Critique - Judge: Blake Crocker (Riverbrue)

Junior Dog. 3 (1a)

1st Bott: Gwendariff D'Ya Know My Name By Bardonhill.

Eye-catching lad, very forward for his age, great depth already and has super angles both front and back, oval bone and good width to his hindquarters. Head needing to break little but has a lovely dark eye and kind expression. Carried himself very well on the move. An exciting youngster to watch.

2nd Gawn I & Sterritt G:   Tullardan V D Wester-Huy (Imp)

Fourteen month boy of different type to the winner and not so mature in body. Scores well in conformation with complimentary angles front and back. Ok in head, clean outline and well set tail. Moved ok, just preferred the winners cleaner front action.

Yearling Dog: 6 (1a)

1st Bott: Gwendariff D'Ya Know My Name By Bardonhill.

2nd Gawn I & Sterritt G:   Tullardan V D Wester-Huy (Imp)

3rd Booth: Jennison Tribute.

Novice Dog: 3 (1a)

1st Booth: Jennison Tribute.

Placed third in yearling, not a flashy boy but has good body proportions, a very decent head, clean outline and a well placed croup. Tended to watch his handler a little too much on the move.

2nd Byard: Shelindair Ginger Fizz at Purleyrose.

Unplace in previous class, spooked at the start and never really settled. Well bodied, put down in lovely coat and condition. Just needs time to mature on and learn his job.

Graduate Dog: 3

1st Longbottom & Stweart-Ritchie: Gwendariff Unknown Soldier JW.

Well known youngster with the most glorious head that just melts you; it’s long, lean, beautifully chiselled, equal in proportions and totally masculine without a hint of coarseness. He has a lovely body with a super clean outline and a great finish to his croup. Everything is there, he just needs to body up, coat up and settle on the move to fulfil his early promise. A lovely dog.

2nd Bott: Gwendariff D'Ya Know My Name By Bardonhill.

3rd Woods: Danaway Goodness Me.

Post Graduate Dog: 2

1st Hogarth: Redclyst Flash at Halingswood JW

One I have judged a couple of times before and each time I see him he improves. Presented to me in wonderful condition, he has a masculine well balanced head with the correct amount of work, low set ears and good finish to his foreface. One of the best fronts here today, very well placed shoulders and great return of upper arm and ample forechest. Deep chest, strong topline and well bent hindquarters. For me he was a little too round in his croup today. Moved ok.

2nd Byards: Cataluna Some Like It Hot at Purleyrose

Another boy put down in lovely order. Well made dog with very little to fault. Ok head, Straight front, good bone, firm topline and enough hindquarters. Moved well, if a little generous coming towards.

Limit Dog: 4 (1a)

1st McLarnon: Gwendariff Nuts Aboutu Glenavna JW.

Have often watched this boy from the ringside and I have to admit to not being too excited by him…. how wrong was I?! It’s evident that he doesn’t always make the best of himself and clearly gives his handler a hard time, but today he was spot on. He has a superb headpiece, long and lean with a wonderful amount of work, clean neck into beautifully placed shoulders and lovely return of upper arm. Deep chest, well ribbed and clean in outline. Presented to me today in great coat and hard muscular condition. On the move he was very precise in both directions and it was his side gait that earned him his BIS over the beautiful bitch. Thank you for bringing him, I’m certain it will not be long before he is taking top honours. Best dog and Best In Show.

2nd Sterrit: Riversett Revolution.

Smart boy, different type to the winner. Well shaped head, strong arched neck, well placed shoulders and clean outline. Slightly longer coupled than first, but not over long. Again put down in 1st class order. Nice boy, unlucky to meet the winner. Moved ok.

3rd Byards: Cataluna Some Like It Hot at Purleyrose.

Open Dog: 2

1st Sloane: Ferasheen Patriot Game

Very eyecatching dog on the stack, typy and balanced. Head a touch strong for me, but has a kind eye and good finish to his muzzle. He has enough angles front and back, is well ribbed and has plenty of depth and substance. Would’ve liked him a little more positive on the move.

2nd McCleave: Kirkavagh Hellisio with Raesha

Larger framed, heavier boy than the winner and just starting to show his age a little. Well made dog, with a pleasant head and kind expressive eyes. Good front, well ribbed and wide hindquarters. Moved ok, although really not wanting to be here today!

Veteran Dog: 2

1st Hogarth: Sh Ch Avacet Snowdrift.

A favourite of mine that is looking great for his age. Handsomely headed and put down in fantastic coat condition and feather. Like his kennel mate, he has a great front and forechest, he is deep and well ribbed back, strong boned and has good hindquarters. Short from hock to heel which he uses well on the move. He is a sound honest mover, but had to give way to the more animated limit dog winner today. Thank you for bringing him. RBD and BVIS.

2nd Booth: Kirwilldale Beethoven,

Lovely ten year old boy giving a lot away in age here. Good overall conformation and sound on the move. Just a tad overweight today.

Minor Puppy Bitch: 1

1st Nicolson: Gwendariff Rainbow Goddess at Lochindorb

Very well balanced pup of lovely type. Stood she made a lovely picture, pretty headed, good angles, arched neck, clean outline and well set tail. Lush thick dark wavy puppy coat and good feather already. All over the place on the move, certain this will settle as she’s so beautifully put together. Really promising pup. BPIS.

Puppy Bitch: 1

1st Walsh: Ardbraccan Toffee Nose

Pretty headed girl of eleven months, very raw and at that typical in-between stage at present. Presented in lovey coat and feather. All there and in the correct place, just needs time and maturity to bring it all together now. Steady enough on the move.

Junior Bitch: 2

1st Stewart-Ritchie: Aoibheanne Smart Move Gwendariff.

Quality bitch with an impressive profile gait and shown in great muscular condition. Feminine head with good raised brows over kind eyes. Strong neck, well placed shoulder and complimentary return of upper arm. Good length and depth to rib, strong quarters and low set hocks. Certainly one for the future.

2nd Walsh: Ardbraccan Toffee Nose

Yearling Bitch: 3

1st Stewart-Ritchie: Aoibheanne Smart Move Gwendariff.

2nd Milby & Stewart- Ritchie: Gwendariff We'll Remember U JW.

Finer bitch than the winner, super pretty head with kind expressive eyes of good shape and colour. Arched neck, decent in shoulder and clean in outline. Very sound and stylish on the move with good carriage whilst maintaining her outline. Feel with more time and maturity she’ll do well.

3rd Nicolson: Gwendariff On a Tic Ett to Lochindorb

Novice Bitch: 1

1st Stewart-Ritchie: Aoibheanne Smart Move Gwendariff.

Graduate Bitch: 3 (1a)

1st Nicolson: Gwendariff On a Tic Ett to Lochindorb

Strongly made dark coated girl, decent forehand and clean over the shoulders, touch long at present but a rangier bitch who just needs a bit more time to balance, moved out well.

2nd Davies: Jonola Secret Love at Lochfrae

Good overall conformation, pretty head, dark eye and low set ears. In good coat. Was a little unsettled in the class and not moving out as confidently as she perhaps could.

Post Graduate: 1

1st Anthony & Stuart: Staratlantas Time To Shine

Beautifully constructed girl, lovely type, would’ve preferred more work to her head, fantastic forechest and upper arm, good depth and spring to rib, well turned stifles and good croup. A little loaded on the shoulder today and not putting her all in on the move. In good coat and feather.

Limit Bitch: 7

Nice Class.

1st Bott: Gwendariff Such a Carry On At Bardonhill. RBB

Very mature for her age and in super coat and condition. Rangy girl with great style and substance, feminine head, clean neck, firm topline and well bent hindquarters. A positive mover, covering plenty of ground as she went. Really liked her. RBB

2nd Stewart & Ritchie-Smith: Gwendariff Carries it Off.

Litter sister to the winner and like her sister she is also a stylish mover that covers the ground well. Perhaps the prettier of the two, but not quite as forward in body or finish on the day. Think another few months on her and she will be pushing all the way. Liked her a lot too.

3rd Antony & Stuart R: Staratlantas Fire Queen JW.

Open Bitch: 2

1st Donnelly: Ir Sh Ch Millcroft Whispering Moon AN CH 15/CW 16/JUN CH

A beautiful, typy, four year old bitch in full bloom. I thought her absolutely lovely. Balanced feminine head with enough work, low set ear, arched clean neck, well placed shoulder and return of upper arm. Oval bone, neat feet, good length and depth to rib, strong loin and well bent stifles. Having admired her in photos, I was not in the least bit disappointed in her. Just felt in the final run off for BIS, the dog just had the slightly more open gait. Nevertheless, she was still a lovely mover. Thank you for bringing her. BB & RBIS.

2nd McCleave: Kirkavagh Wheel of Fortune


Veteran Bitch: 2

1st Sterritts: Ir Sh Ch Riversett Best Kept Secret

Lovely bitch. Slightly bigger than I prefer but she is very well put together and of a lovely type. Put down in first class order, she looked a picture. Just had to give way to the younger, fresher girls on the day. Credit to her owner for keeping her in such lovely condition.  

Blake Crocker

Belfast and District Irish Setter Club OP
11 June 2016 - Critique

Judge: Blake Crocker (Riverbrue)
Entry 37 Dogs

Best Dog and Best in Show:
Congratulations to Christine McLarnon with Peanut
Gwendariff Nuts Aboutu Glenavna JW
Photo: Laura Kolbach
Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show:
Kay Donnelly with
Ir.Sh.Ch. Millcroft Whispering Moon An Ch15/CW16/JunCh
Best Puppy in Show: R & M Nicholson with
Gwendariff Rainbow Goddess at Lochindorb
Res. Best Puppy in Show:
Trudi Walsh with
Ardbraccan Toffee Nose RAF
Best Veteran Dog and Best Veteran in Show
was awarded to Trish Hogarth with
Sh.Ch. Avacet Snowdrift
Best Veteran Bitch and Res. Best Veteran in Show:
Gillian Sterritt with
Ir.Sh.Ch. Riversett Best Kept Secret Jun Ch.
Full Results HERE kindly supplied by Sarah McCleave



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