Critique - Judge - Kevin Swainston

A real pleasure to judge here today,always been a well run show at a very good venue

P(5,1)1st Leach's Bardonhill Theme for a Dream,Pretty girl well off for size and substance,a bit unruly but when settled was good in outline with lovely length of well arched neck,deep chested and well sprung ribs.Good angulation to front and rear,a good mover.Seems a shame she never stopped for BIS my BP2nd Jones's Gwendariff Chillipowder3rd Anthony & Stuart's Staratlanta Je T'Adore Paris

J(2,0)1stAnthony & Stuart's Staratlanta Je'TAdore Paris,b,3rd in previous class where she was a bit unsettled I don't know if the change of handler was anything to do with it but more settled here.Another up to size, again a pretty girl,lovely shoulder placement sloping topline, well ribbed and sweeping rear, moving well.2ndTurner's Glennlokhen Bruichladdich


P/G(4,1)1st Jones's Gwendariff Powder Puff ,b,Really lovely,typical of her breeding,from her feminine head with dark eyes to the tip of her well set tail.I loved the make and shape of her..Scored in shoulder strength of loin and strong rear,a free and easy mover quality exhibit,pushed really hard for BOB my RBOB.2nd Parson & Gisby's Sutterset Tom Collins at Bransett.3rdNicholl's Romarne Under Orders JW

O/D 0

O/B Parson's Bradmount Lady of the Lake at Bransett,only one in this class but a nice exhibit, soft expression clean front straight legs and free elbows

,deep in brisket and tight feet.Good rear angulation with well developed thighs driving her round the ring,In lovely bloom and condition,my BOBA

Kevin Swainston


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