Critique - Judge: Mrs Pat Butler-Holley (Shandwick)

It is always a great honour to judge a breed club show but to do one twice is an absolute privilege. I previously judged at this club show in April 2.004 in Dunfermline, but so glad to be back at its original home in Lanark all be it with much better facilities than previously!! Thank you to the committee for all the hard work and hospitality shown to me I am just sorry I couldn’t stay for the evening celebrations. A special thank you to my stewards on the day and Chloe for taking the photos, it is so great to see younger people taking an interest in the breed and running of a show.   The timing of the special Classes that were scheduled to take place during the lunch break could have been completed a little quicker as it caused a few issues in the afternoon as most people needed to get to the hotel and back again for the Ceilidh.   It was a real pleasure to listen to an applause for all the class winners today.

I last judged Dogs within the breed in July 2.0 1.4 and I thought then as now that we are in danger of producing generic Irish Setters with no breed type evident just red dogs. The difference between the top class exhibits and the mediocre ones is vast and if not addressed we will lose the most important thing in an Irish Setter which is racy well balanced and full of quality, combining elegance with substance. Yes we want a slim elegant animal but we don’t want this to be interpreted as narrow all through with front legs appearing out of one hole or the opposite, coarse in head and over done in body. The standard also asks for a firm straight topline gently sloping downwards from the withers, this cannot be achieved unless the front angulation and rear construction is correct, upright shoulders with no upper arm angulation can never create the correct topline not even by overstretching the exhibit backwards!! Also worth mentioning there were so many with level topline and possibly even worse quite an emphasis on a dip behind the shoulders.

I personally found a few bad mouths, a couple from exhibits that I am aware have won well in the past which is quite sad really if we start accepting level or slightly undershot mouths then it could lead to problems in the future. Having said that we still need to take all the basics breed type and construction into account in order to establish structural soundness.

It would not be fair of me not to mention that the quality of the Open bitch class which in the main was absolutely wonderful with some top quality bitches not even getting into the short list.

Please accept these comments as a critique and observations and not a criticism. I was delighted with my winners and placings, but judging is a subjective matter and the actual perception and prioritising of what we see and what others see can differ.

Minor Puppy ( 3.)

1. Holley’s, Wynjill Winner Takes All really pleasing happy go lucky puppy, so well balanced, classic head, oval skull, well set ears, good eye, strong neck showing that lovely arch at the crest of the neck. Good shoulders, good front. Strong quarters moved well. I like him in size overall shape and balance.

2. Gracie’s, Vistador Diesel in the Dust (Imp Che) when viewed in overall conformation he is balanced which is what we ask for but for me today I felt he is well up to size for such a youngster.

3. French, Zen Power Diervilla (imp Pol)

Puppy Dog (5: 1.)

1.. Danks-Kemish Alolfrana Hotter than U know, A pleasure to judge this quite delightful puppy at one day short of his 1. 2. month birthday, he is an upstanding dog full of quality. Well balanced head from occiput to stop and from stop to muzzle, plenty of chiselling under the eye, and good raised brows. True in outline displaying the gently sloping topline which is formed by good shoulders and true hind angulation. Good strong wide to quarters used to perfection when of the move, moving in total harmony with his young handler. Delight to award him BPIS and shall enjoy watching his progress with interest.

2.. Holley’s, Wynjill Winner Takes All (repeat)

3.. French, Zen Power Diervilla (imp Pol)

Junior Dog (8)

1. Chorley-Newton & Chorley Pawsword Priceless to Kerryfair at 1. 3. months old he is at that stage of a typical junior Irish Setter. A lot to like about him so well balanced when viewed in outline, he flows from his head to the tip of his tail. Well angulated shoulders and good length of upper arm which is sadly lacking in many today. When viewed in profile his movement was true displaying free flowing driving action, holding his topline steady.

2. Kniveton & Allen Quensha Starman Aboard Orstone, quite different to winner, displaying loads of potential, good overall conformation, love his overall shape and outline. Moved true both fore and aft, good profile movement.

3. McNeil & Boyd-McNeil Gwendariff Gonna Go for Gold

Yearling ( 3.)

1. Lorrimer Kerrimere Charismatic, As the standard asks for raciness combining elegance with Substance this dog has it. He has scope and covers the ground well. He actually reminds me of Sh Ch Danaway Debonair in his shape and outline. Delightful in head and true expression showing that hint of mischief making in his eye. Good topline again gently sloping as is required which he holds well on the move.

2. Greenan Anlory Aiden   A lot to like about this dog, but for me I preferred the winner in head today. Full of breed type good strong quarters which I would like to see him use to better effect.

3. Cox Tiroen Too Darn Hot

Maiden (6:4)

Disappointing that the previously exhibited dogs didn’t come back into this class.

1. Danks-Kemish, Alolfrana Hotter than U know

2. Pallister, Penwyn Mississippi Moon not placed in junior, he was a little unsure of his surroundings but settled well after moving him again. Pleasing head, just needs time to gain a little more maturity.

Novice (8:4)

1. Danks-Kemish, Alolfrana Hotter than U know

2. Kniveton & Allen Quensha Starman Aboard Orstone

3. McNeil & Boyd-McNeil Gwendariff Gonna Go for Gold

Undergraduate ( 3.; 1.)

1. Campbell’s Kettlehills Forget Me Not, Not quite the balance in overall outline as previous winners today, but still quite a pleasing dog in many departments. Well presented in good hard condition moved well.

2. Pallister, Penwyn Mississipi Moon

Graduate (8; 3.)

1. Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie, Gwendariff Unknown Soldier JW I actually preferred to see this dog free standing than stacked in the class. He has a tendency to sink into his quarters which makes look over exaggerated, which in my opinion he is not, so the free standing display I asked for helped him. His head is so well balanced showing no coarseness at all when viewed in profile or straight on, strong zygomatic arches giving that true Irish setter expression, this along with his raised brows gave me the look I was looking for a delightful head. Good neck and shoulders plenty of forechest, strong body with good ribs extended well back good strength to couplings and strong quarters which I have discussed previously. Delighted to award him the RCC today

2. Lorrimer’s, Kerrimere Charismatic

3. Lucas, Harreds Hassle with Amberlight JW

Post Graduate(9)

1. Kniveton Hot Sensations Orstone Cowboy (impSWE) JW, Good overall conformation of this dog, sound in all departments. Good balance in head and body. Good head and eye well chiselled and brilliant expressive brows which every time you looked him expression changed. Good strong neck and well angulated shoulders, good ribs and strong loin moved well despite a change of handler at the last minute.

2. Lucas, Bardonhill Eternal Flame among Amberlight JW A lot to like about his dog he is so clean in outline. Well balanced throughout, presented in good hard condition. Strong wide quarters which he used on the move.

3. Naylor & Morrison Anlory Keltic Blue Sky JW

Limit ( 1.0: 3.)

1. Cuddy’s Sutteresett Rebel Rouser in Balbriggan JW, One I’ve judged before. And the same comments apply today as then. This dog is quite a conundrum, when he moves sometimes he carries his tail quite high but only on the odd occasions. Like his overall breed type, pleasing in head, good angulation and forechest which impressed me, good ribs and strong loin moved true.

2. Willis Gwendariff Thyme Bomb at Jacwillins, Not quite moving with the verve today that I would have liked but what a sound honest dog he is free from exaggeration in all departments. So much to like about him it was quite frustrating to see him not put everything in to it today. Preferred winner in head but that does not distract from what he is a sound honest dog.  

3. Mclarnon’s Gwendariff Nuts About u Glenavna JW

Open ( 7: 1.)

1. Crocker and Siddle Sh Ch Coppers War of Roses Every now and again a dog comes along and takes your breath away and goodness this is just what he did today. I have judged him as a youngster back in 2.0 1.4 and my comments then were “ considered him for the RCC, but feel sure on this form this youngster will have no problem in gaining his title over the next few years” It is wonderful to see what I thought then and how he has fulfilled his early promise. The standard asks for Racy, balance and full of quality and this is what he present to you. His expression is quite amusing as you look at him his expressive brows simply take over, his chiselling and finish to his foreface is wonderful. Strong, well-muscled neck displaying that wonderful arch at the crest of the neck, set into well angulated shoulders all flowing smoothly. Good ribs well sprung at the upper portion tapering at the lower part towards the sternum, strong couplings and good strong quarters. His movement was a pleasure to see especially in profile holding his topline at all times. Presented today in wonderful hard condition, his handler gets the best out of him the rapport is a pleasure to see. Delighted to award him the DCC and later award him BIS.

2. Sh Ch Forfarian Im Sexy an I know It JW I have admired this young dog greatly over time, again another one I have placed highly before and see no reason to change my mind he is quite a striking dog when viewed from any angle. I love his overall shape and outline again his handler gets the best out of him, presented in good coat and condition. His head is so balanced showing all the characteristics of what is required. His neck is strong and well let down into good well angulated shoulders. I found him to be a tad frustrating on the move today I would have preferred to have seen him use the full ring, maybe then he would have displayed more positive hind movement. A well worthy Sh Ch

3. Cox Jsy Ch Tiroen Too Hot to Handle JW

Veteran ( 2.)

1. Hogarth Sh Ch Avacet Snowdrift A wonderful ambassador of the breed a truly worthy sh ch, He fills my eye with everything that I was looking for. Good head, strong neck well angulated shoulders strong body good topline and strong quarters. He is so well balanced and present a wonderful picture. He pushed hard for the RCC today

2. Wood Reddins Falcon Sh cm another great gentleman not showing his age at all. Good head, kind eye and true expression.

Minor Puppy bitch (4; 2.)

Both puppies presented a picture of quality. Winner in head is so well balanced, however preferred the shoulders of second but the shape and overall of both of them was good.

1. Hinslea’s, Gwendariff Guess Whos comin to Northamber

2. McNeil & Boyd-McNeil Glennlokhen Deveron

Puppy (4: 1.)

1. Crocker and Siddle, Riverbrue Gloriana Top quality puppy so full of breed type, pleasing head and a delightful mischievous expression she looks every bit a handful even if she isn’t. For me I would like a little less weight on her at this stage. Her neck and shoulders are good and strong with plenty of pro-sternum, good deep chest and strong loin. She is so happy go lucky in her attitude. A lot to like about her.

3. Hinslea’s, Gwendariff Guess Whos comin to Northamber

2. Bridgwater and Littlechild Blazing Bronze Eye Candy (Imp NL)

Junior ( 1.4: 2.)

A really good class of quality junior bitches. Many of them in the class should have interesting times ahead.

1. Bott, Allen & Morgan Quensha Tumble and Twirl, Got a lot of what it takes to get to the top. She is so feminine but still combines the power with substance without losing any elegance in her frame. She is well collected in the ring moved soundly with effortless drive.

2. Naylor & Morrison Anlory Carignan unlucky to meet winner but another one with a lot to like about her good depth of chest both, infact all in the class and depth of chest good forechest and elegance about them.

3. McDonald Delsanto Miss Freya.

Yearling (5)

1. Hunter & Brown Braidmount Lady in Waiting JW Pleasing head and expression, well balanced and in proportion to her body. Good neck displaying the arch and at the crest of her neck. Good well back ribs giving the required spring at the top and tapering down at the chest. Strong well coupled loin, good strong wide quarters which she put to good use on the move.

2. Nicolson’s Gwendariff Rainbow Goddess at Lochindorb Stronger much heavy bitch than winner, but still presented in good order. When moving in profile she held her topline well.

3. Roberts Polmennor Spinning Moons

Maiden (5; 2.)

1. Sheldon Delsanto Miss Daisy, this lady covers a lot of ground with plenty of scope. So well balanced in overall conformation. The soundest of movers both fore and aft. Great profile action.

2. Clark Staratlanta Blazing Phyre A bitch built on much larger lines than winner, I found her to be strong in head, but still all over balanced. Moved OK

3. Whitehead, Gwendariff Gonna Winsome

Novice ( 1. 1.; 2.)

1. Bott, Allen & Morgan Quensha Tumble and Twirl

2. McDonald Delsanto Miss Freya Presented a pleasing picture of quality, and elegance, combining substance and quality.

3. Sheldon Delsanto Miss Daisy

Undergradute ( 1. 2.; 3.)

1. Bott, Allen & Morgan Quensha Tumble and Twirl

2. Chorley-Newton & Chorley, Pawsword Peppermint for Kerryfair, if ever a bitch caused me a headache it’s this one, I loved her shape, balance and overall conformation in actual fact she reminded me of one of my first Irish setter bitches. I would however just like a bit more of her. She is so very pretty, good kind eye and very expressive expression. She was placed 5th in the strong junior class.

3. Milby & Stewart-Ritchie Gwendariff Well Remember U

Graduate(9; 1.)

1. Lochlorien True Detective is Andley, Covers a lot of ground, but pleased with her overall proportions and shape. She oozes power and strength but still combining the air of quality and elegance about her. Good head and kind eye, strong neck and good depth of chest true front, good ribs and strong loin, Good sound wide quarters which she used to her advantage on the move.

2. Holley Wynjill Love Hart JW this bitch is more to my preferred liking but just lost out to more positive movement. Good head and expression good finish to foreface, well angulated shoulders and good depth, strong loin and good quarters.

3. Nevitt, Aoibheannes Stay with Me

Post Graduate( 1.5; 2.)

1. Naylor & Morrison, Anlory Corbiers JW Won the class on her positive movement over 2.nd. A lot to like about her so clean in outline what you see is what you get. Good neck and shoulders, good strength to body without losing the racy outline that is required. Strong wide quarters which she used well.

2. Wilson, Coppers Snowqueen (imp Swe) one of the very few exhibitors today that moved at a good speed with the dog. Presented in first class order, so full of quality she oozes the happy go lucky attitude of an Irish setter. Unlucky to meet winner today on such good form I’m sure she will go on to further success as she is maturing well.

3. Roberts, Lynwood Full of Grace at Polmennor

Limit ( 1.0; 1.)

1. Henderson Sametsuz Mak’n Honey JW Full of quality, good head and kind eye, head balanced from occiput to stop from stop to muzzle. Presented in fantastic coat and hard condition. Well sprung ribs good depth and strong couplings. Moved well fore and aft but particularly liked her profile movement.

2. Humphreys, Suteresett Miss Curious About Henaleas JW, A lot to like about this bitch and a first glance around I felt she would be my winner today. Good overall balance and shape but today I felt she had eaten too many early Easter eggs and sadly had to pay the price. True movement in front good strong rear action but rolled as she moved when viewed in profile. Quite disappointing for me as I like her.

3. Roffey Gwendariff The Real Thing

Open ( 1. 2.; 1.)

1. Bott, Allen & Morgan Sh Ch Bardonhill Please don’t Tease Quensha JW Her attitude and movement was a pleasure to see, she owned the ring and the more I asked of her the more she gave, she used her tail with such enthusiasm displaying true Irish temperament. I admit I haven’t been a great fan or hers sometimes but today I have never seen her look better, presented in full coat and good hard condition. I was more than delighted to award her the BCC and RBIS.

2. Crocker, Ostman & Siddle, Coppers Roses All Over, RBCC I like her overall balance, so well-proportioned in body. Her glorious head and expression is a fabulous, she has such a feminine expression from her raised brows to well defined chiselling along her cheek bones. Strong neck and good clean shoulders, showing no sign of any coarseness at all. She is so full of quality, good ribs and strong loin, for me she has the correct finish to her croup, carries her tail well and she certainly put it all together to win her place over another wonderful bitch.

3. Gardner, Thendara Jocasta JW, this bitch is so well balanced and certainly pushed the others hard, love her head and expression and moved well.

Veteran ( 1. 1.; 2.)

1. Naylor & Morrison, Sh Ch Bardonhill Singing Skies over Anlory JW At 1.0 ½ years old she certainly knows how wonderful she is, her attitude to the ring is perfect “just look at me” when asked to move she did with such verve and enthusiasm. Her quality head and expression never stopped looking around to see if she the one and certainly was today. Lost out on best veteran to the dog who had plenty of time to have a snooze in the afternoon.

2. Limpus, Sh Ch Shenanagin Shes the one for Karidell JW, She certainly lives up to her name. What a star she is I can’t believe she is a veteran, how time flies by. Her head is so well balanced showing all the quizzical expression that I like. She justified her place today over another fabulous bitch that I have liked for some considerable time.

3. Humphreys, Sh Ch Henaleas Carry on Flirting JW

Mrs Pat Butler-Holley

Irish Setter Club of Scotland
8 April 2017

Judge: Mrs Pat Butler-Holley (Shandwick)

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Congratulations to Arthur ~
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Winner of the Dog Challenge Certificate and Best in Show
Sh.Ch. Copper's War of Roses (L)
Winning the Bitch Challenge Certificate and Reserve Best in Show
Congratulations to Richard Bott, Anthony Allen and Angela Morgan with Paige
Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Please Don't Tease Quensha JW (R)
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The Res. Dog CC was awarded to Squaddie
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Gwendariff Unknown Soldier JW (R)
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The Res.Bitch CC was awarded to Blake Crocker, Amelia Siddle and
Camilla Ostman with Akleja
Copper's Roses All Over (R)
Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show was awarded
to Beccy Danks-Kemish with Beau
Alofrana Hotter Than U'Know
Best Veteran in show: Pat Hogarth with Sh.Ch. Avacet Snowdrift
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