Critique - Judge - Sue Randle (Rionore)

Thank you to the Committee for inviting me to judge at their show. Well-run with a lovely, relaxed pre-Christmas atmosphere. Thank you to my Steward who was very well organized and efficient. And to all the exhibitors who entered and gave me the opportunity to go over a quality entry in both Irish and Gordon Setters .. thank you.

Irish Setters

Junior (5)

1st Lucas’s Bardonhill Eternal Flame among Amberlight Stunning 8 month old boy. Well developed for age with good bone. A gentle but masculine head with melting expression. Enough forechest and depth of brisket for age. Good length of neck into well laid back shoulders flowing into lovely topline and correct tailset. Decent stifles allowed him to move freely and steadily for one so young. Happy to give him Best Puppy and delighted to see him go Gundog Puppy Gp 2.

2nd Williamson’s Caskey’s Showtime Pretty headed 8 month old bitch with promise. Not so settled on the move in the class but liked her overall and deserved Best Opposite Sex on the day.

3rd Williamson & Heron’s Caskey’s Solar Eclipse at Bluesprings  4th Harrison’s Caskey’s Summer Breeze
5th Brown’s Baystrider Bluebell

Post Graduate (6, 1a)

1st Lucas’s Shandwick Magic Moments via Amberlight Took my eye when entering the ring. A balanced dog with an elegant outline, lovely dark colouring and good coat. Well off for bone, nice type of head with melting Irish expression. Correct angulation front and rear which he used to advantage moving boldly with drive. Delighted to give him Best of Breed.

2nd Brown’s Baystrider Candy Floss Well put together 2 ½ year old bitch with everything in the right place just didn’t have the presence of the winner.

3rd Williams’ Kirkavagh Wayward Lad  
4th Harrison’s Caskeys Midsummer Madness  
5th Hoskins’ Sandsteam Just A Breeze

Open (1)

1st Brady’s Reddins Frolic among Amberlight Standing alone this 6 year old bitch has a pretty feminine head with gentle expression and correct earset. She has good bone and neat feet, adequate forechest and enough length of neck flowing into good shoulders. Moved well. Would have preferred a slightly better croup when it came to the BOS challenge.

Gordon Setters

Junior (5, 1a)

1st Poynter’s Hernwood Prince of Thieves Elegant dog literally just out of puppy. Well coated masculine boy with good definition of markings. Square in outline with adequate bone, neat feet and good spring of rib for age. Masculine head with lovely expression. All angles correct giving him drive and elegance on the move.

2nd Cairns’ Windsinger Laawen Sweet 7 month bitch with everything in the right place. Again lovely spring of rib and good depth for her age. A little erratic on the move in this class. Best Puppy.

3rd Horler’s Kintalis Winter’s Night  
4th Thomas’ Chartan Treacle Tart

Post Graduate (10, 3a)

1st Tye’s Kyuna Olympic Arrow of Tymora 3 year old dog with excellent bone. Loved his markings and his masculine head. Presented a square outline and showed his good conformation by being sound and true in movement with drive.

2nd Nagaty’s Forester’s Exclusive Edition of Darkmoor at Marlbeck IMP DEU Very pretty 2 year old bitch. Well put together with enough bone with good feet. Moved well.

3rd Poynter’s Hernwood Thunderstorm  
4th Byants’s Muckypup D’Artagnan JW  
5th Ashton’s Yennadon Renaisance with Gadieburn

Open (7, 1a)

1st Bartholomews’ Jenesta Secret Artist by Bartholeys What a picture standing. Good coated dog with correct masculine head. Lovely level topline. All angulation was correct, presented in good condition which allowed him to move with elegance and drive. More than happy to give him Best of Breed and delighted to watch him later take Gundog Gp 2).

2nd Williams’ Graylacier Royal Applause for Longrow Slightly finer type of bitch to some entered but presented in good coat and condition. A well put together girl who deserved Best Opposite Sex.

3rd Horler’s Aldabrook Morning Glory at Racken ShCM  
4th Ede’s Glenarden Marlet  
5th Cairn’s Chartan Ginny Weasley at Windsinger

Sue J Randle (Rionore)

Group Judge - Richard Morris (Lascoed)
BOB: Shandwick Magic Moments via Amberlight (Lucas)
BP & Puppy group 2: Bardonhill Eternal Flame among Amberlight (Lucas)
BOS: Caskeys Showtime  with Bluesprings (Williamson)
Junior: (5)
1. Bardonhill Eternal Flame among Amberlight (Lucas)
2. Caskeys Showtime with Bluesprings (Williamson)
3. Caskeys Solar Eclipse at Bluesprings (Williamson/Heron)
4. Caskeys Summer Breeze (Harrison)
5. Baystrider Bluebell (Brown)
Post Graduate: (6, 1a):
1. Shandwick Magic Moments via Amberlight (Lucas)
2. Baystrider Candy Floss (Brown)
3. Kirkavagh Wayward Lad (Williams)
4. Caskeys Midsummer Madness (Harrison)
5. Sandstream Just a Breeze (Hoskins)
Open: (1)
1. Reddins Frolic among Amberlight (Brady)
Results kindly supplied by Mike Brady.  


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