Critique - Judge: Danielle Ritchie-Smith (Gwendariff)

I would like to thank the Committee for this, my first judging appointment at Open Show level. Whilst I have judged a few matches this was my first time in a more official capacity. My Steward was very kind and helped make this a very memorable day for me. Thanks also to the exhibitors for entering under me and for giving me the opportunity to assess some lovely dogs today. You accepted my decisions with grace and good sportsmanship. I had a lovely day.

PUPPY D/B (5,2)


1 & BPIB Lucas BARDONHILL ETERNAL FLAME AMONG AMBERLIGHT. Caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring. Did not disappoint on hands on. Well balanced young man with rich red coat in excellent condition. Had enough for his age. Soft expression with good eye shape and correct ears with good length and correctly set. Straight true front with good angulation and liked his return of upper arm. Good ribbing, good length of loin and good rear end angulation with no exaggeration. Gently sloping topline with good tailset. Moved with style and positivity in front and rear. Also with good reach and drive in profile.


JUNIOR (3,3)



1 & BOB Mitchells AMBLIN’S SWEET WILLIAM. Appealed on movement on the first run round. In immaculate condition with hard muscle and gleaming coat. Liked him very much for type and style. Good head proportions and excellent raised brows. Good stop and good big nose with excellent pigment. Clean underjaw and good finish to muzzle. Balanced head and correct ear set. Dark eyes showing kind expression. Clean from neck into shoulder and following on to excellent topline and tailset. Very balanced in angulations in the front and also behind. Strong deep chest and good fill in front. Good wide hind quarters and nice bone and very neat feet.


LIMIT D/B (2,0)


OPEN D/B (2,0)

1. Lucas KERRYFAIR GETS LUCKY OVER AMBERLIGHT JW Correctly balanced head with good eye colour. Pleasing in expression. Raised brows and enough stop. Clean in underjaw and with good finish to muzzle. Excellent ear set and length. Good front assembly with reachy neck. Clean finish through neck into shoulder. Good return of upper arm. Deep chest and spring of ribs. Short loin. Rich coat. Good bone and tidy feet.


Junior Handling Association

6 – 11 years (6,2)

1. Kiera Barbor. Caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring with her charge in full co-operation with its handler, and showing the bond between the two. Very positive on her question/answers and never stopped showing from the moment she entered the ring until the placings were made. Precise lines on her pattern work and ever so fluid on the move. Got the very best from her charge who was totally co-ordinated with her. Just needs to be a bit more aware of shadowing. Definitely a handler to watch for the future. So good for being just 7 years old. 2 Sophie Bell 3. Zora Allen

12 – 16 years (6,0)

1. Abby Webb. A very quiet unobstrusive handler who is so very competent and totally at one with her charge continually encouraging and praising throughout their time in the ring together. I liked her style of handling and especially the rapport she had with her charge. Excellent on her questions/answers and very well mannered. Her lines were very precise and always aware of the judges position without making it too obvious. Correct speed for her dog and everything she did appeared effortless. Her shadowing was correct and not at all exaggerated. Best Overall Handler today and one I will watch with interest.

2. Georgia Brown
3. Abigail Levene

Adult Handling (11, 2)

1. Kyle Adams. Handling a Pointer today and both he and his charge were presented immaculately. It was my pleasure to watch the unified bond between these two and not once did he stop working his dog from the moment he entered the class. As with all my winners he too was a very unexaggerated handler who had a good knowledge of his breed and excelled on his precision throughout his time on show. Correct pace with total unity and once again he had that quiet awareness of the judge. Effortless handling, total bond and both very much enjoying working together. Would happily ask him to handle for me.

2. Gina Adams
3. Megan Oliver

Danielle Ritchie-Smith

BOB: Amblin's Sweet William (Mitchell)
RBOB: Kerryfair Gets Lucky over Amberlight Jw (Lucas)
BP: Bardonhill Eternal Flame among Amberlight (Lucas)

Puppy (5, 2a):
1. Bardonhill Eternal Flame among Amberlight (Lucas)
2. Wynjill Achy Breaky Heart (Mackness)
3. Swiftlark First Desire (White)

Junior (3, 3a):

Post Graduate (2):
1. Amblin's Sweet William (Mitchell)
2. Amberlight Guinevere (Brady)

Limit (2):
1. Amblin's Sweet William (Mitchell)
2. Wynjill Well May Be (Mackness)

Open (2):
1. Kerryfair Gets Lucky over Amberlight (Lucas)
2. Reddins Frolic among Ambwerlight (Brady)

Results kindly supplied by Mike Brady


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