Critique - Judge Miss Linzie Richardson


Thanks to the committee of the show for their invitation to judge and their hospitality.

P (1;0) 1. Gardner’s Tireon Teardrop Explodes Danwish, Pretty bitch of 11 months, lovely head and expression with kind eyes and excellent ear set. Well coated for age, Clean over neck and shoulders with plenty depth of chest. Slight slope to topline and good tailset. Moved well.

SY (5;0) 1 Wheeldon’s Bardonhill Jealous Guy for Colemist, Honest, well balanced young dog. free from exaggeration,  masculine head with kind expression and good earset. Long muscular neck set cleanly into well laid shoulders  Well angulated fore and aft, with lovely deep chest and good spring of rib. Slight slope to topline which he held on the move and he moved very well to win this lovely class. RBOB. 2 Northend’s Aoibheannes Single Malt. 3 Nevitt’s Aoibheannes Stay With Me,

PG (2;1) 1 Northend’s Aoibheannes Single Malt  Another lovely dog, placed second in the strong SY class.  Masculine dog with lovely head and expression. Excellent coat which was a lovely dark colour. Clean over neck and shoulders with excellent depth of chest and spring of rib. Moved well

O (5;1) 1. Gracie’s Clonageera Walk With Me to Summergate, A bitch I have admired for some time and was pleased to get the chance to go over her, feminine head and expressions, in excellent condition and sporting a shiny, dark coat she immediately caught my eye. She moved very well with ease and style. Muscular neck, leading cleanly to well laid shoulders, great depth of chest . Well angulated front and rear allowed for her strong driving movement. Delighted to award her a well deserved BOB. 2 Gardner’s Perfectly Wicked for Danwish. 3 Riddell’s Thendara Chasing Girls around Trunorth.

Linzie Richardson

BOB- Clonageera Walk With Me to Summergate JW ShCM CJW15 IRJCH

RBOB- Bardonhill Jealous Guy at Colemist BP - Tireon Teardrop explodes Danwish

Irish Setter Puppy(1,0)

1. Gardner's Tireon Teardrop explodes Danwish

Irish Setter Special Yearling(5;0)

1. Wheeldon's Bardonhill Jealous Guy at Colemist
2. Northend's Aoibheannes Single Malt
3. Nevitt's Aoibheannes Stay With Me
4. Glasper's Esbrown Lord of the Dance at Denetop
5. Gardner's Danwish Wizzard of Oz

Irish Setter Postgraduate (2;1)

1. Northend's Aoibheannes Single Malt

Irish Setter Open (5;1)

1. Gracie's Clonageera Walk With Me to Summergate JW ShCM CJW15 IRJCH
2.Gardner's Perfectly Wicked for Danwish
3. Riddell's Thendara Chasing Girls around Trunorth
4. Glasper's Eusnite Action Master at Denetop

Linzie Richardson

BOB Gracie Clonageera Walk with me to Summergate
RBOB Wheeldon Bardonhill Jealous Guy for Colemist
BP Gardner Tireon Teardrop Explodes Danwish

Results kindly supplied by Colin Wheeldon


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