Judge: Derek Shapland

Yearling 9
1st Partridge Kerrydown One Man
2nd Rutherford Devacott Temptation to Clonageera
3rd Cooper Karidell Mayden Voyage to Hugared
Res Dingle Karidell Crown Prince

Post Grad 6 (1 abs)
1st Prangle Heathclare Old Glory BOB Grp 4
2nd Partridge Kerrydown Night Hawk
3rd Full Meadway Myles at Teignestuary
Res MacDonald Redclyst Kearney

Open Dog 5 (2 abs)
1st Beresford Polmennor Funtime Sh.CM
2nd Rodda Teramour Going For Gold
3rd Cooper Shenanagin Sailing Home to Hugared

Open Bitch 6 (2 abs)
1st Rodda Ireleith Conchitta avec Teramour
2nd Partridge Tsitsikama Glen Acacia at Kerrydown Sh.CM
3rd Gardner Blaysdell Miss Nuala

Results kindly supplied by Gill Partridge


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