Critique - Judge Miss Sheena Kurring (Lymish)

Firstly I would like to thank the committee for the invitation to judge our stunning breed and this comment applied to most of the exhibits I had the fortune to have hands on experience of today, so thank you to all of the exhibitors who allowed me such a pleasurable day and only 1 absentee straight after Christmas, I was able to find most of the things I worried were lacking in our breed, also a thank you to my capable steward who kept my ring to time

PUPPY (6, 0)

1. Prangle’s – Heathclare American Dollar
I wrote quite literally bowled me over, what an amazing first class so much to like about all the exhibits, but today I thought what a gorgeous just six month old puppy, and I learned later his very first show, you would never have guessed, with a truly masculine head, raised brows, mischievous twinkle in his dark almond shaped eyes, and superbly chiselled occiput, leading into well laid back shoulders, plenty of fore chest which seems to have been missing so much of late, good front with neat tidy feet, gently sloping top line, good spring of ribs, leading to good quarters, excellent tail set which he used to his advantage showing everyone just how happy he was, when he moved I expected the roly movement of a new baby but he so surprised me, with how totally together he was, I wanted to keep him moving just to prove what my eyes were showing me, so pleased to give him his first 1st, sure it will be the first of many and will watch his career with interest there was so much to like BP and shortlisted in the puppy group

2. Hall’s – Riverbrue Ophelia at Glennara
3. Sheldon’s – Delsanto Miss Daisy

JUNIOR (3, 0)

1. Mugford’s – Lynwood isn’t she Lovely
I certainly thought so what a sweet 13 month old girl, with a melting expression, she looked very quizzical, with a naughty glint in her eye, I thought she may show it on the move but she didn’t put a foot wrong, well constructed, good front, well laid back shoulders, good angulation with a nice gently sloping top line, moved well driving from her hindquarters

2. Greenan’s – Anlory Aidan JW
3. Roffey’s – Gwendariff Lucy’s Legacy


1. Mugford’s – Lynwood isn’t she lovely
2. Stevenson’s – Lochlorien True detective is Andley


1. Waterton’s – Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW
My comments say what a stunner, she caught my eye the second she walked into the ring, with the prettiest and most exquisite feminine head, she looked at me and I melted, dark eye, with a wonderful shape to her skull, framed by low set ears, excellent front and the neatest of feet, in beautiful coat and laid down in hard condition she looked a picture, on going over her I could find nothing to disappoint, then she moved what a dream, she excelled, she went around the ring effortlessly, holding her top line, she looked so happy as if she could carry on all day, pleased to make her my BOB and I stayed to watch her gain Gundog Group 3 well done thank you for fetching her

2. Jone’s – Gwendariff Nutmeg
3. Hyslop’s – Gwendariff Justin Thyme JW

OPEN (2, 0)

1. Stevenson’s  - Lochlorien Scully foxes Andley
Have always liked this girl and watched her from the ringside from a puppy going over her today, I could see why I liked her, she is a nice sized very unassuming girl, who does not scream out look at me, but is quietly confident with all the right attributes in the right places, nice head, dark eye, excellent shoulder placement flowing into a good top line, good steady movement with good reach and drive pushed me hard for BOB unlucky to meet my Post Graduate winner today RBOB
2. Prangle’s – Heathclare Old Glory JW, ShCM


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