Critique - Judge Mrs Margaret  Parker

I am grateful to Rochdale and District Canine Society for my first judging appointment, my two efficient stewards and the exhibitors for the privilege of assessing their dogs.

Puppy: 2

Two contrasting 10month old puppies

1 Walker: Thendara Soul Sister. A rather fine bitch, a little unsettled when stood, however I could see she was balanced with a very gentle slope to the topline. Dark rich chestnut coat. Pretty head, dark eye and low set ears.  I preferred her general outline and more collected movement over the dog.

2 Smith: Shelindair The Red Scuderia

Strong male with deep chest and good sternum. He has a masculine head and strong neck. Thick, rich chestnut coat. Movement erratic but did improved in subsequent classes.

Junior: 5

1 Hart: Gwendariff in The Lime Light with Gilliegrae.  Beautifully presented male, balanced with good front and rear angulation.  Handsome head with work to his foreface, dark eye and low set ears. Good in shoulder, gentle slope to the topline with well set on tail.  Nice width to his thigh and neat feet. I saw movement with reach and drive which clinched the BOB.  He represented the breed so very well with Gundog Group 2.

2 Corless: Swiftlark Second Nature. Pretty bitch with good length to foreface and chiseling. Dark eye and low set ears. Strong and moderate length to neck she is well bodied with coat of good colour and texture.

Post Graduate: 5

1 Corless: Swiftlark First Edition.  Really liked this bitch, she has substance, but retains femininity. A lovely coat of deep chestnut. Chiseling to foreface, almond shaped eyes and low set ears. Moderate length of neck into well laid shoulders. She presented a balanced picture when stood and moved well with lashing tail.

2 Hart: Gwendariff Gonna’B Am azing.  I liked this bitch’s very pretty head with dark almond shaped eyes, low set ears and sweet expression.  Straight front, good sternum and she moved well. 

Open: 5

1 Mitchell: Suteresett Go the Distance to Staxyll. Most handsome mature male. Head with good length to foreface and low set ears. Good in shoulder and front angulation and the best of sternums.  Balanced body proportions, excellent bone and tight neat feet. Moved with purpose and just pipped at the post by the junior winner.

2 Corless: Swiftlark First Knight. Lovely boy and sensitively handled.  I liked his well proportioned head, chiseling and raised brows. Moderate length to neck, deep chest and balanced outline. Moved well.  He is worth time and patience to gain his confidence. 

Judge Margaret  Parker


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