Critque - Judge: Mr Steve Richardson

I would like to firstly thank the Scottish Kennel Club for the invite to judge at their show, and for my two fabulous stewards, but a bigger thank you to the exhibitors, many with a round trip of hundreds of miles to come to the show, thank you so much. I would have much preferred to have judged the breed outside as it was a lovely day and the light inside was not good, SKC of course cannot win as if we had been outside it would have probably poured.

A couple of points about the breed in my opinion, since I last judged them. The presentation & handling skills continue to be of a very high standard, there were some very exciting young prospects in both dog and bitch classes which bodes well for the future, I know others feel the bitches are much stronger in quality than the dogs, but I disagree with that view, I found some super dogs today and in my opinion the dogs stand up very well against the bitches. I do how ever have one concern for the breed, which is the hind movement. There were a number of exhibits today that looked lovely stacked and were in my thoughts for winning classes, but when asked to move away they were just unable to keep there hocks parallel, with their hocks turning inwards in very acute angles or showing very weak wobbling hocks, this needs to be improved. Having said that I loved judging our wonderful breed, and found many great prospects for the future.


MPD, Collins, Lotushill Lionheart, a little raw at moment, pleasant head with a dark eye, good bone, he is well bodied with gently sloping topline, good angulation on hindquarters, in good condition, a little wayward on the move but will improve with age.

PD 1st, Randle, Forfarian’s Hidden Secret with Rionore, nice head shape with dark eye and kind expression, he has lovely neat ears, good in neck , good body with deep chest, good angulation on rear, very good coat condition. BPD.

2nd Lewis Glenlaine Squirrel Nutkinn At Valasarch, nice puppy, with plenty of sprit in him today, good head, with nice arch to neck, he has good angulation on both front and rear, and is well off for bone, good body proportions, nice coat colour & condition, made his handler work very hard. 3rd Johnstone, Clannrua Down.

Junior D Two promising youngsters headed this strong class, 1st Prangle, Heathclare American Dollar, lovely head shape with good stop, a low set ear, with a good neck, super bone on the straightest of fronts, and tight feet, his body is well developed with a deep chest, good angulation in both front and rear, presented in excellent order, very steady on the move and this was the deciding factor for his win.

2nd Hogarth, Twoacres Bubbling Spring At Halingswood, a lovely promising dog, he has a lovely head with melting expression, nice shape dark eye, super front and hind angulation and super hocks, stacked he is so racey with excellent balance to his body. He really appealed to me, although his movement was sound I didn't feel he was as steady on the move as 1hence his 2nd placing. 3rd Chorley-Newton, Pawsworld Priceless To Kerryfair JW.

YD 1st Gracie, Vistador Diesel In The Dust Summergate ( IMP) balanced in head with a lovely neck into well laid shoulders, good depth to body, giving nice profile when stacked, needs time. 2nd Lewis, Bardonhill Ginger Nut At Valasarch, good head with well developed stop, super eye shape. He has a straight front on tight feet, good in body with deep chest, would have liked to have seen a bit more muscle on hind quarters, moved soundly. 3rd Murchison Pawsword Paperback Writer.

PGD Ist Bott, Gwendariff D’ ya Know My Name By Bardonhill JW, just loved him the minute his handler stood him up. For me he is everything an Irish should be, Racey, so balanced, oozes breed type, just full of quality. His head side on is so balanced with beautiful ear sett, gorgeous almond shape eye with melting expression, super neck into well laid shoulders. He possess the deepest of chests and his body has no exaggeration, excellent in topline not too steep, just gently sloping. Terrific bend of stifle,and his hocks are parallel and strong, When stacked he is stunning with the most beautiful coat and colour. When asked to move he just flows never losing his topline and balance. So pleased to award him his first CC & BOB very pleased to see him pulled out in the Group. A future paved in gold I am sure.

2nd Lucas, Bardonhill External Flame Among Amberlight JW, another very nice dog, again lovely head and eye, excels in ear set ,beautiful neck and shoulder. Very racey in profile good balance to body. Good bend of stifles and again hocks straight and strong, correct in tail set & moved well, very well handled. 3rd Prangle, Heathclare Old Glory JW Sh.CM.

LD 1st Hogarth, Redclyst Flash at Halingswood JW another dog that really appealed to me, beautiful head, eye & expression. Straightest of fronts with excellent bone and tight feet. Super neck, good angulation on both front and rear. He has deep chest and good spring of rib. His coat is deep chestnut in colour and he is hard condition. Although I know its not easy, I feel his handler needs to just stretch him out a bit more to show off his topline. Considered him strongly for the RCC.

2nd Lucas, Shandwick Magic Moments Via Amberlight good in head shape, with muscular neck, good angulation in shoulder. His body is well proportioned, and topline sloping. Well, bent stifles on strong hocks, moved well. Just preferred the head and body length of winner. 3rd Cuddy Suteresett Rebel Rouser In Balbriggan JW.

OD, Two outstanding examples of the breed headed this class. 1st Milligan-Bott, Sh Ch Thendara Pot Noodle JW, A beautiful head with melting expression. He has excelllent front with super shoulder angulation, his feet firm and tight. His neck flows into a lovely topline with deep chest with good spring of rib. The hind quarters are well bent with no exaggeration. Coat and presentation, are of the highest standard. When moving he drives round the ring from powerful hindquarters, showing great enthusiasium RCC.

2nd Crocker & Siddle Sh Ch Copper’s War of Roses, lovely in both head shape and expression, super neck into well angulated shoulder. Excellent body with deep chest, flowing topline, and super tail set. Excells in hindquarters with short strong hocks. Presented and shown in excellent order by his handler, splitting hairs between 1 & 2 just slightly prefered head of one. 3rd Cuddy Aoibheanne Quite The Rebel By Balbriggan JW.

VD 1st Hogarth Sh Ch Avacet Snowdrift a 8 & half yr old in tip top form, super head & neck, flowing into good topline, excellent body with correct chest and rib, his hindquarters are well angulated, good in hock and feet, lovely dark chestnut coat, moved well when settled.


MPB, 1st Borthwick Lotushill Katsura, well behaved baby who has a pleasing head and good neck, front is straight with good bone, she is well bodied for age with well angulated hind quarters, good coat condition, moved steadily.

2nd Anthony & Stuart, Staratlanta Je T’ adore Paris, very difficult to assess today as she was very unhappy for me to go over her. Good in head profile, with arched neck, again good body with good angulation on rear. Hopefully she will settle down in time.

PB 1st Hall, Glennara Gilleisne Dervla (Imp) pretty head with lovely eye, good front on tight feet. she gives a nice profile when stacked with good angulation both front and rear. good spring and deep chest, in good condition. BP.

2nd Mcneil & Boyd-Mcneil Glennlokhen Deveron, very nice puppy with lovely head and shape, kindest of expression, good front, and neck, not as developed body wise as winner. Super angulation on hind quarters. Good coat colour and condition, promising. 3rd Ward & Cove-Print Colourbox Nightingale.

JB 1st Humphreys, Crimpington Flirtini To Henealeas 13 months and my find of the day - just what I am looking for in a bitch. When stacked she is racey, full of femininity, and striking in profile. Gorgeous in head with melting kind expression, beautiful neck into good shoulders. Super in body with deep chest and muscular in loin, sloping topline. Well, bent stifle and strong hock. Glorious coat colour. Moved well. Only a baby will watch with interest to see how she develops.

2nd Chorley-Newton & Chorley & Flin Pawsword Peppermint For Kerryfair, very nice bitch, good head profile, sweet eye. Very good in body showing a good chest and rib, her hindquarters are well angulated with good muscle tone. Correct in hock and tail set. Rich chestnut coat colour, steady on the move.

3rd Brady, Pawsword play with fire Joins Amberlight.

YB Most competitive class of the day - super class. 1st Hall Riverbrue Ophelia at Glennara, lovely bitch with a feminine head with lovely kind expression, dark eye, and excellent ear set. Her neck is of good length with a slight arch. She has a good straight front on good feet & well laid shoulder. Her body is well balanced good in both chest and rib and correct in loin. Lovely in topline and good set to tail. Good bend of stifle in hindquarters and her hocks parallel. Correct movement completed the picture RCC.

2nd Bott & Allen & Morgan, Quensha Tumble & Twirl. Another really nice bitch, super head with lovely skull shape and kindest of eye. Excellent neck that flows in to a sweeping topline. Her body length is shorter than the winner but she has a good chest depth and her ribs well sprung. Good angulation on rear and sound in hock . Terrific coat colour, one i am sure will have a bright future when reaching maturity. Her movement was steady and precise, and as always by this handler she was superbly presented.

3rd Watt Shenanigan Sweet Sixteen JW.

PGB 1st Fauvrelle, Clonageera Walk in the Sun, A substantial bitch with good balance in head shape & lovely eye. Her neck is muscular which sits well into her well angulated shoulder. Her front is set on good bone with tight feet. Good in body with correct topline and strong in loin. She has well angulated hind quarters, and is well off for coat. When moving just needs to go a little slower as this i feel would show her balance off better.

2nd Wilson Coppers Snowqueen, good in head and ear sett beautiful neck, straight front super feet. Nice in profile when stacked her body has balance with no exaggeration, not quite as good in rear angulation i feel as winner but good in hock and lovely coat colour. 3rd. Stevensons Lochlorien True Detective is Andley

LB 1st Morgan & Schofield Jubliana Eternal Flame. A bitch I have never seen before, very balanced in head with such a kind eye. Super muscular neck on to strong straight front, her shoulders have good angulation. She possesses the deepest of chests with excellent spring of rib and muscular loin. She has a sweeping stifle on hindquarters and terrific in hock. I would have prefered a bit more length in body, but having said that, this lady was in the best possible coat and condition, she was presented immaculately, and her handler moved her at such a perfect pace that she moved with complete balance, keeping her topline at all times & her hocks so correct when moving away, to me, the best mover in the bitches on the day, and thoroughly deserved her CC. Well done.

2nd Watt, Shenanigan Scrumptious, really nice bitch.When stacked she is so feminine and shows super balance. Lovely head, beautiful eyes in both shape and colour. Loved her neck which set into well laid shoulders beautiful topline, good in chest and loin. Would have liked a bit more muscle on hind quarters, moved at a good even pace. 3rd Prangle Heathclare Que Sera Sera.

OB Top quality class, 1st Gardner Sh Ch Thendara Jocasta JW. So eye catching when stacked, Really feminine bitch super balanced head, gorgeous ear set, the best of necks that sit into excellent shoulders, her topline just flowed. Her body is balanced and proportionate. Good bend to her stifle and lovely tail set. Moved steadily. I thought today she was lacking a bit in both coat and condition of coat, and this looked more evident in the challenge against the CC and RCC winners.

2nd Bott & Allen & Morgan Sh Ch Bardonhill Please Don't Tease Quensha JW . Another quality bitch, good skull shape and dark eye, her neck is arched and strong.Good front angulation Excellent body with good chest, rib and loin. She has well bent stifles and short strong hocks, moved very well and expertly handled. I just prefered the profile of winner when stacked,but very close. 3rd Humphreys, Suteresett Miss Curious about Henaleas JW.

VB 1st, Stevenson Lochlorien Prime Suspect For Andley JW Sh CM a ten year old that looks so well. Pleasing in head with super skull shape. Excellent neck and topline, her chest has good depth and her rib is very well sprung. Straight on front with the tightest of feet, good shoulder angulation, well bent in stifle and correct hock. Her coat condition and presentation is first class, moved so happily and with precision she is a credit to her owners, BV and into the last six for BV in group well done.

Steve Richardson


Scottish Kennel Club
27 August 2017

Judge: Mr Steve Richardson
Entry: 82 Dogs making 89 Entries

Winning his 1st Challenge Certificate, Best of Breed
and shortlisted in the Gundog Group,
20626891 1792476407447319 6028293847361812984 o
Gwendariff D'Ya Know My Name By Bardonhill JW
Maxim is owned by Marita Bott
Photo: Kasia Czapla
The Bitch Challenge Certifiate was awarded to
Mr A Morgan and Mr D Schofield with Nina
Jubliana Eternal Flame for Cwsscwn
The Res.Dog CC was awarded to Noodle,
Owned by Dee Milligan-Bott and Jeremy Bott
Sh Ch Thendara Pot Noodle JW
The Res. Bitch CC was awarded to Katrina Hall with Lily
Riverbrue Ophelia at Glennara Czapla
Riverbrue Ophelia at Glennara
Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Breed
was awarded to Katrina Hall with Jess
Jess 8 months 002
Glennara Gilleisne Dervla
Best Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran in Breed
was awarded to George and Cheryl Stevenson with Cully
Lochlorien Prime Suspect For Andley JW Sh.CM
Photo: Kasia Czapla
Winner of the Veteran Stakes Class Class was Louis
owned by Tricia Hogarth
avacet snowdrift3
Sh Ch Avacet Snowdrift

Congratulations to all the Winners
We will be pleased to add photos of any of the above dogs
if the owners would like to send them in to us

Full Results 

BOB - BOTT - Mrs M Gwendariff D'ya Know My Name By Bardonhill JW
DCC - BOTT - Mrs M Gwendariff D'ya Know My Name By Bardonhill JW
RDCC - MILLIGAN-BOTT, - Mrs D & BOTT - Mr J N Sh Ch Thendara Pot Noodle JW
BCC - MORGAN, - Mr A & SCHOFIELD - Mr D Jubliana Eternal Flame For Cwsscwn
RBCC - HALL - Mrs K A Riverbrue Ophelia At Glennara
BP - HALL - Mrs K A Glennara Gilleisne Dervla (Imp)
BV - STEVENSON - Mr & - Mrs G & C Lochlorien Prime Suspect For Andley JW Sh.CM

Minor Puppy - Dog

Entries. 1 Absentees. 0

1. COLLINS - Mr & - Mrs I & A Lotushill Lionheart

Puppy - Dog

Entries. 4 Absentees. 1

1. RANDLE - Ms S J Forfarian's Hidden Secret With Rionore
2. LEWIS - Miss R Glenlaine Squirrel Nutkinn At Valasarch
3. JOHNSTONE - Mrs E Clannrua Down

Junior - Dog

Entries. 8 Absentees. 1

1. PRANGLE - Miss C J Heathclare American Dollar
2. HOGARTH - Mrs P Twoacres Bubbling Spring At Halingswood
3. CHORLEY-NEWTON, - Mrs S E & CHORLEY, - Miss K & FLIN Pawsword Priceless To Kerryfair JW
Res. GRACIE - Mrs H Vistador Diesel In The Dust Summergate ( Imp)
VHC- LEWIS - Miss R Bardonhill Ginger Nut At Valasarch

Yearling - Dog

Entries. 3 Absentees. 0

1. GRACIE - Mrs H Vistador Diesel In The Dust Summergate (Imp)
2. LEWIS - Miss R Bardonhill Ginger Nut At Valasarch
3. MURCHISON - Mrs L & - Mr J Pawsword Paperback Writer

Post Graduate - Dog

Entries. 9 Absentees. 2

1. BOTT - Mrs M Gwendariff D'ya Know My Name By Bardonhill JW
2. LUCAS - Mrs P & - Mr P Bardonhill Eternal Flame Among Amberlight JW
3. PRANGLE - Miss C J Heathclare Old Glory JW Sh.CM
Res. VALLANCE - Ms K P Lynwod His Grace Of Corcencone
VHC- MCINTYRE - Mrs M Staratlanta Huggie Bear

Limit - Dog

Entries. 8 Absentees. 2

1. HOGARTH - Mrs P Redclyst Flash At Halingswood JW
2. LUCAS - Mrs P & - Mr P Shandwick Magic Moments Via Amberlight
3. CUDDY - Mr & - Mrs J V & S E Suteresett Rebel Rouser In Balbriggan JW
Res. TUPPER, - Miss S & ROSIE - Miss N A Staratlanta Elliott Sh.CM
VHC- WALSH, - Miss J & FOSTER - Mrs S Millcroft Chase The Moon To Shanoah

Open - Dog

Entries. 4 Absentees. 1

1. MILLIGAN-BOTT, - Mrs D & BOTT - Mr J N Sh Ch Thendara Pot Noodle JW
2. CROCKER, - Mr B A & SIDDLE - Miss A C Sh Ch Copper's War Of Roses
3. CUDDY - Mr & - Mrs J V & S E Aoibheanne Quite The Rebel By Balbriggan JW

Veteran - Dog

Entries. 1 Absentees. 0

1. HOGARTH - Mrs P Sh Ch Avacet Snowdrift

Minor Puppy - Bitch

Entries. 2 Absentees. 0

1. BORTHWICK - Mrs C Lotushill Katsura
2. ANTHONY, - Mrs M & STUART - Mr R Staratlanta Je T'adore Paris

Puppy - Bitch

Entries. 5 Absentees. 2

1. HALL - Mrs K A Glennara Gilleisne Dervla Entries. Imp)
2. MCNEIL & BOYD-MCNEIL Mesdames I & J Glennlokhen Deveron
3. WARD, - Mr S & - Mrs A & COVE-PRINT - Mrs G M Colourbox Nightingale

Junior - Bitch

Entries. 9 Absentees. 2

1. HUMPHREYS - Mrs J A & - Mr P J Cr(imp)ington Flirtini To Henaleas
2. CHORLEY-NEWTON, - Mrs S E & CHORLEY, - Miss K & FLIN Pawsword Peppermint For Kerryfair
3. BRADY - Mr & - Mrs M Pawsword Play With Fire Joins Amberlight
Res. CAMPBELL - Mrs R Gwendariff's Gonna Have Fun
VHC- WATT - Mr D J & - Mrs R Fer Asheen Fire Beauty

Yearling - Bitch

Entries. 9 Absentees. 1

1. HALL - Mrs K A Riverbrue Ophelia At Glennara
2. BOTT, - Mr R P & ALLEN, - Mr A C & MORGAN - Mrs A Quensha Tumble And Twirl
3. WATT - Mr J A Shenanagin Sweet Sixteen JW
Res. HUMPHREYS - Mrs J A & - Mr P J Cr(imp)ington Flirtini To Henaleas
VHC- NICOLSON - Mr & - Mrs R S & M I Gwendariff Rainbow Goddess At Lochindorb

Post Graduate - Bitch

Entries. 9 Absentees. 1

1. FAUVRELLE - Mr D B J & - Mrs L J Clonageera Walk In The Sun
2. WILSON - Mrs M Copper's Snowqueen Entries. Imp)
3. STEVENSON - Mr & - Mrs G & C Lochlorien True Detective Is Andley
Res. WALL Messrs G & E Hazelbeck Adorable Amber
VHC- DAVIE - Mrs M B Jonola Secret Love At Lochfrae

Limit - Bitch

Entries. 9 Absentees. 0

1. MORGAN, - Mr A & SCHOFIELD - Mr D Jubliana Eternal Flame For Cwsscwn
2. WATT - Mr J A Shenanagin Scrumptious
3. PRANGLE - Miss C J Heathclare Que Sera Sera
Res. BOX - Miss R Bardonhill Afternoon D'lite At Fernstart
VHC- STEVENSON - Mr & - Mrs G & C Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley

Open - Bitch

Entries. 7 Absentees. 2

1. GARDNER - Miss T Sh Ch Thendara Jocasta JW
2. BOTT, - Mr R P & ALLEN, - Mr A C & MORGAN - Mrs A Sh Ch Bardonhill Please Don't Tease Quensha JW
3. HUMPHREYS - Mrs J A & - Mr P J Suteresett - Miss Curious About Henaleas JW
Res. CROCKER, - Mr B & ?STMAN, - Miss C & SIDDLE - Miss A Copper's Roses All Over
VHC- STURROCK - Mrs S & - Misses N & J Sh Ch Forfarian Hey Sexy Lady JW

Veteran - Bitch

Entries. 1 Absentees. 0

1. STEVENSON - Mr & - Mrs G & C Lochlorien Prime Suspect For Andley JW Sh.CM


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