Critique - Judge : Beccy Danks-Kemish.

I would like to thanks my 2 very professional stewards, who kept everything running smoothly, even with the amount of absentees, they kept my spirits up

Irish setter

Puppy (5,2)

1. Hart’s Gwendariff in the limelight with Gilliegrae,
I have done this boy well before, with only just a few months between occasions, he has continued to mature as I thought he would. Very eye catching 8 month old male, with the darkest of coats, and darkest of eyes. Pushed hard today by 2nd place, but his balanced, sound movement secured his win. BOB,and BP,  and went on to win gundog group 3 and gundog puppy group 1.

2. Frampton’s Strathmead Noella
3. Russell’s Lynwood Hocus Pocus At Settesolli

Junior (4,1)

1. Hart’s Gwendariff in the limelight with Gilliegrae
2. Wiggins’ Tremonisha fuchsia
3. Corless’ Swiftlark second nature

Graduate (7,5)

1. Russell's Strathmead Huckleberry of Settesoli,
Two year old male, impeccably turned out in good dark coat. Loved his eye and expression with correct head planes, raised brow and low set ears. Good arch of neck. for me I find him a little long in loin, which just broke that strong topline I was looking for. He didn't move his best moving up and down and around the ring, but I felt that was more to do with the size of the ring, as I have seen this dog go better, which is cost him in the challenge.
2. Coreless’ Swiftlark first lady

Open (3,2)

1. Coreless’ Swiftlark First Night
Just short of 3 years of age, this young dog was really not happy, very unsettled, making it extremely hard work for his handler/owner. When he finally settled, he showed a nice shape, free from exaggeration. Nice head with a soft gentle expression, good foreface and skull.  Moved ok.

Rebecca Danks-Kemish

Group Judge Arwyn Ellis

Best of Breed & Best Puppy, Gundog Group 3 & Gundog Puppy Group 1: Hart’s Gwendariff in the Limelight with Gilliegrae
Res BOB Frampton’s Strathmead Noella    
Puppy (5,2)
1, Hart’s Gwendariff in the Limelight with Gilliegrae.
2, Frampton’s Strathmead Noella.
3, Russel’s Lynwood Hocus Pocus at Settesolli.
Junior (4,1)
1, Hart’s Gwendariff in the Limelight with Gilliegrae.
2, Wiggins Tremonisha Fuchsia.
3.Corless’s Swiftlark Second Nature.
Graduate (7,5)
1, Russel’s Strathmead Huckleberry of Settesolli.
2, Corless’s Swiftlark First Lady.
Open (3,2)
1, Corless’s Swiftlark First Knight.

Results kindly supplied by Graham Hart



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