Critique - Judge Jenna Sturrock (Forfarian)

Puppy – 4(3)

1st. French – Diervilla Zen Power

6 month old dog puppy attending his very first show. He stood alone, but was nonetheless a worthy winner. He has a sweet expression with lovely dark almond shaped eyes. He stands on strong bone with the neatest of feet. Well angulated fore and aft, with a lovely gently sloping topline and uses his tail well on the move. Coat was of fabulous condition and texture. He moved true and steady for one so young and overall presents a really lovely outline. I think he has a very promising future ahead of him and will watch his progress with interest. BPIB.

Junior – 3(3)

Graduate 4(2)

1st French - Balintyne Just You Just Me

Judged this girl as a puppy and there is still lots to like about her. Now 2 and a half, she is well bodied and in good coat and condition. She has a pretty head and nice low set ears. Would prefer a slightly better layback of shoulder, however is well angled at the rear which allows her to move away well. She holds her topline on the move, however handler needs to be careful when standing her so not to allow her to roach.

2nd Owen, Bardonhill Snow Warning.

Post Graduate 4(0)

1st Cohen- Aoibheanne’s Rough Diamond with Shushana JW

Very close between 1 and 2. Now 3 years old, this boy is very much coming into himself. He is now mature and has good coat of texture and length. Really lovely head which has a well a defined stop and lovely dark expressive eyes. Would prefer a better lay back of shoulder but he has good angulation at the rear. Would like to see him a little more animated on the move.

2nd Blackshaw, Lanstara Spring Star JW

3rd Wall, Hazelbeck Adorable Amber

4th Owen, Bardonhill Wizard of Oz

Open 5(0)

A lovely class to judge.

1st. Cohen- Caispern Lorenzo with Shushana JW ShCm

I have always liked this boy and was very happy to get my hands on him today. Now 5 years old, he really does look like the complete picture. He has the loveliest of heads and is so well made. His strong neck fits neatly into his well laid back shoulders and is well angulated fore and aft. He has a deep chest and is well ribbed back. He carries himself well and moves with ease around the ring. Handler needs to be careful not to overstretch when stacked as this can spoil his topline. When his handler has him stood right, he is spot on, and presents such a lovely outline. He is well deserving of top honours and I hope his day will come. Delighted to award him BOB and later went RBIS. Well done.

2nd Loynd, Anlory Poachers Brook Join Crimbledale

3rd Rowbottom, Lanstara Spring Moon

4th Mather, Hazelbeck Dizzy Diamond Over Soulglas

5th Jepson, Two Acres Lucky Charm

Judge - Jenna Sturrock (Forfarian)

Reserve Best In Show Caispern Lorenzo With Shushana JW SH CM.
Judge Hazel Leary.
Judge Jenna Sturrock
Best Of Breed Caispern Lorenzo With Shushana JW SH CM.
Reserve Best Of Breed.Anlory Poachers Brook Join Crimbledale.
Best Puppy French Diervilla Zen Power
Puppy 4  3Abs.
1 French Diervilla Zen Power
Junior 3  3Abs.
Graduate 4  2Abs.
1 French Balintyne Just You Just Me.
2 Owen Bardonhill Snow Warning.
Post Graduate  4
1 Cohen Aoibheanne's Rough Diamond With Shushana JW.
2 Blackshaw Lanstara Spring Star JW.
3 Wall Hazelbeck Adorable Amber.
4 Owen Bardonhill Wizard Of Oz.
Open  4
1 Caispern Lorezo With Shushana JW SH CM
2 Loynd Anlory Poachers Brook Join Crimledale.
3 Rowbottom Lanstara Spring Moon.
4 Mather Hazelbeck Dizzy Diamond Over Souglas

Results kindly supplied by Helen Cohen


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