Judge:  Barrie Welham

Partridge - Kerrydown Night Hawk  BOB and Group 1
Full         - Daria's Emperor Excellence at Teignestuary  BP and Puppy Group 4
Rodda     - Teramour Going for Gold  BVIS

Puppy 2 (1abs)
1st  Full  -  Daria's Emperor Excellence at Teignestuary

Sp.Yearling 4 (3abs)
1st  Pym  -  Thendara The Watch Maker

Post-Grad  7(1abs)
1st  Gardiner  -  Harreds Harlie of Blaysdell
2nd Pike        -  Redclyst Jackson
3rd  Pym        -  Thendara The Watch Maker
Res Meadows -  Gwendariff D'ya Like Me Best

Limit 6 (1abs)
1st  Partridge  -  Kerrydown Night Hawk
2nd Rodda      -  Ireleith Conchitta avec Teramour
Res Full          -  Medway Mjyles at Teignestuary

Open 9  (1abs)
1st  Pike         -  Orlanset Sarah at Glenury
2nd  Meadows   -  Gwendariff Whipsa Daisy
3rd Beresford  -  Polmennor Funtime Sh.CM

Res Rodda        -  Teramour Going For Gold

Results kindly supplied by Gill Partridge


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