Critique -  judge: Jo-Anne Parsons (Bransett)

What a wonderful, quality entry, thank you so much to everyone who entered and exhibited on the day. I was spoilt for choice in every class, especially with the puppy classes which contained some real stars for the future. I realised when looking through my results after judging that my BP, BOB and RBOB all had the same sire.

Minor Puppy (10, 2abs)

1st and BP - Bardonhill Eternal Flame Among Amberlight (Lucas) - Simply stunning, so balanced throughout for one so young. Gentle, kind expression, wonderful length of neck which flows flawlessly into gently sloping topline. Excellent layback of shoulder, well angulated hind quarters with straight, strong hocks. Moved effortlessly with his head held high and tail lashing. Showed like a pro in a quality puppy group against much older competition to get PG 4.

2nd - Thendara Tick Tock (Milligan-Bott & Bott) - another cracking puppy, very stylish throughout. At just 6 months has a great depth of body and spring of rib and he is well boned with strong rear quarters. Such a cheeky Irish glint in his eye, will be a real show man as he matures.

3rd - Melmara Georgia (Russell)

Puppy (10, 2abs)

1st - Bardonhill Eternal Flame Among Amberlight (Lucas)

2nd - Thendara Tick Tock (Milligan-Bott & Bott)

3rd - Melmara Georgia (Russell)

Junior (10, 1a)

1st - Brinara Lowri (Berry & Morris) - I have previously award this bitch BP and was pleased to see she has matured beautifully. Exquisite head, so very pretty, low set ears and arched, muscular neck. Very elegant in profile, combining good bone, depth of body and well muscled quarters with the required racy outline and a gleaming, dark chestnut coat.

2nd - Romarne Under Orders (Nicholls) - a fabulous young man, masculine, handsome head with raised brow that creates a gentle but mischievous expression. Strong bone, great depth of chest and spring of ribs that are carried well back. Very neat, tight, well padded feet. Wide, powerful and well muscled hind quarters. Still maturing, just as he should be.

3rd - Romarne Clark Gable joins Anlory (Naylor and Morrison)

Novice (6, 1 abs)

1st - Romarne Clark Gable joins Anlory (Naylor and Morrison) - 3rd in a strong Junior class where he just lacked the overall maturity of the winners. Masculine young dog, with strong bone and substance but not over done in any way. Deep, sloping shoulders and a firm, sloping top line. Drove around the ring using his powerful, well muscled hind quarters.

2nd - Gwendariff We'll Remember You (Milby & Stewart-Richie) - elegant, refined young bitch with lots to like, she just needs a bit more time to mature. Soft, gentle expression, good reach of neck and balanced top line. Very feminine throughout.

3rd - Bardonhill Endless Love to Kerryfair (Chorley-Newton & Chorley)

Graduate (14, 4abs)

1st - Danaway Goody Two Shoes (Taylor) – A very close decision between the first three, I was really splitting hairs and in the end I could not deny this bitch her first place. Her refined, proportionate and balanced outline just stood out for me, she is racy and elegant from head to tail. Balanced, lean head with raised brow and affectionate expression. A very happy show girl, she moved freely with a wagging tail. Shown in excellent condition with shining rich, dark coat.

2nd - Brinara Lowri (Berry & Morris)
3rd – Caskeys Movie Star at Sixoaks (Heather)

Post Graduate (10, 6abs)

1st - Brinara Lowri (Berry & Morris)

2nd – Shandwick Magic moments Via Amberlight (Lucas) – Upstanding dog who excels in neck, shoulders, strong front quarters and depth of chest. Well boned and muscled which he put to good use on the move, driving around the ring. At just under 3years of age he is just coming into his prime.

3rd – Amberlight Guinevere – (Brady)

Open (10, 3abs)

1st – Delsanto Snow Storm (Nicholls) – A dog in tip top form and he had to be to win this class. He is so refined, with no hint of exaggeration and has substance without heaviness, just what I was looking for. Wonderful kind, handsome expression, balanced head and low set ears. Well laid back shoulders, good spring of ribs and muscular loin. Strong, angulated hind quarters and short, straight hocks. He moved happily and freely around the ring on a loose lead, maintaining his topline. Very pleased to awarding him BOB.

2nd – Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley (Stevenson) – this top quality, mature bitch pushed 1 very hard for top honours today. She completely fills the eye, has well angulated front assembly, with good layback of upper arm, great depth to chest and strong, gently sloping topline. Her hind quarters are wide and powerful and she has short strong hocks. Her rich, dark chestnut coat just gleamed, she was in full bloom. RBOB

3rd – Reddins Frolic Among Amberlight (Brady)

Jo-Anne Parsons

BIS judge: Linda Taylor (Wansleydale)
BOB: Delsanto Snowstorm ShCM (Nicholls)
RBOB: Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley (Stevenson)
BP & BPIS4: Bardonhill Eternal Flame among Amberlight (Lucas)
Minor Puppy (10, 2a)
1. Bardonhill Eternal Flame among Amberlight (Lucas)
2. Thendara Tick Tock (Milligan-Bott/Bott)
3. Melmara Georgia (Russell)
4. Bardonhill Endless Love to Kerryfair (Chorley-Newton/Chorley)
5. Kerrimere Indiscreet (Sharman)
Puppy (4+6, 2a)
1. Bardonhill Eternal Flame among Amberlight (Lucas) BP & BPIS4
2. Thendara Tick Tock (Milligan-Bott/Bott)
3. Melmara Georgia (Russell)
4. Lochlorien True Detective is Andley (Stevenson)
5. Bardonhill Endless Love to Kerryfair (Chorley-Newton/Chorley)
Junior (10, 1a)
1. Brinara Lowri (Berry/Morris)
2. Romarne Under Orders Jw (Nicholls)
3. Romarne Clarke Gable joins Anlory (Naylor/Morrison)
4. Glennara Never Can Tell (Hall)
5. Gwendariff We'll Rememberu (Milby/Stewart-Ritchie)
Novice (3+7, 2a)
1. Romarne Clarke Gable joins Anlory (Naylor/Morrison)
2. Gwendariff We'll Rememberu (Milby/Stewart-Ritchie)
3. Bardonhill Endless Love to Kerryfair (Chorley-Newton/Chorley)
4. Lowdon Fairy Nuff ((Jarvis)
5. Gwendariff Jam Donut (Clarke)
Graduate (7+7, 1a)
1. Danaway Goody Two Shoes ( Taylor)
2. Brinara Lowri (Berry/Morris)
3. Caskeys Movie Star at Sixoaks Jw (Heather)
4. Romarne Under Orders Jw (Nicholls)
5. Sandstream Just a Breeze (Hoskins)
Post Graduate (7+3, 6a)
1. Brinara Lowri (Berry/Morris)
2. Shandwick Magic Moments via Amberlight (Lucas)
3. Amberlight Guinevere (Brady)
4. Wynjill Well Done (Taylor)
Open (9+1, 3a)
1. Delsanto Snow Storm ShCM (Nicholls) BOB
2. Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley (Stevenson (RBOB)
3. Reddins Frolic among Amberlight (Brady)
4. Wynjill Well Done (Taylor)
5. Wynjill Well May Be (Mackness)
Results kindly supplied by Mike Brady


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