Critique - Judge - Patricia Morgan

PUPPY (1,1ab)

JUNIOR (1,1ab)


1. Steven's Follybrook Millenium Star.  Medium sized dog with a masculine head, kind eye and low set ears. Good front angulation, sternum and depth of chest which was well sprung. Nice length of neck into well laid back shoulders into a flowing top-line with good set of tail and bend of stifle. Neat feet, movement ok in good coat and condition. With that bit of extra sparkle today just pipped the open class winner for BOB.

2. Steven's Follybrook Manhattan Star.  Litter sister to 1 well constructed throughout with a good top-line and tail well set. Pretty head with a soft expression in good coat and condition. 

OPEN (2,1ab)

1. Dale's Aubanjon Royal Symphony.  A pretty headed bitch with low set ears, correct eye shape with a soft expression, she has a good reach of neck and shoulders, ok sternum with a deep chest. Good front and rear angulation. Nice top-line and tail set. In good coat and condition, moved ok. R.BOB 

Judge - Patricia Morgan


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