Critique - Judge - Rebecca Danks-Kemish (Alolfrana)

Firstly, I would like to thanks the committee for my invitation to judge, and to all the exhibitors for their support and presenting their dogs in such good condition. I would also like to thanks my stewards for keeping everything running so smoothly.

Irish setter

Puppy (2)

1st - Hart - Gwendariff in the Limelight with Gilliegrae (D)

Smart 7mth old youngster, in fabulous condition with a real look at me attitude. Sweetest of heads with a lovely soft expression with correct eye shape and colour. Good lay of shoulder, enough bend of stifle at this age, steady on the move with a lovely tail action. A bright future ahead of this one. BPIB

2nd - Broadgate - Cataluna Hearts and Flowers (B)

Junior (0)

Post-Graduate (4,1ab)

1st - Horrocks - Wyldfire Declan For Itchenwych (D)

3yr old male in full gleaming coat, standing over plenty of ground and looks the finished article. Masculine head without any trace of coarseness, well laid shoulders, stands on quality bone. The most beautiful expression with a real twinkle in his eye. Neet feet, good bend of stifle. To be critical, personally, I would prefer a stronger topline. Moved with purpose but just carrying a little too much weight today which lost him top honours in the final line up.

2nd - Hart - Gwendariff Gonna’b Am Azing (B)

3rd - Rose - Cassarla Penny For The Guy (D)

Limit (2,1ab)

1st - Broadgate - Cataluna Betcha By Golly wow (B)

The most beautiful 5 and half year old bitch, with the most exquisite headpiece. Neet feet, good front, clean shoulders, and good strength through the loin. Moved OK if a little sluggish today. This bitch exudes femininity and my notes just say so so so pretty.

Open (3)

1st - Loynd - Anlory Poachers Brook Join Crimbledale (B)

4yr old bitch with the sweetest of heads. A bigger bitch all through, but with lots to like. Well balanced, sound in front, deep through chest, with a good lay of shoulder. Well finished over the croup and well developed quarters. Not so enthusiastic to begin with on the move, but the venue had become quite warm, although she moved better as she went around the ring. Presented in great condition and I pleased to award her BOB today.

2nd - Broadgate - Riverman Beat The Boys (B)

3rd - Rose-Hay - Carrue Shower Of Rain At Cataluna (B)

English setter

Puppy (1)

1st - Taylor - Maursett Blue For You (D)

8 month old BB dog, of good size and shape. Super head, well balanced with soft expression, but still keeping that look of mischief that he should have as a youngster. Correct length of forearm, and good, straight well boned legs with a good lay of shoulder. Strong topline, neetest of feet, tail well set and used to his advantage on the move. Covered the ground well, but needs to tighten up, although i’m sure this will come with age. BPIB

Junior (0)

Post-Graduate (2,1abs)

1st - Kelly - Lakecastle Prince Consort (D)

3 and a half year old OB dog. A taller boy overall, and to be critical, for me, a little long through the loin. Has the most striking, clean neck and good lay of shoulder, with a good return of forearm. Ribs springing nicely, standing on good legs and feet, moving soundly.

Open (2)

1st - Loynd - Sh Ch Crimbledale Sea the Skies JW (D)

2 and half year old dark BB dog, who certainly has the ‘look at me’ presents in the ring. Masculine head with a good shape and dark coloured eye. Clean through the neck and shoulders, firm in topline with a well set on tail. Lovely strong straight bone, standing on nice tight feet. On the move, he is a real showman, yet still so young, has so much more to come. Just love his type. I awarded him BOB today and pleased to hear he went on to win BIS. Congratulation

2nd - Kelly - Bournehouse Glorious Day (D)

Irish Red and white setters


Hungarian Vizsla

Puppy (0)

Junior (1)

1st - Bradley & Green - Highforce One Vision (B)

17 month old well bodied bitch that presented a smart outline. The most beautiful bitch with correct head shape and dark eyes, well angulated, good depth of chest. Nice lay of shoulder, good topline and good bend of stifle. Neet feet and had a good ‘look at me’ attitude, giving her handler a bit of a hard time, but her handler sympathetically dealt with. Was really taken with this bitch, and only lost top honours due to maturity. One to watch for the future.

Post Graduate (3, 2ab)

1st - Bradley & Green - Highforce one vision (B)

2nd - Rollings & Verity - Vizslanya Kiraly Szving (D)

Open (2)

1st - Bradley & Green - Vizslanya vivmany by Highforce (B)

Well this kennel certainly has an eye for a good dog. This time a 3yr old bitch in fab condition. Just my cup of tea. So clean through her shoulders, with well laid back shoulders, excellent forechest, strong topline and good rear angulation. Very feminine, very striking, exuberant elegance yet still built on strong legs. So well coordinated on the move, true both coming and going. And although considering the junior bitch for top honours, this girl could not be denied the top spot. Can see this owner values her breed features. BOB and pleased to hear her go on to RBIS.

2nd - Bradley & Green - Highforce One Vision(B)

Hungarian wirehaired Vizsla

Puppy (4)

1st - Summerfield - Miadsc Eternal Flame (B)

7month bitch, very feminine pretty head, pleasing in type and construction. Well places shoulders, good bone, legs and feet. Deep well-ribbed body, with very good hindquarters. Presents a picture of balance and style. Moved well, which gave her the slight edge today.

2nd - Zoldmali Story of Lanokk (D)

3rd - Moss - Electra Atlantis At Ewtor (B)

Junior (5)

1st - Byrne - Aldozovolgyi-drotos Nador at Enryb (D)

Stuper 14 month old male. Still in junior and not in his prime yet, but has the quality, type and construction I was looking for. Good bone, legs and feet. Deep well-ribbed body, with strong hind-quarters. He possesses a masculine, yet refined head with a good eye and expression. Presents a picture of balance and style added with a excellent wire coat. Although this boy covered the ground well in his class, with the increasing warmth in the venue, he lost his mojo by the time the final line up came, and just missed out on top honours.

2nd - Walker - Zoldmali Story of Lanokk (D)
3rd - Hibbert - Ewtor Skyfall at Mindszenty (D)

Post Graduate (2, 1ab)

1st - Byrne - Aldozovolgyi-drotos Nador at Enryb (D)

Open (4,2ab)

1st - Walker - Zoldmali Kefir Of Lanokk (B)

2yr old bitch top class bitch of lovely type and substance. She resented a balance flowing outline, with plenty of angulation fore and aft. Shown in good hard muscular condition and wire coat. A feminine bitch with correct shape and good eye and expression. Deep well made body who really does have a ‘look at me’ presents. Lovely overall balance and type. Pleased to award her BOB.

2nd - Moss - Ewtor Nobody Does It Better (D)

Large Munsterlander


Rebecca Danks-Kemish (Alolfrana)


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