Critique  -  Breed Judge Brian Beaton (Kettlehills)

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at this friendly show, also, to the exhibitors for allowing me to go over their lovely dogs.

P (1). 1. McAvoy's Porchet Schehrazade, A mature young girl with nice dark eyes and lovely tight feet.Good colour of coat. Unsettled on the move, which I am sure will be better when the owner is able to run her. BP. and pleased to see her go PG3.

SY. (5,2). 1. Wheeldons  Bardonhill Jealous Guy at Colemist, This boy took my eye when he entered the ring. Presented very well. He is well muscled and has a lovely colour to his coat and has nice dark eyes. Masculine shape to head. Moved well in the challenge keeping his topline. BOB. Delighted to see him go G.3.

2. McAvoy's Porchet Schehrazade.

3. Sloanes Feresheen Little Bridget.

PG. (7,3). 1. Holehans Loganrish Prosecco, Well muscled boy who was well presented, lovely dark colour to coat. Nice tight feet. Dark expressive eyes. Moved the best in the class.

2. Glaspers Esbrown Lord of the Dance at Danetop.

3. Sloanes Farasheen Pavanna. JW.

O. (6,2). 1. Holehans Farasheen Primrose Lass, This is a lovely well balanced girl, who has a nice body shape. Kept her topline on the move. Neat tight feet. Loved the white on her chest. Pushed hard on the challenge. RBOB. 

2. Sloanes Farasheen Patriot Game.

3. Wheeldons Bardonhill Carrie.

Brian Beaton. 

Breed Judge Brian Beaton (Kettlehills) Group Judge Bill Gray (Sygar)
BOB and Group 3 Wheeldon Bardonhill Jealous Guy for Colemist
RBOB Holehan Ferasheen Primrose Lass
BP and Puppy Group 3 McAvoy Porchet Schehrazade

Results kindly supplied by Colin Wheeldon


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