Critique - Judge: Alex Riddell

Thanks to the committee of York Canine Association for the invitation to judge the breed I grew up with & the first breed I ever showed. The venue was superb, as was the weather and to be able to judge outside in a good-sized ring for a large breed was fantastic. Thanks to the exhibitors too, I very much enjoyed going over your dogs.

J (2,1) 1 Gardner’s Tiroen Teardrops Explodes Danwish. 13month Bitch. Elegant head with sweet expression, well set ears. Good reach of neck. Correct angulation front & rear, well sprung ribs for age. Correct rich colouring & excellent texture to coat. RBOB.

(6,2) 1 Booth’s Jennison Tribute. 21 month Dog. Racy without being fine. Quality masculine head, correct dark pigmentation & kind expression. Well laid back shoulders, deep chest. Correct slope to topline, well bent stifles. Another with correct rich chestnut colour & with maturity will have a fabulous coat. 2 Sloane’s Ferasheen Pavanna JW. 3 Holehan’s Loganrish Prosecco.

(8,2) 1 Savage’s Gwendariff The Ringmaster. 3yo. Mature dog in excellent coat & condition, true Irish outline, very pleasing head. Stong bone without coarseness. Excellent neat tight feet. Well angled front & rear. A pleasure to watch on the move where he had a free & easy action and held his topline. Proud to award him the class from some lovely dogs and BOB. 2 Gardener’s Thendara Jocasta JW. 3 Booth’s Jennison Tribute.

Alex Riddell

BOB: Gwendariff The Ringmaster
RBOB: Tiroen Teardrops Explodes Danwish

Junior (2,1)
1. Tiroen Teardrops Explodes Danwish - Gardner

Post Graduate (6,2)
1. Jennison Tribute - Booth
2. Ferasheen Pavanna - Sloane
3. Loganrish Prosecco - Holehan
4. Anlory Keltic Legend - Mohandas

Open (8,2)
1. Gwendariff The Ringmaster - Savage
2. Thendara Jocasta - Gardner
3. Jennison Tribute - Booth
4. Ferasheen Patriot Game - Sloane

Results kindly supplied by Alex Riddell


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