Critique - Judge - Jo-Anne Parsons

Puppy (3)   Three lovely siblings, just 6 1/2 months, all very promising.  

1st - Harrison - Caskeys Summer Breeze - this very sweet young bitch just had the edge over her littermates today. Very pretty, refined head with raised brow and dark eye. Excellent reach of neck and well laid back shoulders. Flowing top line, good length to loin and wonderful neat, tight feet. She has a dark, gleaming coat and she behaved impeccably.  

2nd - Williamsons -Caskeys Showtime with Bluesprings - another extremely pretty puppy, it was a difficult decision between1 and 2. She has an excellent head with a wonderfully kind expression. Straight front with tight elbows, gently slopping top line and well muscled hind quarters for one so young which helped her move very well with a happy disposition and wagging tail.  

3rd- Williamsons - Caskeys Solar Eclipse at Bluesprings - I liked this young dog, it was such a shame he did not want to concentrate when standing. He did however move extremely well.    

Junior (5, 2a)  

1st - Hall - Glennara Never Can Tell - this bitch looks an absolute picture when standing, she has a stunning outline. Wonderful length of well arched neck which flows into a gently sloping, firm top line and her tail is set on perfectly. She has a straight, correct front, tight elbows and strong, well muscled hind quarters. To top it all she has a beautiful head with a mischievous expression and very kind, dark eyes. Just as she should be at this age, I will watch her mature with interest.  

2nd – Caskeys Showtime with Bluesprings  
3rd - Caskeys Solar Eclipse at Bluesprings    

PostGraduate (6, 2a)  

1st - Wilkins- Margretwoods Gobstopper JW - a stylish young dog, so racy, handsome and elegant, full of quality throughout, I thought he was wonderful. Long, lean head with a gentle expression, wonderful raised brows, dark eye and low set ears. Strong, firmly muscled body and great depth of bone. Deep chest with a good spring of ribs that are carried well back. Muscular throughout loin, wide and powerful hind quarters and short strong hocks. He has a rich, dark chestnut coat and he was shown and presented in tip top condition. I wish he was mine! BOB and I was thrilled to see him get Group Three in what I thought was a very strong Gundog Group.  

2nd- Hall - Glennara Never Can Tell  
3rd – Williams - Kirkavagh Wayward Lad              

Open (1)  

1st - Williams - Bluesprings Atlantis – once this bitch gained her confidence on the floor she presented a pretty picture. Classic, refined head, such a kind expression, just beginning to show her age with some white hairs. Well laid back shoulders, good depth of chest and dark coat.

Jo-Anne Parsons


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