Critique - Judge - David Hopewell

Thank you to the committee for looking after me so well, I was really looking forward to this appointment and was not disappointed


1st. Dufrat – Lynwood Love Potion for Haverley

8 month old dog, pleasing head, good length of neck, held his topline on the move.

Would prefer just a little more bone. Moved well

2nd   Shepherd – Casachaered Michaelson Jnr

Lovely dark coated young man, very stylish, dark eye, clean over the shoulders, neat feet, just beaten by one on movement.

3rd Howlett Robinson – Zakhan’s Solo


1st Greenan – Anlory Aidan

Up standing young man, a new one to me, flows from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail, strong neck, deep chest, ribs well sprung, holds his topline on the move, lovely neat feet, moved with drive from strong hind quarters. Best Puppy Dog / Best Puppy in show and Reserve best dog.

2nd Prangle & Cuff – Special Reserve from Heathclare

Love this boy as much as one, lovely type head, dark eye and low set ears, clean neck and shoulders, very deep chested and well ribbed. Just preferred the head on one

3rd Dufrat – Lynwood Love Potion for Haverley

JUNIOR DOG (3) (1 Abs)

Spoilt for choice between these two boys

1st Ciechonska – Aoibheanne’s Spoilt f’Choice

Lovely skulled skull, low set ears with good strong arch of neck, leading to good shoulders. Deep chest, lovely length of body, dark coat, well angled quarters with good first and second thigh, nice short hocks which made him move with ease.

2nd Sharman – Kerrimere Indiscreet

Good body proportions fore and aft, tight feet, good spring of rib. Lost to one as just needs to drop on back end, this will come with time.


1st Edwards – Gwendariff PS I Love You Bonhomie JW

A dog I have liked from the ringside, did not disappoint.

In good condition, lovely tight feet, lovely angles fore and aft. Good topline which he held on the move.

2nd Ciechonska – Aoibheanne’s Spoilt f’Choice


1st Greenan – Anlory Aidan


1st Harris – Siochanna Celtic Lord of Konakakela

Another new dog to me. Clean head and eye, lean neck but strong, well boned, deep chest, flowed from shoulders to the tip of his tail, good quarters fore and aft.

GRADUATE DOG (7) (1 Abs)

1st Naylor & Morrison – Anlory Keltic Blue Sky

What can I say about this boy that has not already been said

Good head and eye, well arched neck leading to good shoulders, good return of upper arm, deep chested, well sprung ribs, lovely topline, tail set correct which he used on the move, good strong hind quarters which gave him the class as gave him drive on the move. Just a pity he left his coat at home.

2nd Pine – Seowns Slicknick

Good body proportions fore and aft, lighter coated dog, than one, moved well, not as well as one.

3rd Ciechonska – Aoibheanne’s Spoilt f’Choice


1st Prangle – Heathclare Old Glory JW

Dark eye with clean skull, nice low ear set, deep chested, good angles to the shoulder. In good coat – pity he stood alone


Now for my headache of the day. When turning round from the table I saw 5 stunning dogs. A credit to the breeders and handlers.

1st Walsh & Foster – Millcroft Chase the Moon to Shanoah

Lovely head with correct shaped eyes, flowed from neck to shoulders and from shoulders to the tip of his tail. Lovely front angulation with deep chest, lovely under carriage leading to strong loin, good strong first and second thigh. In good coat and condition, another dog with strong short hocks which he used on the move.

Nice to see he has his mojo back in the show ring. Best Dog and Best in show.

2nd Edwards – Gwendariff The Pink Panther of Bonhomie

Another lovely dog I have watched from the ringside, there is not much to split these two boys.

Good headed dog, dark eye, low ear set, strong arched neck, lovely topline, well angled rear quarters.

3rd Nicholls – Delsanto Snow Storm ShCm

Open Dog (3)

1st Byrne, Edwards & Howlett – Siochanna Irish Legend ShCm

A dog I have judged before, still does not disappoint, good head and eye, lovely topline. In good condition for his age, pleased to give him first

2nd Rorke – Zakhan on the Grid

Smaller dog to one, dark coated, used the ground well

3rd Shepherd – Brackenfield Albertine

VETERAN DOG (3) (1 Abs)

1st Byrne, Edwards & Howlett – Siochanna Irish Legend ShCm

Best Veteran in Show

2nd Rorke – Cataluna Pole Position

Different type to one, but still in good condition for a veteran, moved well, just preferred one in the head


1st Naylor & Morrison – Anlory Carmine

Another lovely bitch from this kennel, lovely size, pretty head, dark eye, clean all over. Deep chested, cat type feet, good strong body, good strong quarters. Lovely dark coat. Moved with drive, tail never stopped wagging. Best Puppy Bitch / Reserve best puppy in show

2nd Mugford – Lynwood Isn’t she Lovely

Very feminine head, dark eye, raised brow. Well sprung ribs, good topline and rear quarters, just did not have the drive of one

3rd Shepherd – Casachared Rose O Sally Ann

PUPPY BITCH (7) (1 Abs)

1st Naylor & Morrison – Anlory Carmine

2nd Morriss-Begg, Milligan-Bott & Bott – Susie Snapshot by Thendara

Another very feminine bitch with dark eye, clean neck and shoulders, slightly taller than one but still very clean in her attributes.

Good coated, clean all over. Preferred movement on one.

3rd Mugford – Lynwood Isn’t she Lovely


1st Rorke - Cataluna May Queen

Stunning little bitch, with everything I like. Good bone, strong top line, moved with drive.

2nd Parsons – Briaidmount Lady of the Lake at Bransett

Very pretty bitch. Clean lines throughout. Scored in head over one but just preferred sound movement of one to two.

3rd Kennedy-Sloane – Twoacres Grand Cocotte


1st Mugford - Sangarah Skyline over Lynwood (Imp Hun)

Liked this girl when I judged her as a puppy, maturing nicely

2nd Hall P – Harreds Hilda

Lovely conformation, dark coat, very feminine.

3rd Hall K. – Glennara Never Can Tell JW


1st        Morriss-Begg, Milligan-Bott & Bott – Susie Snapshot by Thendara- 2nd in Puppy – moved better in this class

2nd        Mugford – Lynwood Isn’t she Lovely

3rd        Parsons – Briaidmount Lady of the Lake at Bransett


1st Hall P Harreds Hette

Have watched this little girl from a baby and she has always caught my eye. Lovely quizzical look in her eye, good head, strong shoulders, well off for bone.

Strong rear quarters which she used on the move with a lashing tail. Best Bitch / Res. Best in Show and Best Opposite sex

2nd Highton – Sandstream Gentle Breeze at Gungoer

Good body, well placed shoulders. Plenty of bone in good coat and condition

3rd Pine Seowns Seaspray


1st Naylor & Morrison’s - Anlory Corbieres JW

Very pretty head, good raised brow, strong neck leading to good shoulders, good lay back of shoulder and return in upper arm, deep chested. Good spring of rib, dark rich coat. Good tail set and good strong hocks.

Unfortunately had to withdraw from the challenge as she had hurt her foot.

2nd Randle – Corranroo Crystal Falls between Rionore

Lovely dark coated bitch, scored in head and lovely sloping top line. Good bone. Moved well.

3rd Brown – Baystrider Candy Floss


Two lovely bitches headed this class even though they are very different in head

1st Gisby – Sutterset Once Upon a dream

Lovely planes in head, low ear set, dark eye with raised brow, good reach of neck and lovely angles fore and after. In good coat. Used her tail on move, sound movement

2nd Fox – Millcroft Bubbling Moon

A favorite of mine, just a pity she had to meet one today, but they could easily change places. An honest bitch, with strong topline, the best I have seen her move.

3rd Taylor – Wynjill Well done

LIMIT BITCH (4) (2 Abs)

1st Taylor –Danaway Goody Two Shoes

A bitch I have done well in the past. Lovely dark coat, melting expression. Well sprung rib, neat feet, good topline won the class over 2 on her movement

2nd Gilbert - Joanmas Perfect Lullaby

I have been over this bitch before, lovely head and eye, good body proportions, just lost out on the move

OPEN BITCH (5) (1 Abs)

1st Humphreys - Sutterset Miss Curious about Henleas JW

A little excited to start with but once settled and calmed down you could see her true movement.

Lovely dark coat, pleasing eye, good angles fore and after, Lovely top line

Reserve Best Bitch

2nd Shepherd – Brqackenfield Redrose

Different type to one, bigger all over, good bone and feet, good spring of rib, moved with drive

3rd Clifford – Bardonhill Rita Skeeter at Coppersheen


1st Fox – Settaside Jelly Bean

Looking good for her age, in good coat and hard condition, moved well

2nd Byrne, Edwards & Howlett Siochanna Irish Heartbeat

Bitch I have judged before, different to one but still pleasing in head, good body proportions

3rd Brady – Reddins Frolic among Amberlight

Special Beginners Dog or Bitch

1st Maple - Siochanna Celtic Sapphire

Placed forth in graduate bitch. Lovely head would just like a little bit more to her. Good spring of rib, moved okay.

2nd Jones - Kerryfair Rosyn

Judged this bitch before. She is absolutely gorgeous from her head to her tail but unfortunately today she was not with the right handler


1st Mrs P Byrne, Mrs K Edwards & Miss D Howlett

2nd Mrs J Rorke


David Hopewell


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