Critique - Judge: Jackie Boyd-McNeil

Irish Setters

I would like to thank the officers and committee for their kind invitation to judge at this well run show and for their great hospitality on the day and to the Exhibitors for a lovely entry.

Puppy (4,0)

1.Bott’s – Gwendariff D’YA Know My Name by Bardonhill. What a cracking baby, he has the most gorgeous head with correct skull and finish to foreface, lovely raised brows with a dark eye of correct shape. For his age he is so balanced, clean slightly arched neck sitting cleanly into well placed shoulders, carried on into a gentle sloping topline to a well set on tail, good angulation fore and aft, deep well sprung ribs, in the best of condition, once settled his footfall was positive and true. I absolutely loved him. BP. 2. Morriss-Begg – Susie Snapshot by Thendara. 3. Parson’s – Braidmount Lady of the Lake at Bransett

Junior (4,0)

1. Morriss-Begg – Susie Snapshot by Thendara. Another cracking youngster, just lost out on maturity in the puppy class, she presents such a balanced picture for 6 months old, the prettiest of heads, lovely dark eye of correct shape, correct amount of chiseling, slightly arched neck into a gentle sloping topline, good shoulder placement, good hindquarters, short from hock to heel, good bone and neat feet, moved out well with her tail lashing, in the best of condition. Liked her a lot. 2. Mackness – Wynjill Achy Breaky Heart 3. Sandle – Bramblesett Queen of Hearts

Post Graduate (3,1)

1.Hillock’s – Jonola Magic Moment. This bitch presented a balanced racy outline, pleasing head, enough chiseling and stop, with a kind eye of correct shape, low set ears, enough angulation fore and aft, good ribcage in shape, length and depth, strong over the loin, standing on neat feet, in good condition, moved ok just needs to regain her confidence a little, to allow her to relax. 2. Haill’s – Snuggler Honey Pie Over Smokeywater

Limit (3,0)

1. Bott’s – Gwendariff Such A Carry On At Bardonhill JW. This bitch is full of quality, elegance and raciness, just what I was looking for, she has the most gorgeous headpiece, with good proportions, correct amount of chiseling and stop, raised brow which she uses so well with her eye of correct colour and shape, muscular slightly arched neck sitting cleanly in to well placed shoulders continuing into a gentle sloping topline to a well set on tail, good angulation front and rear, good spring of rib carried well back, on the move her footfall was positive and true, covering the ground with ease. Presented in the best of condition. Thank you for bringing her. BOB. 2. Gilbert’s – Joanmas Perfect Lullaby

3. Mackness – Wynjill Well May Be

Open (3,1)

1. Cuddy’s – Aoibheannes Quite The Rebel by Balbriggan JW. Close decision between one and two just preferred the headpiece of one, loved this boys head, correct skull, with good proportions and correct amount of chiseling, lovely raised brow with dark eye of correct shape, he has such a lovely expression, good ear set and length, good angulation fore and aft and good flow of top line into tail set, good bone, neat feet, deep chested and well ribbed back, he carried himself well on the move, covering the ground with ease, I have seen him in better coat, just lacked a bit tummy furnishings today to complete the picture when challenging for BOB. Liked him a lot. RBOB. 2. Hillock’s – Jonola Love and Liberty.

Jackie Boyd-McNeil (Glennlokhen)


BOB: Botts Gwendariff Such A Carry On at Bardonhill
Res.BOB: Cuddy Aoibheannes Quite The Rebel By Balbriggan JW
Best Puppy:Bott Gwendariff D'ya Know My Name By Bardonhill


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