Judge: Jane Bishop (Dyrham)

BOB and Group 1 - Partridge - Kerrydown One Man
BPIB and Group 2 - MacDonald - Redclyst Maximus

Puppy 3 (1abs)
1st  MacDonald - Redclyst Maximus
2nd Lippett - Clonageera Sage

Grad 4 (1abs)
1st  Partridge - Kerrydown One Man
2nd Jones  - Hunnicote Handyman
3rd  Hadfield - Marzanne China In Your Hand

Open 6 (2abs)
1st  Partridge - Kerrydown Octavia
2nd MacDonald - Redclyst Kearney
3rd  Lippett - Clonageera Born To Run
Res Fauvrelle - Clonageera Walk In The Sun

Results kindly supplied by Gill Partridge


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