judge Graham Hart [GILLIEGRAE]

BOB Pike Redclyst Aura.
rbob Gardiner Harreds Harlie of Blaysdell
bp/pg2 Pike Redclyst Boris.

Puppy 4 (1)
1. Pike Redclst Boris
2 .Macdonald Redclyst Maximus
3. Hadfield Staratlanta Get a Wiggle on at Marzanne

Junior,4 r
1.Randle Forfarians Hidden Secret with Rionore
2 Hall Glennara Cilleigne Dervla jw
3. Coleman Devacott Rose Creek
4 Gardiner Harreds Tobie of Blaysdell.

Graduate 7(3a)
1 Roberts Polmennor Spinning Moons
2 Randle Rorfarians Hidden Secret with Rionore
3 Hadfield Marzannes China in Your Hand
4 Coleman Devacott Rose Creek.

Limit 4(1a)
1 Harreds Harlie of Blaysdell
2 Pym Thendara The Watchmaker
3 Pike Redclyst the Piper.

Open dog 4(3a)
1 Macdonald Redclyst Kearney.
Open bitch 3(2a)
1 Pike Redclyst Aura

REsults kindly supplied by Anthony Gardiner


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