Critique - Judge -Alex Riddell

Irish Setters

Puppy (4,1)

1. Anthony & Stuart's Staratlanta's Out A Time. Well balanced dog puppy of 7.5 months. Masculine head without being overdone, nice stop. Loved his expression and overall attitude, will be quite the showman. Good angles front and rear, excellent set and carriage of tail. Moved really well when settled. BP.

2. Kniveton's Alolfrana Simply Red Hot at Orstone. Bigger stamp of a dog but more raw. Good amount of bone. Moved ok, just not as confident in his stride as 1.

3. Anthony & Stuart's Staratlanta Queen Freya.

Junior (6,3)

1. Turner's Glennlokhen Bruichladdich. Quality in head, with a kind gentle expression & correct almond shaped eye. Good amount of bone without being overdone. Adequate front angulation, better behind. Settled on the move.

2. Quinn's Staratlanta Yankee Doodle. Larger frame of dog and heavier in head. Nice top line, little shorter in overall length. Lots of bone.

3. Booth's Devacott The Gambler.

Post Graduate (3,1)

Really split hairs between these 2, although they differed in type both bitches had lots to like about them.

1. Morriss-Begg, Milligan-Bott & Bott's Susie Snapshot by Thendara JW. Preferred her head overall. Well laid back shoulder. Nice slope to topline, well set tail. Good straight bone and nice tight feet. Not in her best jacket which would have finished the picture for me. RBOB.

2. Stevenson's Lochlorien True Detective is Andley. Very pretty bitch, smaller frame than 1 but well balanced throughout. Well bodied, good topline. Moved well.

Open (3,0)

1. Stevenson's Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley. Beautiful bitch in excellent condition. Good reach of neck into well laid back shoulder, well sprung ribs. Nice amount of bone and neat feet. In great coat. Super mover. BOB & pleased to see her take Gundog Group 4.

2. Anthony & Stuart's Staratlanta Fire Queen JW. Petite bitch, liked her head and expression. Good straight bone. Topline a little soft which did affect her overall outline. Not as tidy on the move as 1.

3. Booth's Jennison Tribute.

Alex Riddell


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