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Irish Setters

Thank you to all of the exhibitors who came on a very cold day. I was pleased with the quality of the Puppy and Junior classes today. Some of the older exhibits were carrying a little bit too much weight which affected their overall appearance and movement. There were also quiet a few ‘wide’ heads and untypical eye shapes.

Puppy (4,1a)

Smashing class of very promising puppies.

1st – Hall – Glennara Cilleigne Dervla – 12 months old on the day, a very mature bitch with a fabulous, shining, rich chestnut coat. She has plenty of forechest and pronounced sternum and correct layback of shoulders. She is elegant and racy but with substance and strong bone. Well sprung ribs that are carried back into an arched , muscular loin. Strong, angulated hindquarters which were extremely well muscled. Pleased to award her BP, I seriously considered her in the BOB challenge but she had decided it was a bit too cold by then!

2nd – Tapper – Lynwood Heypresto Kedalita – difficult decision between 2 and 3 as they were both lovely 6 month old puppies. This boy really shows so much promise, so very well behaved at his first show. He is very well made throughout, has great depth to his chest for one so young and has strong fore and aft quarters. He moved like an absolute dream, striding out with forward reach and drive for such a young pup. This just gave him the edge over the lovely bitch in 3rd.

3rd – Gwendariff Whirlwind at Harvencourt NAF TAF

Junior (4,1a)

Another great class of youngsters.

1st – Hall – Glennara Cilleigne Dervla

2nd – Randle – Forfarians Hidden Secret with Rionore – this dog shows so much promise. I really liked his kind expression, muscular neck and gentle slopping topline. He possess strong bone, well sprung ribs, and the correct angulation fore and aft. He moved out very well today, maintaining his topline and elegance. He really pushed the bitch in first place very hard but she just has the finish over him at the moment. I will watch his progress with interest.

3rd – Lewis and Levine – Glenlaine Squirrel Nutkin at Valasarch

Post Graudate (9, 3a)

A very mixed class.

1st – Tapper – Kedalita Haribo – the easy winner here. The standard asks for ‘handsome and refined in looks, tremendously active with untiring readiness to range and hunt’ and this boy has this all in abundance. An elegant, racy dog who has a long, lean head with good depth of muzzle, and raised, expressive brows. He is not overdone in any way, moderate and balanced throughout while maintaining his masculinity. Strong bone, deep chest with no break in his topline . He absolutely comes alive on the move, driving around the ring on a loose lead, head held high, maintaining his topline and keeping his wagging tail level at all times. Foot perfect, he could run all day. I was delighted to award him BOB.  

2nd – Lewis and Levene – Bardonhill Gingernut at Valasarch – This young chap did himself proud in this big class. He has a strong, straight front, well laid back shoulders and good forechest. Lovely dark, straight coat with well angulated hind quarters. He had wonderful, happy, positive movement which won him his place today.

3rd – Harrison – Caskeys Summer Breeze


1st Richardson – Kirkavagh Hernando JW ShCM – A lovely mature ‘classic’ dog who was shown and presented perfectly. He has wonderful balance throughout, nothing overdone or exaggerated. Handsome, kind and gentle expression. He flows from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail with a gently sloping topline. Powerful hind quarters and short hocks, he was well muscled throughout which helped him drive around the ring. He did not break his topline on the move and carried his tail level. He won a very nice class and I was please to award him a well deserved RBOB.

2nd – Gilks – Suteresett Mr Uppity – Another mature male who was unfortunately a little unsettled and uptight on the day. Elegant dog who was in full bloom, racy, well boned, wonderful depth of chest and spring of rib. He did move well but needs to relax and flow a little better which cost him this class.

3rd – Harrison – Caskeys Midsummer Madness

Jo-Anne Parsons


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