Judge Mr Paul Humphreys

Puppy (3,2)
1. Mugford Lynwood Isn't She Lovely (BP)

Graduate (10,4 & 1 w/d)
1. Hall Glennara Never Can Tell JW (BOB)
2. Jones Hunnicote Handyman
3. Pym Thendara The Watchmaker
Res. Jarvis Brabrook Jagerbomb
VHC. Hadfield Marzanne China In Your Hand

Limit (5,2)
1. Fauvrelle Clonageera Walk In The Sun
2. Partridge Kerrydown Night Hawk
3. Hadfield Marzanne's Over The Moon

Open (4,0)
1. Partridge Kerrydown Octavia
2. Beresford Polmennor Funtime ShCM
3. Bayliss Lindjendo Mallard
Res. Hadfield Marzanne's Too Hot To Handle

Results kindly supplied by Lynda Fauvrelle


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