Critique - dogs - Judge - Phyllis Pollard (Grayrigge)

It was a pleasure and an honour to be invited to judge at the ISAE Championship Show which I have enjoyed attending as an exhibitor for more years than I care to remember. I had some lovely dogs to go over and a huge thank you to all exhibitors for bringing them and accepting my decisions with grace. Thanks also to the Committee for a well organised and happy show with a great atmosphere and a delicious lunch! Particular thanks to Richard and Rowan for being such efficient and patient stewards.

A lot has changed in the forty or so years of my involvement with our breed, particularly coats and presentation to which much more attention is paid than in my early days. My CC winner is a good example of this presented as he was in full gleaming coat. Underneath however, is the sound conformation and breed type that I was looking for.

Movement is always a concern in Irish Setters, the words ‘range and hunt’ in the breed standard suggest to me a free moving gait with great extension and forward reach. I found this in my winners but there were a few who lacked drive and moved with a restricted gait which to me is not typical of our breed.

Overall though I was delighted with my final line up which was full of quality and gave me enormous pleasure.

Class 1- Minor Puppy (8,1)

1 Naylor&Morrison, Anlory Duncan. Impressive youngster, loved his eye and expression, lovely head carriage and arch of neck, elegant clean lines, straight front with good pasterns, everything as it should be, typical of this kennel he moved out with great forward reach using his tail correctly, nice finish to croup and tight feet; with the agreement of my co-judge delighted to see him awarded BPIS.

2 Holley, Wynjill Ginger Snap. Another beautiful puppy, close up to 1 - I was hair splitting - but not as mature; elegant and refined in all aspects, lovely head and soft expression with correct head planes, raised brow and low set ears, good neck, well laid-back shoulders, gently flowing topline, nicely angulated throughout, really good feet, moved well.

3 Gardiner Harreds Tobie of Blaysdell

Class 2 - Puppy (8)

1 Naylor & Morrison Anlory Duncan

2 Holley Wynjill Ginger Snap

3 Lorrimer Kerrimere Classique

Class 3 - Junior (6.1) This was a lovely class of quality youngsters.

1 Chiechonska Riverbrue Altissimo At Aoibheanne JW. Has the most exquisite head which to my mind completely fits the breed standard, so well balanced, beautiful skull, foreface and muzzle, raised brow, correctly shaped eye and sweet Irish expression, well constructed throughout, good spring of rib, good tailset and neat little feet, full of refinement, presented in lovely bloom.

2 Ostman Copper’s Riddarsporre. Close up to winner, lovely masculine head, long and lean, refined skull, dark eye, low set ears; good forechest, ribs reach well back, good body properties throughout, excels in balance, moved out with great style.

3 Stockton RiverbrueAlchemist Amidst Kespas JW.

Class 4 - Yearling (8.1)

1 Chorley- Newton & Chorley& Flinders Pawsword Priceless To Kerryfair JW. Caught my eye as soon as he came into the ring; presented in lovely bloom and condition, beautiful head with soft, gentle expression, lovely foreface and skull, nicely arched neck flowing into topline, good ribs, excellent bone, substance and overall balance, strong over the croup and good tailset, moved happily.

2 Davis Pawsword Prairie Wind JW. Close up to his slightly more mature litter brother - I was hair splitting again but felt 1 had more finish on the day, has most appealing head with plenty of definition, lovely dome and brow and beautiful eye with true Irish expression, great refinement throughout and free from exaggeration, good balance and bone, good finish to croup, lovely tight feet, two lovely youngsters who will change places many times.

3 Hogarth Twoacres Bubbling Spring At Halingswood.

Class 5- Special Beginners (3)

1Russell Strathmead Huckleberry. Well balanced and clean in outline, pleasing head and expression, well angulated fore and aft, free from exaggeration, a little pleased with his tail but moved with great drive.

2 Corless Swiftlark First Knight. Appealing head and expression, nice low ear set, good neck and shoulder placement, soundly constructed and moved freely.

3 Gilks Danwish The Lion King

Class 6 - Maiden

Class 7 - Novice (3.2)

1 Randle Forfarian’s Hidden Secret With Rionore. Placed in a strong puppy class and a pleasing youngster, not flashy but full of breed type; nice head and expression, well balanced throughout with good bone and substance, deep forechest, good reach of neck and lovely feet.

2 Scales Rubratinneh Tecumseh. Hard to assess this young man because he was very unsettled; from what I could see he has a nice outline and good furnishings; needs to body up.

Class 8 - Undergraduate (4.3)

1 Randle Forfarian’s Hidden Secret With Rionore.

2 Partridge Kerrydown Odds On. Pleasing in outline and very well angulated throughout, presented in good bloom, pleasant head and expression, nice dark eye and low ear set, well off for stop.

3 Weir Kerrimere Irresistable.

Class 9 - Graduate (11)

1 Greenan Anlory Aidan JW. Lovely clean outline, nicely balanced masculine head with well shaped eye, excellent reach of neck and good shoulder placement, firm topline, moved with great extension, lovely neat feet.

2 Stockton Gwendariff D’Ya Think I’m Fab For   Kespas JW. Lovely type of Irish presented in full coat, elegant and racy in outline, good head with lovely dark eye, great reach of neck and good shoulder placement, well angulated quarters and moved with drive.

3 Roberts & Cormack Sangarah Shared Romance With Polmennor (Imp Hun)

Class 10 - Post Graduate (12)

1 Bott Gwendariff D’Ya Know My Name By Bardonhill JW. Presented in superb coat and feather, lovely masculine head, dark eye, nicely raised brow, low set ears, well muscled neck, firm topline, deep fore chest, good bone and firm pasterns, strong loin and good tailset, moved out happily.

2 Lucas Bardonhill Eternal Flame Among Amberlight JW. Very eye catching in outline, has a lovely head with lots of work, well shaped skull, nice finish to his muzzle, dark appealing eye, good reach of neck, well balanced, everything in proportion, well angulated quarters, moved soundly.

3 Edwards Gwendariff PS I Love You Bonhomie JW

Class 11 Minor Limit (6.1)

1 Bell & Barker-Bell Balintyne Just For You. Not a flashy boy, but he has very good conformation and is free from exaggeration, he has a refined head with low ear set, good brow and expression, excellent reach of neck, firm topline, nicely angulated quarters, moved freely.

2 Condron & Needs Covarney Macaroon. Masculine well balanced head, long and lean with kindly expression, he has a pleasing outline and is well balanced throughout with good bone and strong pasterns, very nice finish to his croup, presented in lovely coat and feathering.

3 Edwards Gwendariff The Pink Panther Of Bonhomie.

Class 12 Mid Limit (5.1)

1 Hogarth Redclyst Flash At Halingswood JW.

Loved his head with well defined stop, correct head planes, nice chiselling and kind expression, he has terrific bone and substance, deep chested, good shoulder placement, short hock to heel, lovely overall balance, presented in glorious bloom and condition.

2 Macaulay Caskeys Mischief Of Stylersetts JW

Not the finish of the winner but loved the style and outline of this handsome boy, he is a lovely type of Irish, well balanced and free from exaggeration, very appealing head properties, good front, straight bone to forelegs, nice tight feet, not such good rear angulation as 1 but a lot to like about this dog, lovely head carriage on the move.

3 Blackshaw Lanstara Spring Moon.

Class 13 Limit (6.1)

1 Mitchell Amblin’s Sweet William

A very impressive dog who caught my eye as soon as he came into the ring; he has a beautifully balanced head, lovely dark correctly shaped eye, nice finish to muzzle, great reach of neck, deep brisket, well ribbed, body properties so proportionate, short hock to heel, nice finish to croup and correct tail set, presented in lovely coat and feathering.

2 Walsh &Foster Millcroft Chase The Moon To Shanoah.

Another very pleasing dog of lovely type; handsome masculine head with typical Irish expression, good neck flowing into correct topline, nice clean outline and well balanced throughout, longer hock to heel than 1, presented in good bloom but not quite the finish of 1, moved soundly when he settled.

3 Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie Gwendariff Unknown Soldier JW

Class 14 Open (4.1)

1 Crocker & Siddle SH CH Copper’s War Of Roses (Imp Swe)

A dog in his prime, great ring presence, in gorgeous condition and feather; beautifully balanced long lean head, lovely brow, skull and muzzle, kind quizzical expression, ears beautifully low set, good arch to neck; superb outline, so well balanced, deep forechest, shoulders well laid back, good rear angulation, short hock to heel, well muscled loin, broad croup, moved with drive using his tail correctly, a pleasure to award him the dog CC and with the agreement of my co-judge BIS.

2 O’Connor Caispern Polonius such a lovely type of Irish and in good form; he has a lovely head with soft dark eye and true Irish expression, lovely reach of neck and good forehand, well balanced throughout and without exaggeration, moved soundly with gently lashing tail.

3 Cohen Caispern Lorenzo With Shushana JW ShCM

Class 15 Veteran (7.1)

1 Ostman SH CH/INT CH Copper’s Magiska Under. I have given this lovely dog top honours on a previous occasion and it was a pleasure to go over him again; carrying his years well, he is full of refinement and breed type, everything about him is balanced and in proportion, very attractive head with dark eye, raised brow and kindly expression, beautiful outline, excellent forehand, just the right amount of angulation fore and aft, lovely finish to his croup, neat little feet, moved freely and happily; Res CC.

2 Hogarth SH CH Avacet Snowdrift

One I have long admired from the ringside; handsome in all departments, great bone and substance, lovely masculine head with good head planes, raised brow, nice eye shape and skull, good finish to foreface, superb body, great spring of rib, excellent angulation at shoulder and stifle, strong loin and croup, moved well.

3 Corless Bardonhill Swift Eagle

Class 16 Special Field Trial (1)

1 Tapper Kedalita Haribo. Liked him a lot for type; has a very nice outline, pleasing head with dark eye, lovely reach of neck and head carriage, sound and balanced throughout, good coat, moved with drive.

Phyllis Pollard

Irish Setter Association, England
30 September 2017

Judges: Dogs - Mrs Phyllis Pollard     Bitches - Mrs Judi Frampton
Entry: Dogs:78 making 100 Entries      Bitches 97 making 138 Entries
Total 176 Exhibits making 238 Entries
Winning his 23rd  Challenge Certificate
followed by Best in Show
Congratulations to Arthur
owned by Blake Crocker and Amelia Siddle
coppers isae 2017
Sh Ch Copper's War Of Roses
Winning the Bitch Challenge Certificate
followed by Reserve Best in Show
Congratulations to Eva Ciechonska with Vera
vera kolbach
Sh.Ch. Aoibheanne's Say No More JW
Photo: Laura Kolbach
The Res.Dog CC and Best Veteran Dog was awarded to
Camilla Ostman with Muscot
Sh.Ch./Int.Sh.Ch. Copper's Magiska Under
The Res.Bitch CC was awarded to
Blake Crocker, Amelia Siddle and Camilla Ostman
Copper's Roses All Over
Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show was
awarded to Nigel Naylor and Jane Morrison with
Anlory Duncan
Best Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran in Show was
awarded to Laura Kolbach with Nita
Ch. Coppers Wine N Roses
Congratulations to all the winners

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Photos supplied by Laura Kolbach



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