Judge: Mr. David Coode, ( Warringah)

BOB   Beresford - Polmennor Funtime Sh.CM
RBOB Partridge  - Kerrydown One Man

Spec. Yearling 4
1st  Hadfield - Marazanne China In Your Hand
2nd Pym- Thendara The Watchmaker
3rd  Pike - Redclyst Glenury Lady of the Lake
Res Pettifer - Heathclare Liberty at Crosswest

Post-Grad 6
1st  Partridge - Kerrydown One Man
2nd Jones - Hunnicote Handyman
3rd Lippett - Clonageeera Dreams N'Visions
Res Gardiner - Harreds Harlie of Blaysdell

Open Dog 3
1st  Beresford - Polmennor Funtime Sh.CM
2nd Gardiner - Blaysdell Kieran
3rd  MacDonald - Redclyst Kearney

Open Bitch 6
1st  Pike - Redclyst Aura
2nd Fauvrelle - Clonageera Walk In The Sun
3rd  Partridge - Kerrydown Octavia
Res Hadfield Over The Moon

Results kindly supplied by Gill Partridge


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