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Irish Setters
Judge: Jane Howarth

Puppy (6)

1 Danks Kemish’s Alolfrana Hotter than U Know – Well-made youngster who showed well and made the most of a smallish ring. Good head and eyes, strong neck of good length, well balanced body for his age. In good coat and condition.

2 Tully’s Gwendariff Lily the Pink

3 Jarvis’ Lowdon Sleepy Time

Junior (12, 4)

1 Danks Kemish’s Rappatty Star Light over Alolfrana – Fell for this girl immediately. She has a lovely refined and feminine head with good ear placement. Straight well boned legs and good feet. Long neck leading on to balanced body of correct length. Strong well-angulated quarters. She moved well carrying her tail correctly. Best of Breed. Group 3.

2 Chorley Newton and Chorley’s Pawsword Priceless to Kerryfair

3 Danks Kemish’s Alolfrana Hotter than U Know Post Grad (4)

1 Morgan and Schofield’s Jubliana Eternal Flame for Cwsscwn - Well balanced 3 year old in good body and rich red coat. Well-shaped head with good stop and typical expression. Good body properties. Moved well.

2 Holehan’s Loganrish Prosecco

3 Chorley Newton and Chorley’s Kerryfair Hattie Open (7)

1 Jarvis’ Lowdon Fairy Footsteps – A good class. Pretty and feminine throughout. Elegant head with good eyes and good ear placement. Straight front with elbows well-tucked in. Good rear angulation enabling her to move soundly carrying her tail correctly.

2 Heppell’s Deevonville Santana

3 Holehan’s Ferasheen Primrose Lass


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