Critique - Judge: Rebecca Danks-Kemish (Alofrana)

Many thanks to the society for my invitation to judge, it is always a pleasure to judge our beautiful breed.


1.Kniveton and Allen- Quensha Starman Aboard Orstone

The first thing that you see with this boy is how impeccable his condition and his presentation is which in turn completes a really well balanced picture, a pleasing head with correct shaped eye and colour, well off for bone, good angulations and stood on the tightest of feet. Fabulous strong correct topline of which he held well on the move , giving him best puppy and puppy group 4 today.

2.Bardonhill Gingerella


1.Paterson-Shenanagin Sophisti Kate at Bluestack

13 month bitch who was really not happy showing today, lovely elegant young lady with a delightful headpiece, would prefer a little more condition on her, neat feet which didn’t stay still for long today but she had a very sympathetic handler which I praise for her patience.


1.Bott-Gwendariff D’ya Know my Name by Bardonhill

18 month old dog dripping in coat, handsome head, clean in outline with great overall body proportions , balanced with well laid shoulders and good return of arm, plenty of spring to rib and depth of chest, moved with drive and verve at the correct pace which gave him a well deserved first and BOB today.

2.Stevenson-Lochlorien True Detective is Andley


1.Nicholls-Romarne under Orders

I have always liked this boy, he has correct shape to head and eye colour, very sound in construction, well off for bone, good in fore chest and ribs with correct gently sloping topline, moved well but not quite with the verve today that I have seen him before.

2.Bott- Bardonhill Granny Mae

OPEN 7(3)

1.Stevenson-Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley

Extremely pretty and pleasing 5 yr old bitch with the most beautiful head and expression, flowing topline , correct conformation standing on short hocks which enables her to drive well on the move ,very close decision for BOB just preferred the dogs verve today . RBOB.

2.Heppell-Deevonville Santana

Rebecca Danks-Kemish

BOB: Bott Gwendariff D'Ya Know My Name By Bardonhill JW
Res.BOB: Stevenson Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley
Best Puppy & Gundog Puppy Group 4: Kniveton & Allen Quensha Starman Aboard Orstone


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