Judge Catherine Pil (Belgium)

BOB Beresford Polemnnor Funtime ShCM
RBOB Jones Hunnicote Handyman

Special Yearling (8,2)
1st Jones Hunnicote Handyman
2nd Pym Thendara The Watchmaker
3rd Gardiner Harred's Harlie of Blaysdell
4th Meadows Gwendariff D'ya Like Me Best

Graduate (3)
1st Partridge Kerrydown One Man
2nd Fauvrelle Clonageera Walk in the Sun
3rd Meadows Gwendariff D'Ya Like Me Best

Limit (4.1)
1st Partridge Kerrydown Night Hawk
2nd Hadfield Marzanne's Over The Moon
3rd Laing Lord of the Dance

Open Dog (4.3)
1st Beresford Polemnnore Funtime ShCM 2
nd McDonald Redclyst Kearney

Open Bitch (4.1)
1st Pike Redclyst Aura
2nd Kerrydown Octavia
3rd Hadfield Marzanne Too Hot to Handle

Results kindly supplied by Jennie Jones


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