Judge:  Mrs. R. Millan (Landscot)

BOB - Andrews - Millcroft Moon Riot
RBOB Partridge - Kerrydown One Man
BPIB   MacDonald - Redclyst Maximus

Puppy 5
1st  MacDonald - Redclyst Maximus
2nd Taylor - Alchriset A Taste Of Honey
3rd  Pike - Redclyst Boris
Res Lippett - Clonageera Sage
VHC Hadfield - Staratlanta Get A Wiggle On To Marzanne

Sp. Yearling 5 (4abs)
1st Coleman - Devacott Rose Creek

Grad 4 (2abs)
1st  Roberts - Polmennor Spinning Moons
2nd Partridge - Kerrydown Odds On

Post-Grad 4
1st  Taylor -  Danaway Goody Two Shoes
2nd  Hadfield - Marzanne China In Your Hand
3rd   Gardiner - Harreds Harlie Of Blaysdell
Res  Pike - Redclyst The Piper

Limit 5 (3abs)
1st  Partridge - Kerrydown One Man
2nd Full - Meadway Myles At Teignestuary

Open Dog 6 (3abs)
1st  Andrews Millcroft Moon Riot
2nd Pym - Thendara The Watchmaker
3rd  MacDonald - Redclyst Kearney

Open Bitch 5 (1abs)
1st  Andrews - Millcroft Scarlet Moon
2nd  Pike - Redclyst Aura
3rd  Cooper - Karidell Mayden Voyage To Hugared
Res  Lippett - Clonageera Born To Run

Results kindly supplied by Gill Partridge


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