Critique - Judge Mr H Millan (Landscot)

Irish Setter Junior 5

(1) Berry & Morris BRINARA LOWRI B.Substantial bitch,well balanced head,excellent shoulder placement,lovely topline,moved well driving through the hocks,presented in excellent condition.

(2) Bell & Barker-Bell BALINTYNE JUST FOR YOU D.Stylish young dog,lovely dark eye,correct head and shoulders well laid back,just needs time to mature.


Irish Setter Post Graduate 7

(1) Hemmings.ORLANSET THE ROCKER J.W.D Typical head ,lovely dark eye,clean neck,excellent topline,and tail set,neat feet,moved well using his tail to good effect which means never above level of his back,clean front when coming towards you,presentation and handling first class..B.O.B.Pleased to see him go through to get fourth in the group.Well done.

(2) Berry & Morris BRINARA LOWRI B


Irish Setter Open 2

(1) Davis CORRIEBEG NEW STATESMAN AT CORRIEBEG D Masculine dog,typical head,lovely reach of neck into well placed shoulders,correct topline and tail set,moved well.

(2)BroadgateRIVERMAN BEAT THE BOYS B Feminine bitch,correct head and eye,well balanced with good spring of rib.

Harry Millan (LANDSCOT)

BOB & G4 Orlanset The Rocker JW
Junior (5,0a)
1. Berry & Morris's Brinara Lowri
2. Bell & Barker-Bell's Balintyne Just For You
3. Booth's Jennison Tribute
4. Bell & Barker-Bell's Balintyne Say You Say Me
5. Horrocks Wyldfire Declan For Itchenwych
Post Graduate (7, 1a)
1. Hemmings Orlanset The Rocker JW
2. Berry & Morris's Brinara Lowri
3. Leach's Gwendariff Nutty But Nice
4. Mather's Hazelbeck Dizzy Diamond Over Soulglas
5. Broadgate's Cataluna Betcha By Golly Wow
Open (4,2a)
1. Davis's Brinara New Statesman At Corribeg
2. Broadgate's Riverman Beat The Boys
Results kindly supplied by David Hemmings


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