Critque - Judge - David R. Alcorn

My thanks for the Club for inviting me to judge in place of my good friend “Calamity Jane” Kate Macara who, unfortunately, broke her leg just a few weeks before the show. Thank you to the exhibitors who brought their dogs for me to evaluate and kindly accepted me as their replacement judge. 

MPD/B (2)

1 Cummings & McKelvey’s Caemgens For Heaven’s Sake at Edenaveys. Nicely made b, well up to size, but with good balance throughout.  Head still to break – but plenty of time for that, strong neck and well laid shoulder.  Excels in body and ribbing. Well angled and muscled quarters and was the most co-ordinated of these three promising youngsters on the move today. BPIS.

2 Stewart-Ritchie’s Aoibheannes Smart Move Gwendariff. Brand new baby, very raw and immature of course, but lots to like. Beautiful head, will come together and grow on well. So beautifully handled, if only all puppies were treated with such care and diligence.  

PD/B (4)

1 Milby & Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff We’ll Remember U. Nicely headed feminine b, beautiful dark eyes of good shape.  Strong neck, excellent topline and tailset. Liked her racy outline and balance throughout.  Needs time to mature of course, but has lots of potential.

2 Stewart-Ritchie’s Aoibheannes Smart Move Gwendariff.
3 Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff Unknown Soldier. 

JD (1)

1 Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff Unknown Soldier. Didn’t seem to want to play ball in the P class however even though he was alone here, he was much more together and coping better with the floor.  I think he’s a quality male with lots to like. Beautiful head with desired proportions and lots of work, has all of the essentials but like any top quality young male will take a bit of time to come together. 

YD (1)

1 McLarnon’s Gwendariff Nuts Aboutu Glenavna JW. Stole the show! This dog is quite something; racy, typical, well made throughout and has excellent bone and body.  Excels in front angles, super forechest. Well ribbed back and strong over the topline and loin. Tail well set on and used to advantage. Excellent hind angles, not overdone, and very well muscled.  Moves out superbly with bags of enthusiasm and the desired reach and drive I was looking for which took him above and beyond everyone else today. Definitely a handful as he’s quite full of himself, but what an endearing character and his effervescence just added to his appeal.  Sure his title won’t be far away, good luck! Easy BD & BIS. 

GD (1)

1 Sloane’s Ferasheen Patriot Game. This chap didn’t seem too happy with the floor so wasn’t, perhaps, at his happiest. Racy enough in outline, standing on good feet. 

PGD (2,1)

1 McIntyre Strathatlanta Huggie Bear. Stronger headed d, well off for bone and body.  Strong topline and moved on an easy stride, just tends to side-wind a little away and back. 

JB (1)

1 Milby & Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff We’ll Remember U. 

YB (1)

1. Stewart & Ritchie-Smith’s Gwendariff Carrys It Off JW. Super quality throughout on this feminine b, racy and elegant all through. Balanced fore and aft and in possession of a sweet feminine head with kind expression. Stands on great feet and moves around with style and accurate foot fall.  Just lacked a touch of maturity in the challenge so had to settle for a very credible and deserved RBB here today. 

GB  (5) Mixed duo in this class, each possessing various features to their advantage. 

1 is a tad longer cast than 2, however the footfall of 1 was a tad better.  These two could easy change places another day. 1 Antony & Stewart’s Strathatlanta Time to Shine.

2 Barton’s Bardonhill Wait Until Dark Over Bencorragh. 3 Sloane’s Ferasheen Pavanna JW.

PGB (5,2) None of these girls wished to move to advantage today.

1 Sloane’s Fearnley Fire Ribbon of Ferasheen. Racy outline, nice head, and the preferred body length for me. Touch broad in the skull but kind expression from correctly shaped dark eyes. Good topline and tailset. Could do with a manicure.

2 Antony & Stuart’s Strathatlantas Fire Queen JW. Close up to the winner just a shade longer in loin.

3 Barton’s Bardonhill Wait Until Dark Over Bencorragh. 

OB (4,2)

1 Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff Gonna Be Special. Smashing b, full of type and ultra feminine.  Liked her head, eye and expression. Reachy neck and clean over the topline leading to a strong loin and well set on tail. Well off for ribbing which extend well back thus allowing her to maintain her topline strongly going around. Well angled hind end, clearly afforded plenty of exercise as she was fit. Stands on good feet and moved around this ring with ease. BB & the dog’s veracity just edged him ahead when it came to the decision for BIS.

2 Donnelly’s Ir Sh Ch Millcroft Whispering Moon. Nice type of bitch with lots to like, not so strong over the topline as 1 but many of the same breed attributes and a stylish ground covering gait.   

David R. Alcorn.



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