Critique - Judge - Laura Crombie (nee Stuart-Cook)

Thank you to the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at this friendly, well-run show – the bag of Cornish treats I got to take home was absolutely delicious! I must also thank my excellent steward and all of the exhibitors who chose to spend their Bank Holiday Monday at the show – it was lovely to have so few absentees.

English Setters

Graduate (2) – Two nice dogs at very different stages of development

1. Woodham’s Culverwell Charis at Tykkidyw – Elegant five-year-old bitch with the most beautiful, feminine head and low-set ears. Clean, arched neck, good rib and correct angulation. Moved freely and with drive, just had a tendency to dip her topline when standing, which cost her higher honours today.

2. Butler’s Wansleydale Goldsmith – Promising young boy in his final class as a puppy. Handsome head and muscular neck flowing into well-laid shoulders. Good depth of brisket and level topline with correct tailset. Just needs to settle on the move, BPIB.

Open (3,1)

1. Osman’s Bournehouse Star Gazer at Marissolo – Did this boy well as a puppy and am delighted to see he’s fulfilled his early promise. Now three-years-old, he is reaching full maturity and was presented in excellent coat and condition. Liked his masculine head with expressive eye. He has a short, level back with well-rounded ribs, good depth of chest. Long and muscular from hock to hip with good width of second thigh, allowing his to drive. Moved steadily off excellent feet, BOB.

2. Woodham’s Culverwell Miss Moonlight at Tykkidyw – Another very pretty bitch from this kennel. Loved her low-set ears, clean neck and correct angulation fore and aft. Excellent quarters with good width of first and second thigh. Has correct depth of chest, and a well-set tail, which she uses to advantage on the move. Just preferred the topline of my winner, RBOB and BOS.

Gordon Setters

Graduate (3)

1. Passmore’s Beechlake I Dared to Dream – Promising 19-month-old bitch who just needs time and coat to complete the picture. Deep head with slightly rounded skull and low-set ears. Neck relatively long, topline level and tail set on correctly. Best mover in the class.

2. White’s Benbuie Rose Mundci at Graylacier – A real baby at just eight months, but with lots to like. Feminine head, straight front, correct topline, well-bent stifle. Moved steadily for her age, BPIB.

3. Grigg’s Beechlake The Dreamer

Open (4)

1. Passmore’s Gladysrose Candy Crush – Four-year-old bitch who won this class on her movement, driving from behind. She has a feminine head, low-set ear and adequate length of neck. Level topline, well-set tail and oval feet. She’s long and muscular from hip to hock and short from hock to heel, BOB.

2. White’s Graylacier Lady in Red – Preferred the head and coat of this girl but she didn’t move as well as my winner today, RBOB.

3. MacDonald’s Graylacier Grand Illusion – Such a handsome dog but he insisted on roaching his topline today, BOS.

Irish Setters

Puppy (2)

1. Prangle’s Heathclare American Dollar – My star of the day. Such a lovely boy and so mature for his nine months. He possesses a masculine head with dark eye and mischievous expression. Has a well-arched neck flowing into well-angulated shoulders. Ample forechest, straight front, gently sloping topline and correct angulation fore and aft. He looked a picture standing and was very well behaved on the move for his age, demonstrating both reach and drive. Presenting in perfect condition with a gleaming chestnut coat. I loved him and am sure he will have a bright future. BPIB and BPIS3 – congratulations.

2. Pettifer’s Heathclare Liberty at Crosswest – Litter sister to one. Paler coat and lacking in maturity but with many promising attributes, including the prettiest of heads. She had great fun on the move today, demonstrating plenty of Irish spirit!

Junior (3)

1. Watts’ Polmennor Tom Bawcock – Lots to like about this handsome 15-month-old young man. Liked his dark coat and masculine head, which has plenty of work in it. He possesses a gently sloping topline, straight front and ample forechest. Tight feet and correct tailset. Moved steadily.

2. Hawke’s Lynwood Laced with Love – This pretty girl had the edge on the move today but I preferred the front construction of my winner.

3. Ord’s Polmennor The Pipers

Graduate (9, 1) By far the strongest class of the day – wish I had three red cards.

1. Meadows’ Gwendariff D’Ya Like Me Best JW – Just my type. Such a well made, honest bitch with a beautiful head, dark eye and that aloof expression I so love. I was impressed by her sloping topline, straight front, well-set tail and correct angulation fore and aft. Has excellent width of second thigh, which enables her to drive on the move. Seriously considered for higher honours but wasn’t in her best coat today. Beautifully handled. Will watch her future with interest.

2. Rutherford, Judge and Brend’s Devacott Temptation to Clonageera JW – Did this boy well as a puppy and haven’t changed my mind about him. He is so soundly constructed and moves with drive and coordination. Just preferred the darker eye of the bitch but I was really splitting hairs.

3. Pym’s Thendara The Watch Maker - Completed a trio of lovely dogs.

Limit (2)

1. Pike’s Redclyst Jackson – Mature, dark-coated dog who is well constructed throughout, which enables him to move with coordination. Liked his handsome head with low-set ear, his tight feet and his flowing topline. Ample depth of chest and straight front with well-laid-back shoulder.

2. Watts’ Anlory Poachers Water – Masculine dog who was unlucky to come up against my winner on such good form.

Open Dog (4) Difficult decision between two dogs of very different types.

1. Prangle’s Heathclare Old Glory JW ShCM – This boy looks an absolute picture standing and moves so well. Powers around the ring, with correct daisy-cutting action. Presented in excellent coat and condition with topline that flows smoothly from his gently arched neck to the tip of his well-set tail. Possesses a straight front, correct angulation, and plenty of forechest. His head is just a little strong for me, which cost him higher honours today.

2. Meadows’ Gwendariff The Big Attraxion JW – Lovely boy with a handsome head and many of the same body attributes as my winner, he just wasn’t as positive as 1 on the move today.

3. MacDonald’s Redclyst Kearney

Open Bitch (6,1)

1. Fauvrelle’s Cloangeera Walk in the Sun – Honest bitch who is well made throughout. Possesses a pretty head with that elegant, aloof expression I love. Her neck flows cleanly into well-laid-back shoulders. Good depth throughout, with plenty of forechest, which was lacking in many. Straight front, gently sloping topline, and powerful, well-angulated quarters with good width of second thigh. Moved straight and true with drive from behind, but feel she would benefit from her handler holding her lead in one hand directly above her neck. Presented in gleaming coat and the kind of muscle condition that only comes from plenty of exercise, BOB – well done.

2. Meadows’ Gwendariff Whipsa Daisy – Loved this girl’s type and head but sadly she’d left her best coat at home.

3. Prangle’s Heathclare Que Sera Sera – Completed a trio of lovely bitches

Veteran (6,1)

1. Beresford’s Polmennor Funtime ShCM – I’ve done this handsome boy well in the past and haven’t changed my mind about him. Now a very sprightly veteran, he is a credit to the breed and only seems to be improving with age. Excellent construction, with correct angulation fore and aft, lovely topline, straight front, good depth of chest and well-set tail, which he never stops wagging on the move. Loved his rich-coloured coat and neat feet. Best mover of the day but just preferred the head of the bitch in the challenge. RBOB, BOS and BV – I understand he took a well-deserved lap of honour before the BVIS competition as he was bred by the BIS judge.

2. Hadfield’s Marzanne’s Over The Moon – This girl has the loveliest of heads and is well balanced throughout. Unlucky to meet my winner on such good form.

3. Woodham’s Tykkidyw Springtime


6-11 years – Two novice handlers in this class, both of whom impressed me with their gentle handling of their dogs. I’m sure with a bit more practice they will enjoy plenty of success in handling competitions.

1. Daisy Broad – This young lady obviously has a good rapport with her Irish setter, who she stacked carefully and moved at the correct pace. Just needs to make sure she keeps hold of the lead throughout the class.

2. Callum Offer – Moved his flat coat at the correct pace but needs to make sure he doesn’t break the ‘golden rule’ by getting between the dog and the judge.

12-16 years

1. Maylee Lewis

Stood alone but a very worthy winner. Knew how to get the best from her flat coat without over handling. She showed the teeth correctly and was very gentle with her dog. Was impressed by her straight lines and neat corners.

Adult handling

1.Will Hosring – Very efficient handler who stacked his English Springer quickly and precisely. Was very aware of my position in the ring and made sure his dog was always at the forefront. Moved his charge at the correct page with excellent lines. Only handler to complete both patterns correctly.

2. Laura Ratcliff – stacked her cocker expertly and completed a good reverse triangle with straight lines and neat corners. Had to be prompted to complete the second pattern I’d requested, which put her into second place.

3. Staci Nicoll with a Welsh Springer

Laura Crombie (nee Stuart-Cook)


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