Critique - Judge - Barbara Gladwish

Thank you to the committee for this wonderful judging appointment. I was truly made welcome and was well looked after during the day. The ring stewards were extremely efficient in order for me to undertake my duty.
The entries were of high quality and I thank you for your support and hope that you had an enjoyable day. 
I was looking for racy, balanced and good movement from the exhibits present. I was very pleased with my final winners that they all showed these qualities.

Puppy 8 (4 abs)

1. Chorley-Newton & Chorley - Pawsword Priceless to Kerryfair BPIB, PGP1 and RBPIS

Lovely young puppy who had to work hard for his placing as I was splitting my hairs between him a beautiful bitch in 2nd place. Lovely masculine head with kind eye, dark coated. Flows from his neck to the tip of his tail. Good movement front and rear and carried his topline well with lashing tail action. Good bone, stood proudly on neat feet, straight front and for me he just needs a bit more rear angulation which will come with maturity.
Pleased to see him win the Gundog Puppy Group and then delighted to hear he was RBPIS.

2. Hall - Riverbrue Ophelia at Glennara
3. Savage - Brabrook Masterpiece at Firefall
4. Sketchley - Kerriemere Dream a Dream

Junior 5 (4 abs)

1. Mugford - Lynwood Isn't She Lovely

Stood alone but a worthy winner. Feminine head with soft expression. Lovely topline and moved well with lashing tail action. Good angulation front and rear. Neat feet and super coat and condition.

Graduate 17 (4 abs)

1.  Mugford - Sangarah Skyline over Lynwood (Imp HUN) JW

Surprised myself here - a bitch that is full of quality and type. Lovely head and expression, good reach of neck that flows to the tip of her tail which is well set. Moved easily and proudly holding her topline with happy tail action.

2. Holley - Wynjill Loveheart JW
3. Stevenson - Lochlorien True Detective is Andley
4. Nicholls - Romarne Under Orders JW
5. Gardner - Danwish Wizard of Oz

Post Graduate 11 (5 abs)

1.  Chorley-Newton & Chorley - Kerryfair Hattie

Feminine bitch, classic type of head with soft expression. Good depth of chest, straight front, neat feet and good angulation front and rear, tail well set. Moved with style with her young handler.

2. Waterton - Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW
3. Fox - Millcroft Bubbling Moon
4. Hyslop - Gwendariff Justin Thyme JW
5. Byard - Cataluna Some Like It Hot at Purleyrose

Open 7 (3 Abs)

1. Stevenson - Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley BOB and Gundog Group 4

My star of the day, a super quality bitch who is maturing very well. Super outline that is very eye catching, so well made all through. She just flows from her beautiful feminine head to the tip of her well set tail. Lovely straight front, good depth of chest, correct angulation front and rear. Lovely neat feet. Moved with plenty of drive and co-ordination.

2. Gardner - Perfectly Wicked for Danwish JW
3. Savage - Gwendariff the Ringmaster
4. Fox - Settaside Jelly Bean

Barbara Gladwish


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