Judge:  Mrs. A. Harding (Kingsmist)

Prangles  -  Heathclare Old Glory JW Sh.CM  -  BOB and Group 1
Bye         -  Covarney Everlasting Love at Bluebyeyou  BPIB

Junior 4 (1abs)
1st  Condron  -  Gwendariff D'Ya Fancy a Fling with Covarney
2nd  Pym       -  Thendara The Watchmaker
3rd   Bye        -  Covarney Everlasting Love at Bluebyeyou

Grad.  6
1st  Partridge  -  Kerrydown Odds On
2nd Rodda      -  Teramour Lady in Red
3rd  Jones      -  Hunnicote Handyman
Res Pym        -  Thendara The Watchmaker

Open 5
1st  Prangle    -  Heathclare Old Glory JW  Sh.CM
2nd  Condron & Needs - Covarney Macaroon
3rd  Partridge  -  Kerrydown Octavia
Res Rodda      -  Ireleith Conchitta avec Teramour

Results kindly supplied by Gill Partridge


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