Judge: Paul Humphreys (Henaleas)

I would like to thank the Taunton & District Committee for inviting me to judge the Setters at their show. I was made so welcome and thought it was very well run and with excellent hospitality. I was very pleased with my entry and had some quality dogs to go over.

Irish Setters

Puppy 3 (2)
Mugford’s – Lynwood Isn’t She Lovely, BP. Very pretty 6 month old puppy, with dark eye and low set ears. Good front, rear angulations and topline. Firm muscle tone and short hocks. Moved out true and sound for one so young.

Graduate 10 (5)
Hall’s – Glennara Never Can Tell, BOB Have judged this young bitch before and was not disappointed going over her again. She has already started to mature on well from the last time. Very pretty head with soft expression, and raised brow. Well angulated front, full spring of rib, neat feet and correct tail set. Great width of thigh. Moved out strongly holding a good topline. Pleased to award her BOB.
2. Jones’ – Hunnicote Handyman
3. Pym’s – Thendara The Watchmaker

Limit 5 (2)
Fauvrelle’s – Clonageera Walk In The Sun Very neat and tidy bitch. Good, deep chest and well sprung rib. Super front angulation. Soft expression with dark eye. Presented in excellent condition. Moved out well with handler.
2. Partridge’s – Kerrydown Night Hawk
3. Hadfield’s – Marzanne Over The Moon

Open 4
Partridge’s – Kerrydown Octavia
Another 2 year old. Strong outline well bodied bitch. Super shaped head with thoughtful, gentle expression. Neat feet, strong in pastern. Good through neck and into shoulders. Coat in super condition. Lovely hind quarters which she used to drive out with vigour on the move.
2. Beresford’s – Polemnnor Funtime
3. Hadfield’s – Marzanne Too Hot to Handle

English Setters

Open 5 (4)
Osman’s – Bournehouse Star Gazer At Marissolo. BOB
This 2 year old boy had me smiling as soon as I saw him enter the ring. His tail never stopped wagging from start to finish. Exquisite shaped head with very kind expression and well set ears. His coat was in great condition. Neat feet, well angled at shoulder. Good muscle tone to rear first and second thigh. Really enjoyed watching him striding out with drive around the ring.


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