Critique - Judge - Mrs E C Gratton (Glenlaine)


I would like to thank the North east Irish Setter Club for inviting me to judge there open show and to all of the exhibitors for bringing there lovely dogs.

Puppy Dog. (1)

(1) Gardner Danwish the Lion king.
Pleasing baby well grown of nice type good shoulders, plenty of sternum and nice length of upper arm just all needs to come together.

Junior Dog. (7)

(1) Northend: Aoibheanns Single Malt.
Lovely balanced boy refined head dark eye raised brow, well off for bone tight feet well-muscled moved well.

(2) Burke J.S. Medway Morgan.
Nice type refined head low set ears clean neck & shoulders Gentle slopping top line moved well.

(3) Gardners Danwish Wizard Of Oz.

Yerling. (1)
(1) Holehan Loganrish Prosecco.
This young man has a nicely balanced head wide quarter, good tail set moved well.

Maiden. (1)

(1) Owen Mr. Mrs Baronhill Snow Warning.
Another nice type balanced with good head raised brow correct shoulders just needs a little more time.

Novice. (5)

(1) Northeno Miss J. Aoibheannes Single malt.
(2) Burke J&S Medway Morgan.
(3) Gardners Danwish Wizard Of Oz

Undergrad. (2)

(1) Pallister Mr Mrs. I Penwyn Travelin Boy.
Lovely type bit erratic on the move needs time to settle but nevertheless has all the essentials.

(2) Gardner T. Danwish wizard of Oz.

Graduate. (6)

(1) Cohan Mr Mrs Aoibheanns Rough diamond with Shushana.
Naughty but Nice today but great top line handsome head lovely depth correct angles muscled in great condition.

(2) Pallister Mr Mrs J Penwyn Travelin Boy.
(3) Holehan Miss W Ferasheen Portadown

Post Grad. (6)

(1) Tupper Miss NA Rosie Staratlanta Elliot
My star of the day he caught my eye balanced throughout handsome head lovely dark eye deep cheat with plenty of sternum moved positive with drive Best in Show.

(2) Cohan Mr Mrs Aoibheanns Rough diamond With Shushana.
(3) Owen Mrs A Bardonhill wizard Of Oz

Limit Dog.(4)

(1) Mitchell Mr Mrs Sutersett Go the distance to Staxll.
Medium sized boy Presented balance and masculine outline, well off for bone deep chest pleasing head & eye soft expression in lovely condition Reserved Best Dog.

(2) Burke J. S. Lanstara Soul Seduction.
Liked this boy gentle flowing top line correct head nice finish to foreface nice eye of correct shape clean over shoulders tight feet moved well.

(3) Riddell Mrs D E Thendara chasing Girls Around Trunorth


(1) Cohan Mr Mrs Caispern Lorenzo with Shushana JW SHCM.
A lovely boy masculine head quizzical expression low set ears good lay of shoulders slopping top line well-muscled hind quarters moved well.

(2) Gardner T. SHCH Riquitta Authentic.
Cant believe he is now a veteran, Great breed type lovely head and eye correct finish to muscled raised brow stands over the ground just lost out to younger dog on the move Best Veteran.

(3) Richardson Mr & Mrs J & Miss L SHCH Brabrook Flash Harry at Montgreenan SHCM

Bitches (3)


(1) Hunter Ms M Mr W Brown Braidmount Lady in waiting.
Smart Baby lovely outline pretty head nice return on upper arm pronounced sternum standing on strong limbs short hocks moved well for one so young Best Puppy Bitch.

(2) Gardner T. Tiroen Teardrop Explodes.
Another pretty headed baby with low set ears nice expression good bone deep in chest tight feet moved well.

Veteran Bitch (5)

(1) Mrs C Borthwick Lotushill Misdemeanor.
Well-made nice headed expressive eye low set ears enjoying her day, Moved well.

(2) Box Miss R fernstart Lovesong.
Enjoying herself lovely condition pretty head lovely outline moved ok, 2 lovely girls.

(3) Sloane Mrs K & Miss g Fernstart Love In A mist At Ferasheen

Junior (6)
(1) Nevitt Mrs S Aiobheanne’s Stay with Me.
Very well balanced lovely outline deep chest good width to thigh standing on tight feet loved her pretty head with dark eye soft expression moved well Reserve Best Bitch.

(2) Box Miss R Fernstart Birdsong.
A little rangier than 1st but a lovely youngster pretty head good length of neck into shoulders slopping top-line straight front moved ok.

(3) Hinslea Mr & Mrs BJ & E Northamber shabby Chic JW

Yerling Bitch. (3)

(1) Holehan Miss W Loganrish Jacquart.
Compact bitch good head dark eye good length of neck into shoulders slopping top-line correct tail set neat feet moved well.

(2) Hinslea Mr. Mrs. BJ&E Northamber Shabby Chick
Longer cast than 1st good head plains nice finish to foreface good angulation for and aft deep in rib moved ok just preferred top-line of 1st.

Maiden. (4)

(1) Nevitt Mrs S Aiobheann’s Stay With Me.
(2) Box Miss R Fernstart Birdsong.
(3) Gardner Miss T Tiroen Teardrop Explodes

Novice (3)

(1) Nevitt Mrs S Aiobheann’s Stay With Me
(2) Gardner Miss T Tiroen teardrop Explodes.


(1) Davie Mrs M Jonola Secret Love At Lochfrae
Racy lady moved well when settled lovely head and expression straight front good shoulders nicely angulated.

(2) Harvey Mrs M.A. Wynjill Well Kept Secret at Barntallock.
Well coated young lady nice head tight feet not cooperating with handler today.


(1) Box Miss R Bardonhill afternoon D’lite at Fernstart
This little lady pulled all the stops out today showed her head off well-made throughout with a glint in her eye flowing top-line nice length to upper arm deep chest straight front lovely expression in beautiful condition Best Bitch

(2) Mrs. V. Blackshaw Lanstara Spring  Star JW
Close up to one beautifully put together strong neck and top-line well off for bone in gleaming coat moved well.

(3) Anthony Mrs & Mr R Stewart Staratlanta’s Fire queen.

Post Grad.(4)

(1) Anthony MS & Mr R Stewart Staratlantas Time to Shine
Longer Cast well-made and balanced head firm outline good front strong quarters moved well.

(2) Mrs C Borthwick Northamber Runs Riot at Lotushill
Super condition well-muscled lovely head good top-line moved well.

(3) Sloane Mrs K & Miss G Ferasheen Pavanna


(1) Gardner Miss T Perfectly Wicked for Danwish JW
Well-made Lady lovely head and eye just carrying a bit too much weight today just spoilt her outline.

Open (1)

(1) Gaffney Mrs Big Red Hey It Wasn’t Me
Another well-made bitch who has all the essentials but carrying too much weight which spoils overall appearance.

Mrs E C Gratton

North East of England Irish Setter Club
Open Show 2 April 2016

Judge: Mrs Elaine Gratton (Glenlaine)
IMG 3339

Best Dog and Best in Show was awarded to Sarah Tupper and Nikola Rosie with
Staratlanta Elliott (L)
Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show was awarded to Becky Box with
Bardonhill Afternoon D'Lite at Fernstart (R)
Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show was awarded to
Mona Hunter and Will Brown with
Braidmount Lady in Waiting (L)
Best Veteran Dog and Best Veteran in Show was awarded to Tania Gardner with
Sh.Ch. Riqitta Authentic (R)
Catalogue pages HERE kindly supplied by Viv Blackshaw
Photos kindly supplied by Tania Gardner

Congratulations to All the winners



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