padded feet, strong short hocks, handsome head, in lovely bloom, moved soundly.

2nd Mclarnon Gwendariff Nuts Aboutu Glenavana JW masculine head with pleasing expression, well made front, good fore chest and ribs, strong well muscled quarters, ample bone and neat feet, moved well and with purpose, in super coat and condition

3rd Williamson Keljaru Lovely Jubbly

Open 8 (1)

A super class of top quality dogs

1st Stewart & Ritchie-Smiths Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Gwendariff Whipersnapper JW CW’15, judged this boy at Crufts 3 years ago and gave him his class, remember saying to his owner “ you should have some fun with this boy” I think she has!!!! a quality Irish, with a handsome head, excellent conformation and in sparkling form, impeccable presentation, shown in the most fabulous coat and condition, he has ring presence and demands your attention standing and also on the move which he did with soundness and style. Delighted to award him the CC and then see him go on to Best In Show.

2nd Crocker & Siddle Sh Ch Coppers War of Roses (Imp Swe),, an absolute favourite of mine, beautifully put together, he owns the most delightful head with dark eye and raised brow, good neck and refined well laid shoulders , super depth and rib, strong over the loin, good croup and tail set, moved well but not with the verve of 1 and today for me didn’t match the winner for coat condition, but very much deserved the RCC.

3rd Sturrock Sh Ch Forfarian I’m Sexy An I Know It, another super boy, who has just gained his title, very well deserved, sure he will go on to many more CC

Special Working Gundog Dog/Bitch

Lovely to see these two very worthy Champions, shows that our breed has beauty and brains if you are prepared to put in the time with them, Congratualtions to both these girls and their owners

1st Kolbach Ch Coppers Wine and Roses (Imp Swe) well made girl, she has all the qualities you would want, great depth and spring of rib, strong loin, super muscled quarters, sweet head and expression, moved so well.

2nd Mugford Ch Lynwood Happy As A Lark, Lovely headed bitch, slightly longer cast than one, sound in her construction and she also has such well muscled quarters, which allowed her to move soundly and freely.


Veteran 3   three lovely girls a credit to their owners

1st Gisby Suttersett Black Magic youngest of the veteran girls today and won the class on her movement. Well made and in proportion from head to tail, such a lovely head and expression, well angulated front and rear, neat feet and short hocks, shown in good coat and condition.

2nd Hogsflesh Sh Ch Lyngor Living Water JW, pleasing in shape and outline, moving soundly , obviously enjoying her day out, sweet head and expression, muscular neck, well ribbed back, standing on neat feet and good bone,

3rd Waterton Sh Ch Lynwood Kissed By An Angel at Sandstream JW Sh Cm

Minor Puppy 20 (4) Another class of promising babies

1st Tully Gwendariff Lily The Pink  What a quality puppy, such a lovely lean head, sweet expression, low set ears, excellent body properties, moved well for one so young, rich coloured coat in gleaming condition. Wish her well for the future.

2nd Elkins Twoacres Promise of Spring, another pleasing pup slightly different in type but pleasing in all aspects, stands on good bone and neat feet, lovely through the neck and shoulders, well sprung ribs, pretty head with dark eye giving lovely expression, moved happily

3rd Muir Romarne April Showers

Puppy 11 (1)

1st Mugford Lynwood Isn’t She Lovely, stylish puppy, elegant, with good outline, clean reach of neck, super fore chest, depth and ribs, straight front, neat feet, lovely shaped head, low set ears and sweet expression, was Best Puppy Bitch

2nd Muir Romarne April Showers slightly more compact than 1, well muscled and good turn of stifle for one so young, arched neck, into well laid shoulders, pleasing head with raised brow, well schooled, moved steadily

3rd Danks-Kemish Alolfrana Hot Inspiration

Junior 8 (2)

1st Watts Shenanigan Sweet Sixteen and sweet she is, a sound positive mover, shown in lovely condition, appealing head and expression with low set ears, moderately long neck flows into well laid shoulders, plenty depth to chest, firm loin well muscled quarters, neat feet and short hocks. I understand the two class wins gave her, the final points for a JW, Congratulations.

2nd Meadows Gwendariff D’Ya Like Me Best, close decision, sure these two will change places on other occasions, lovely outline, good proportions and balance, correct head shape and pleasing expression ,good front assembly, well set tail, moving soundly and happily

3rd Russell Melmara Geogia JW

Yearling 10(1)

1st Ciechonska Aoibheannes Say No More JW, this lovely bitch is top drawer material she only needs maturity and her furnishings to complete the picture, extremely well constructed, delightful head, raised brow and that quizzical expression, super spring of rib and depth to chest, firm loin, good croup and tail set, neat well padded feet, moved soundly and happily.

2nd Holley Wynjill Loveheart JW really appealed to me, very pretty girl, loved her expression, good front assembly, neck slightly arched and of good length, stands on good bone and neat feet , topline gently sloping and firm strong well muscled quarters, allowing her to move freely

3rd Meadows Gwendariff D’Ya Like Me Best

Novice 9 (1)

1st Watts Shenanagin Sweet Sixteen

2nd Mugford Lynwood Isn’t She Lovely

3rd Gisby Sutteresett Pina Colada

Graduate 12 (3)

1st Waterton Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW , liked this girl as a baby and she is now fulfilling her early promise, built on flowing lines, so feminine in all departments, good outline, such a delightful head with raised brow, low set ears and sweet expression. Lovely neck and shoulder placement, wide strong hindquarters, short strong hocks, moved well.

2nd Naylor’s Anlory Corbiere JW, slightly smaller girl, so well put together, pleasing head, clean through the neck and shoulders, the best of feet , moved soundly and happily holding her topline with a good tail carriage, coat in good condition but needs to get furnishings to complete the picture

3rd Hall Harreds Hettie

Post Graduate 14 (4)

1st Rutherford, Judge & Lippett, Clonageera Love Is Real, perhaps a slightly larger girl than I would usually like but on going over her found the very prettiest of heads with beautiful expression and low set ears, leading into the best of neck and shoulder placement, great spring on rib, firm loin and strong quarters, moved soundly in super coat and condition

2nd Watts Shenanagin Scrumtious, well proportioned bitch, head is feminine with lovely expression, sound in construction, great depth and spring of rib, well angulated front and well muscled quarters, strong short hocks, moving well, not quite in her best coat.

3rd Heather Caskeys Movie Star

Mid Limit 6 (1)

1st Box Bardonhill Afternoon Delight and a delight she is, lovely type of bitch so well proportioned, in the most gleaming coat and condition, owns a lovely balanced head, with dark eye, low set ears, giving her a beautiful expression, arched neck into well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, wide angulated hindquarters, neat feet, moved soundly with enthusiasm.

2nd Berry and Morris Brinara Vanity Fair JW well constructed girl, showing good overall shape, correct angulation front and rear, ample rib and depth, firm loin, good croup and tail set, short strong hocks neat feet, attractive head, steady on the move

3rd Powis Amberwave Feather

Limit 13 (3)

1st Gardner Thendara Jocasta JW this bitch has blossomed over the last few months, well presented and in hard condition, shown in lovely coat. Feminine head with raised brow and good eye colour with low set ears, sound body proportions , good reach of neck into fine well laid shoulders, well boned, sound strong quarters with well turned stifle and short hocks enabled her to move with purpose and drive.

2nd Botts Bardonhill Guilty Pleasure, a lot to like about her, smaller framed than one but so well put together from her lovely head to the tip of her tail, gently sloping topline, well set on tail, short hocks, standing on the best of neat well padded feet, coat shone and in lovely condition moved soundly and happily

3rd Armitage Gwendariff Coconut Cream

Open 3 (1) Three lovely bitches all very worthy Show Champions

1st Holley Sh Ch Wynjill Well Known JW, delightful and full of quality, combining elegance with her correct conformation, flowing topline , sweet head a gorgeous expression, super arched neck into fine well laid shoulders, good sternum and body properties, sound quarters, in gleaming coat and hard muscular condition, moved with style. Very happy to award her the CC

2nd Hunter & Brown Sh Ch/Int Ch Fairhaven Louise Mountbatten at Braidmount (Imp Swe) extremely pleasing girl, so well made throughout, appealing head with the softest of expression correct front assembly, slightly arched neck into well laid shoulders, best of ribs and depth, firm loin, short hocks and well muscled quarters enabling her to move soundly just preferred the animation of 1 on the move, RCC

3rd Hawkins Sh Ch Henaleas Carry on Flirting JW

Judge Joan Kniveton

Setter and Pointer Club
5 November 2016

Judge Mrs Joan Kniveton (Orstone)
Entry 187 Dogs making 234 Entries
A fabulous day for Nilsson, winning the Dog Challenge Certificate
Best of Breed and then Best in Show - Congratulations to his owners
Alec Stewart and Danielle Ritchie-Smith
gwendariff whippersnapper SP 051116 newsham0B5A3390
Sh.Ch/Ir.Sh.Ch. Gwendariff Whippersnapper JW CW'15
Winning the Bitch Challenge Certificate, congratulations to Ginger
Owned by Jill Holley
wynjill well known SP 2016 0B5A3441
Sh.Ch. Wynjill Well Known JW
The Res. Dog CC was awarded to Arthur
Owned by Blake Crocker and Amelia Siddle
coppers warofroses SP 0511 160B5A3392
Sh.Ch. Copper's War of Roses
The Res. Bitch CC was awarded to Royale
Owned by Mona Hunter and Will Brown
farirhaven louise mounbatten SP 2016 0B5A3433
Sh.Ch,/Int. Ch. Fairhave Louise Mountbatten at Braidmount
Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Breed was awarded to
Mr & Mrs Davis with
best puppy in breed SP 2016
Pawsword Prairie Wind
Photo: Laura Kolbach
Best Veteran Dog and Best Veteran in Breed
was awarded to Sue Edwards with
best veteran SP 2016
Sh.Ch. Gwendariff Rockin Robin JW
Photo: Laura Kolbach
Catalogue pages kindly supplied by Gordon Rowbottom HERE
Congratulations to All the Winners
Photos by Ian Newsham

Slide Show photos kindly supplied by Laura Kolbach


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