Critique - Judge - Carole Bailey (Gwithian)

 Firstly, many thanks to the members who voted and enabled me the opportunity to judge at this well run friendly show.  The Committee worked extremely hard, both the welcome and hospitality was warm and hearty.  The venue at Alva is very suitable and set in beautiful countryside.  I would like to thank the Committee for the wonderful gifts and their thoughtfulness on the day.  Brian Beaton did a grand job of Stewarding and Chloe Green with the official photographs.  I thank the exhibitors for the entries and the opportunity of judging their lovely dogs, who were all groomed and clean.  No dirty hands for me on the day!  It was refreshing to see such friendliness and sportsmanship at a dog show.  I was pleased to see new exhibitors being helped and supported by the more experienced in our breed.

PD (4,3) 

1 Collins' Lotushill Lionheart (BPD). This six month old puppy stood alone in this class, but was well worthy of his place.  Nice type, pleasing outline and shows promise for the future. I see from the catalogue his Dam was RBIS.  I liked his head, dark eyes and low set ears.  Good construction front and aft. Just a little loose on the move, but this should rectify as he matures.  Unfortunately he couldn't match the maturity of the PB in the challenge for BPIS.  

JD (2,1)

1  Blackie's Delsanto Mr Dreammaker for Helecam.Another who stood alone, but again worthy of his place.  This young male of sixteen months was shown in lovely dark coat, with ample feathering for his age.  Slightly broader in scull, but still a pleasing masculine head.  Scored in forechest and width of thigh.  Moved ok in this class, but much better in MD where he was more settled.  

YD (3)

1s McNeil & Boyd-McNeil's Gwendariff Gonna Go For Gold (RBD) This lovely young dog was presented and handled to perfection as one would expect from this exhibitor.  Lovely masculine head with no coarseness to it.  Nicely constructed, gives a pleasing outline when stood, with a gentle sloping topline, leading to a good tailset, decent bend of stifle, neat hocks and feet. He moved well.  He showed his socks off in the challenge and was pleased to award him RBD.

2 Kolbach's Pawsword Preacher Man. Another handsome young man,   Coat was dark, in good condition and of different texture to 1st. I liked him for type and he did please the eye. Smaller dog and shorter coupled.  Good tailset, neat hocks and ample depth to chest.  Couldn't match 1st for movement. 3  Murchison's Pawsword Paperback Writer. 

MD (3,2) 1 Blackie's Delsanto Mr Dreammaker for Helecam.

ND (4,3) 1  Blackie's Delsanto Mr Dreammaker for Helecam.

UGD (2)

1 McNeil & Boyd-McNeil's Gwendariff Gonna Go For Gold. 2 Williamson's Caskeys Showstopper.Was unfortunate to meet 1st in such fine form.  Nice type, shown well in lovely coat and condition. Has a handsome head with dark eyes and raised brow.  Well-constructed, has depth to chest and pronounced sternum.  Neat feet and short hocks.  Moved ok.

GD (2)

1 Lucas' Harreds Hassle With Amberlight JW.I judged this dog when he was a minor puppy.  He has matured on into a nice type with a lovely head and gentle expression.  Shown in good coat and condition.  Good topline which he held on the move.  Well-constructed front and aft, has short strong hocks leading to neat feet. Moved with good footfall.

2 Campbell's Kettlehills Forget Me Not. Taller and rangier dog than 1st.  Shown in good condition, nice coat with profuse feathering.  Handsome masculine head.  Was a bit erratic on the move but more settled in PG.

PGD (3)

1  Campbell's Kettlehills Forget Me Not.

2 Hill's Romarne Cary Grant At Ronjunes. This boy was thoroughly enjoying his day out. Nice boy, just carrying a little bit of weight on the day. In good coat with profuse feathering. He has good forechest, tailset and a handsome masculine head.  Moved ok.

3 Collins' Glennara Four Aces. 

LD (4,1) Three very nice dogs in this class all handled beautifully and presented to perfection.

1 Lucas' Bardonhill Eternal Flame Among Amberlight (BD & BIS) Firstly he is not exaggerated in any way and appealed very much for type. He made a lovely picture when standing, well-constructed, my hands glided over him and it's a pleasure when both eyes and hands agree with that image!  He has a gentle sloping topline, leading to correct tailset, good bend of stifle, neat hocks and feet.   Ribs well sprung and plenty of depth to chest.  Good return of upper arm and pronounced sternum. Handsome masculine head, with dark eyes of desired shape, good length of neck fits nicely into his shoulders.   Shown in lovely coat and condition.  Moved well and was pleased to award him BD and BIS.  Should have a bright future.

2 Tupper & Rosie's Staratlanta Elliot ShCM. This exhibitor could not be faulted with the presentation of this dog.  He was immaculate.  Stands over more ground than 1st.  He has a lovely head and expression. Nicely made has a luxurious coat with profuse feathering. Not as positive on the move as 1st.

3  Vallance's Lynwood His Grace Of Corcencone.

OD (2,1)

1  Lucas' Shandwick Magic Moments Via Amberlight.This four year old dog has a nice balanced head, which is masculine with a pleasing expression. Soundly constructed with good bone and muscle tone.  Not exaggerated in any way, he is a good honest type of Irish Setter with a nice outline, gently sloping topline and stands over the right amount of ground for me.  Using his short strong hocks he moved well with drive and animation. 

PB (7,2) A quality class of puppies, of various ages and stages of maturity.

1st Henderson's Sametsuz on Reflection (AI) (BPB & BPIS) Often admired the stock from this Kennel and this puppy didn't disappoint.  Handled sympathetically and presented to perfection, this young lady of eleven months shows much promise.  She has an endearing Irish Setter character and my notes say naughty but nice!  Lovely balanced feminine head, with dark eyes and low set ears.  Good bone and muscle tone for her age.  Well-constructed and moved steady.  Coat was of good texture and condition. Pleased to award her BPIS.

2 McNeil and Boyd-McNeil's Glennlokhen Deveron. Liked her very much for type.  Very pretty puppy with a lovely head and sweet expression.  Shown in beautiful coat and condition.  She is nicely constructed with an elegant, racy outline.  Her owner shows her sympathetically and both make a lovely team.  Pushed 1st hard for BPB. 

3  Borthwick's Lotushill Katsura.

JB (6:1)

1  Henderson's Sametsuz on Reflection (AI)
2 McNeil & Boyd-McNeil's Glennlokhen Deveron.
3 Falconer's Orlanset Elixir of Life.

YB (9,1)

1 Nicolson's Gwendariff Rainbow Goddess At Lochindorb. Appealing bitch of twenty three months, with a lovely head and expression.  Has dark eyes of the desired shape and low set neat ears.  She was shown in good coat and condition.  Taller, elegant bitch, she looked a picture standing.  She is well constructed with good return of upper arm, bend of stifle and tailset.  Has good bone and muscle tone.  She moved slightly erratic in this class but was more settled in UGB.

2 Kolbach's Pawsword Potpourri. Very feminine bitch.  Liked her head and expression.  Coat in good condition and dark in colour.  Overall smaller than my winner, but balanced for size.  She is nicely made with good bone and muscle tone.  1st had the edge on movement. 

3 Brady's Pawsword Play With Fire Joins Amberlight. 

MB (5:1)

1 Henderson's Sametsuz on Reflection (AI)

2 Clark's Staratlanta Blazing Phyre. Two year old bitch with pleasing head and expression. She has good depth to her chest and width of thigh.  Moved a little close behind. 

3 Ward & Cove-Print's Colourbox Nightingale. 

NB (5:1)

1 Henderson's Sametsuz on Reflection (AI)

2 Ward & Cove-Print's Colourbox Nightingale. Ten month old puppy bitch who was fifth in a strong puppy class and third in MB.  She was more settled and showed herself off better in this class. 

3  Watt's Ferasheen Fire Beauty.

UGB (4)

1  Nicolson's Gwendariff Rainbow Goddess at Lochindorb.

2 Stephenson's Drumwhaur Cherokee Rose. Well-constructed, with good bone and muscle tone. She has a pleasant head and gentle expression.  Presented in nice coat and condition. Just preferred winner's head.

3 Clark's Staratlanta Blazing Phyre. 

GB (1)

1 Hunter and Brown's Braidmount Lady in Waiting JW (RBB) I liked her for quality and type.  She has a beautiful head, with dark eyes of desired shape, raised brow with a quizzical expression.  Nice feminine outline, giving a pleasing picture when stood. Gentle sloping topline, from her withers to a good tailset. Slightly arched neck which fits neatly into her shoulders.   Good bone and muscle tone.  She has a pronounced sternum and good return of upperarm.  Good width to thigh, bend of stifle, neat hocks and feet.  Nicely presented and handled to perfection.  Shown in coat of good condition and ample feathering.  She moved well and I was pleased to award her RBB. 

PGB (4:1)

1 Davie's Jonola Secret Love at Lochfrae Lovely head and expression.   Sweet little bitch who had nothing to hide, as she left her coat behind.   She has bodied up since I last judged her and has a better spring of rib. She has good bend of stifle, neat hocks and feet.  She moved ok with lashing tail.  

2 Richardson's Montgreenan Charley's Angel. This exhibitor is a good handler and presented this bitch well.  Nice type, who is taller and longer than 1st.  Shown in lovely coat and condition.  Happy on the move. 

3  Stephenson's Drumwhaur Sunshine Girl. 

LB (6.3) Three lovely bitches in this class, all a credit to their owners.

1 Borthwick's Northamber Runs Riot at Lotushill (BB, BOS, RBIS) Have liked this bitch since she was a puppy and my opinion hasn't changed.  She has matured into a lovely adult bitch. She has produced some promising puppies which I also judged today. Pretty feminine head with lovely expression. Looked a picture standing, with a pleasing feminine outline.  Well-constructed throughout. She has good spring of rib, depth to chest, return of upper arm and pronounced sternum.  Has good bone and muscle tone, short hocks and neat feet.  Her coat was in glorious condition and a lovely fringe of feathering completed the picture.  She moved well. Her owner did a lovely job of presenting her and I was so pleased to award her BB, BOS & RBIS.  Wishing her success for the future.

2 Henderson's Sametsuz Mak'N Honey JW. Another stunning bitch who I liked a lot for type and construction. Owner and bitch made a smart team. Prettiest of heads and sweet expression, she showed the typical temperament desired in our breed. Nicely made, my hands glided over her.  She was presented in lovely coat and condition.  Another with a bright future ahead. 

3  Brady's Amberlight Guinevere.

OB (4.3)

1 Stewart-Richie, Campbell & Swan's Gwendariff Hidden Rainbow. Feminine bitch shown in good coat with ample feathering.  She has a pleasant head and expression, slightly lighter in eye than preferred.  Quite nicely made, scored well for depth of chest and forechest.  She moved ok.

Vet (7.3) Lovely class of Veterans of various ages.  Owners must be commended for their condition and presentation.  Shame the class is not split between the sexes. 

1 Hogsflesh's Sh.Ch Lyngor Living Water JW (BV) Quality bitch and worthy Show Champion. At ten years of age she is in good condition.  Well-constructed throughout she moved around the ring with drive, lashing her tail.  Lovely head and dark eyes of desired shape.  Pleased to award her BV.

2  Brady's Reddins Frolic Among Amberlight. At eight years old this bitch looked good for her age. She is soundly constructed with good depth to chest and spring of rib. She moved well.

3 Williamson's Keljaru Lovely Jubbly. I had to give this handsome boy a mention.  His handler had presented him beautifully and he was in lovely coat and condition. But sadly he gave his owner a hard time.  Believe his mind was on the bitches instead of showing! 

Bred by Exhibitor Dog or Bitch (2) 1 Stephenson's Drumwhaur Cherokee Rose. 2 Stephenson's Drumwhaur Sunshine Girl. 

Not Bred by Exhibitor Dog or Bitch (3:1) 1  Vallance's Lynwood His Grace Of Corcencone. 2 Dow's Shenanagin Stolen Kiss.  Sp Beginner's Dog or Bitch (3:1) 1 Dow's Shenanagin Stolen Kiss. 2 Ward & Coveprint's Colourbox Nightingale.

Brace (1) 1 Kolbach's Brace Although they stood alone in this class, this brace were handled and presented beautifully.  The pair showed really well together.  Well done.

Carole Bailey



The Irish Setter Club Of Scotland

Open Show 10 September 2017

Judge - Carole Bailey (Gwithian)

 22a. BIS and RBIS
Photo - Chloe Green

Photo of  Best In Show
(L) Lucus - Bardonhill Eternal Flame Among Amberlight
Reserve Best In Show (R) Borthwick - Northamber Runs Riot At Lotushill

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