Critique - Judge Sue Randle "Rionore"  

What a pleasure to judge at such a well-run and well-supported show – a nice addition to the Open Show scene in the West Country that I hope will continue for years to come. Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge and to the exhibitors who gave me such a lovely entry. All classes well filled with some splitting hair decisions. I enjoyed my day!

Irish Setter Puppy (6, 3a)
Sadly three puppies missing due to the scourge of kennel cough, but thank you to that exhibitor for thinking of the rest of the dogs at the show. Still three lovely puppies to go over although my 3rd place was not at his best in the ring on the day.

1st Full’s Dairis Emperor Excellence at Teignestuary
10.5 month old boy with nice driving movement. Masculine head with gentle expression, correct length of muzzle and earset. Adequate length of neck leading into nicely laid back shoulders. Good front angulation and forechest. Sloping topline leading into correct tailset. Good bend of stifle for his age and neat feet completed the picture. Moved well. BP and pleased to see him take Gundog Puppy Gp 3.

2nd MacDonald’s Lynwood Melody of Love. Very pretty headed bitch who moved well but missed out today being a little ‘bum high’ in her development stage.

3rd Watts’ Polmennor Tom Bawcock

Irish Setter Graduate (6)
1st Meadows’ Gwendariff D’ya Like Me Best
Very feminine 16 month old with the kind of outline I like. Pretty head with melting expression. Lovely length of neck flowing into a sloping topline with a good tailset. Love her bone and tight feet. All her angulations were correct, allowing her to move very well around the ring with drive.

2nd Jones’ Hunnicote Handyman. Another lovely dog who I’ve watched grow up. Moving very truly with drive and everything in the correct place. Just preferred shoulder angulation and tighter feet on the winner today.

3rd Steer’s Glenarra Never Say Never

Irish Setter Limit (8, 1a)

1st Marmol’s Polmennor Fun In The Sun
At nearly 7 years old this boy still has a lot to give. Lovely outline with a masculine head and a true Irish expression. Lovely length of neck flowing through his topline to his tailset. Good forechest and spring of rib, enough length of loin and good angulation throughout. Moved well in his class and in the challenge, so pleased to give him RBOB and to hear he was awarded Best Gundog in the RBOB class.

2nd Meadows’ Gwendariff D’ya Like Me Best
3rd Pike’s Redclyst Jackson

Irish Setter Open Dog (4)

1st Meadows’ Gwendariff the Big Atraxion
Elegant dog typical of this well-known kennel. Masculine head with melting expression. I would have preferred a slightly darker eye but this did not detract from the overall picture. Good angulation throughout with good bone­, shoulders and forechest. Shown in very good condition and moved with drive and showmanship. Pushed closely for RBOB.

2nd Gardiner’s Blaysdell Kieran Another very nice dog who was close to the winner in most areas. Darker coated and with a lovely head and expression. In good condition and moving well. Just missed out today by being a little shorter in the loin.

3rd Ord’s Heathclare Home of the Brave

Irish Setter Open Bitch (8, 2a)

1st Meadows’ Gwendariff Whispa Daisy (BOB & Gundog Gp 4)
Another bitch with a lovely stylish outline. The mother of my graduate winner, all the comments on her daughter apply to this elegant girl. Very pretty feminine head with melting expression and correct earset. Good length of neck which flowed into a sloping topline and nice tailset. Front and rear angulation sufficient enough to give her the grace and power to drive around the ring with verve and elegance. Happy to award her BOB and to hear that she subsequently took Gundog Gp4.

2nd Pike’s Orlanset Sarah at Glenury. Very sweet bitch presented in good condition and moving very well. A little heavier over the shoulders than my winner. 3rd Steer’s Glennara Never Say Never

Judge: Sue J. Randle (Rionore)


Judge: Sue J. Randle (Rionore)
Group Judge Mr S. Rose " Ridanflight"

Puppy 6 (3)
1) Mr & Mrs Full - Dairis Emperor Excellence at Teignestuary. BP (PG3)
2) Mr & Mrs Macdonald - Lynwood Melody of Love
3) Mr T Watts - Polmennor Tom Bawcock
1) F&A Meadows - Gwendariff D'Ya Likeme Best
2) J.Jones - Hunnicote Handyman
3) C.Steer - Glennara Never Say Never
4) A Roberts & T Cormack - Sangarah Shared Romance with Polmennor
8 (1)
1) D& F Marmol - Polmennor Fun in the Sun RBOB
2) F&A Meadows - Gwendariff D'ya Likeme Best
3) D&P Pike - Redclyst Jackson
4) G Broad - Karidell Coral Princess of Ermebrook
Open Dog
1) F&A Meadows - Gwendariff The Big Atraxion JW
2) A&S Gardner -  Blaysdell Kieran
3) J&A Ord  - Heathclare Home of the Brave
4) Mr & Mrs Full - Blaysdell Killarney at Teignestuary
Open Bitch 7 (2)
1) F&A Meadows - Gwendariff Whipsa Daisy  BOB ( Gundog G4)
2) D&P Pike - Orlanset Sarah at Glenury
3) C Steer - Glennara Never Say Never
4) M Hadfield - Marzanne's Too Hot to Handle
Resulta kindly supplied by Frank Meadows


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